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  1. Wishing you an AMAZING wedding week!! Enjoy every moment!! Leslie
  2. Yes Jenna...I'm sure that whoever is taking over for Ana and Vanessa will be equally amazing and your wedding will be perfect!!
  3. Hi Amanda!! For the sound system, you don't need to bring anything other than your ipod. They had all necessary wires and such. No stress!! For the extra hour of reception, I believe it was $100 plus $12/per person for the waiter service. We were a total of 16. I didnt care how much it cost at that point in time as we were having SUCH an amazing time!! It was worth every penny and we have no regrets!! The waiter service was really worth it!! They were always around (more than one waiter) and we made them work hard by getting round of shots over and over again. They were also very prompt with bringing out drinks...it was great!! Im also glad we paid for this vs. having our guests go inside and wait at the bar for a drink. I think this would have split people up and would not have made for the same ambiance. For the napkins, