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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by hortonk Does anyone know how many lamterns we should bring to hang in the bamboo room!? We brought about 36 in total and it was perfect
  2. Hi everyone! We got back on Thursday from our wedding which was on Saturday! It was amazing. The resort is beautiful. We were never once asked about the timeshare, plus they gave us our vouchers for wine and stuff. Once we got there, they took us to the preferred side, gave us the benefits but put us in a regular room. We called down to the preferred concierge and within 5 minutes moved us to a beautiful preferred room at no cost. We had the Divine package, which worked great for us. The only thing was that the romantic breakfast in bed we could have done without. It was better in the buffet. Also, we were having so much fun with our family and friends that we gifted our massage to my inlaws. The restaurants were some of the best food I have ever had, so we cancelled our romantic dinner also that way we could have dinner in a restaurant instead. Isela is great at her job. The only problem that we had was that instead of the mahi mahi with scallops, they gave us grouper. We didn't realize it until afterward. And they didn't label the appetizers so my allergic to seafood guest ended up eating a seafood appetizer by accident. I had Erica for my hair and she was great. It was exactly like my picture. All of my bridal party, plus hair for mothers, none of them liked their hair. We used the DJ from the resort and they were perfect. We also used Adventure photography. They were pretty good. Price was great. I would have liked "less posed" photographs. Some of them were horribly cheesy. But the ones from the reception were fun. Also, bring water shoes for the pools. The tiles are bad in some spots and my husband sliced his foot up pretty good! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Natasha McArdle Hi there , I'm getting married today and the planners are on the balk so do not worry! The set up for the chairs is included for the ceremony but to move them to the reception is another 40 dollors. Also what we have just found out is that I you pay by credit card you have a handling fee plus a lower exchange rate than if you pay in cash so we just got stung for an extra £200 because no one told us this before hand. Try to pay as much in cash as possible. The food is the only difference. All are 4 courses but you can mix and match your menu. Hope this helps x I spoke with Isela about this last night after reading your post. She informed me that this must have been brought on by the credit card company, because what you see on your contract, that is what you pay, no additional fees. So, you are able to use a card without any penalties (unless your card issues a fee for international travel)
  4. I have been in contact with Isela and while I was freaking out last night, she is on the ball today. She even called me to make sure I was ok. She is very sweet and seems to know what she is doing. Also, she is very quick to reply. We are all in good hands.
  5. I just received an e-mail from Isela saying that Deisy no longer works at Now Jade! I told her that a few things needed to be updated on my wedding contract and she said that it was in Deisy's files and she didn't have access to them! I am freaking out!!! She is messing with all of my scheduled dates and stuff! We leave in less than 2 weeks! What am I gonna do?!?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by monigmp03 Has anyone heard from Pilar lately? I have emailed several times over the past 3 weeks and haven't gotten any responses. Is there someone else I should be emailing? Maybe some of you ladies and answer some of my questions! 1. Do we need to reserve the DJ now? We would like a DJ for the bamboo reception. Are there different DJs to chose from or does the resort only have one? 2. For the photography, I know the divine package does include a photographer. We do want to add on to the included package. Do we need to contact Adventure photos ourselves to reserve them for the day? Do we contact them to book the trash the dress shoot? 3. For the symbolic ceremony, is there a general script that is followed or do we need to write our own? Can you please email me a copy of the script if there is one? 4. What time and where will our welcome cocktail be at on February 7th? (save the date promotion) And do we get to pick the appetizers? 6. Is there an added fee for a "signature drink" during the cocktail hour? 7. When is the appropriate time to book spa services? Do we go through you or through the resport? 8. Are we allowed to have real candles for the centerpieces at the resort? 9. Can we borrow hurricane vases for the centerpieces? Is there a charge? Thanks everyone- This thread has been wonderful! Hi. I will answer your questions the best I can. I am getting married in October so this is all that I know just from asking questions... Pilar is out on medical leave. However, you can e-mail Deisy, who is next in charge. Normal exchange rate of emails is 3-4 weeks though. We are using the in house DJ. I asked Deisy to set it up and she had the DJ email me. We set it up about 3 months before our wedding. I just submitted our DJ planning form a few minutes ago and we are exactly 1 month from our wedding. If you let Deisy know, she will set you up with Adventure Photography. We requested Veronica since I heard she is the best. We also upgraded to full day, which includes getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, and whole reception. It was $1000 upgrade. But there is also another upgrade that is $1600 I think and that includes trash the dress and a rehearsal dinner I believe. We are doing a symbolic ceremony too and are using our own script. My brother is officiating and he is starting it. You can make it say whatever you want. You can go over with Deisy about your Welcome Party. I have no details on this. There is no signature drink fee for either cocktail hour or reception. For the spa, I booked all of mine about 2 months in advance. There are only like 4 people that work in the spa, so I wanted to make sure that we got the times we wanted since there are about 9 of us getting hair done. I asked Deisy and she also told the spa to email me, which they did. Yes, you are allowed to have real candles in your centerpieces. But, I would just check and make sure if they need to be in a vase or not. You can borrow vases, but I have heard they run you about $25 EACH! We are bringing 18 cylinder vases and paid $80 for all of of them online and are just wrapping them in bubble wrap and having each set of parents bring a set, plus we will bring a set to show Deisy how we want them set up in our meeting! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Hi Well we were initially tailoring our wedding as we have the moments package but everything is adding up so we was going to have our reception in one of the restaurants but and i received an email this morning from Isela Juarez recommending that we upgrade to either the eternity or the Devine, after looking at them both they are within our budget and there is so much more included except for the photography package which is only 1 hour, I wanted them to cover the getting ready, ceremony and then family photo's. I wonder if they will allow us to upgrade to the 3 hours and we just pay the difference in cost? So we have not chosen a reception area yet....leaving it late I know but as I said we were having a restaurant reception but I have gone off that idea now lol. I really think I am going to go with the devine and try and increase or maybe swap the guitarist for extra photgraphy time :-) We are having a legal wedding so we have to pay for blood tests aswell :-( In terms of the white line, i am happy with that because i will be having hope pink bows on the chairs and I will be taking hot pink favours for the table so i am sure it will all look lovely. Not long now :-) I have heard there are hurruicanes in Mexico at the moment hope it clears for when we arrive xxx If you upgrade, you can upgrade to the full day package which is $1000. This includes getting ready at the spa, plus the cocktail hour, and whole reception.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole Graf Brandi, our TA sent out a request for an upgrade to the preferred side for us and it went through. Yay!!! I don't know if we get the 20% on that but I just schedules hair and make-up trial. I don't want any surprises on my wedding day. I scheduled it for the day of our welcome party when we already have the meeting with the coordinator and the cake testing. I figured I get everything out of the way in one day so I can enjoy the rest That is great. When Deisy sent me back my quote, she said to ask for her in the Preferred Lounge, so hopefully we get the upgrade. I got in touch with the spa and they said we do get 20% on our trials. So, for a hair and makeup trial, it was $97 with our discount I believe. I am not worried about makeup, but hair, definitely. How did you get a cake testing? Where are you doing your welcome party?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion I am not paying for a trial so I am pleased to hear this. I have a few pictures so hopefully all will work out :-) My only real concern is my veil and how it will work with my hair. I am bringing 10 people to the salon to have their hair done for the wedding...I think that they should just give me my hair trial for free at that point, lol
  10. I know it is $65 for an updo. I really didn't want to have to pay for a trial, but I figured that I would really hate to have my hair done the day of the wedding and it looks horrible. I figure that $65 is a decent price for my piece of mind on the day of the wedding. I have it scheduled for the day before the wedding!
  11. Is anyone scheduling a hair trial? Since we get 20% off of spa things with our wedding packages, do you think that will apply to a hair trial?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole Graf Sent the spreadsheet out to everyone. Let me know if you didn't receive it. Brandi, oh yay! So we will be there for each other's weddings. That means we have to have a drink together lol Awesome! Did you upgrade to preferred or are you hoping you get it when you get there?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole Graf Brandi, we arrive on the 19th, so I am totally gonna stalk you! Our wedding is on the 23rd. Can't wait That's great! We will see you there! We arrive on the 16th and won't be leaving until the 24th!
  14. Forget Pilar. I mean, I am sure she has her crap together once you get there. I have been dealing with Deisy and she has been much more communicative. Easier to get in touch with.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by EmmA1025 Hey Ladies! For those of you who plan on handing out the OOT bags as the guests arrive, how will you know their flight itinerary? Will you be asking for their arrive date and time on the RSVP cards? Also, when is everyone planning on giving out their bridal party gifts? We are using Apple Vacations and airport transfers are included so my guests have to submit their air itinerary to the agency in order to set up transfers, then my agent is letting me know everyone's flight info. We are also giving bridal party gifts the weekend before. We are gonna have a get together at our house and give their gifts there. It is less for us to carry and they can bring what they want.
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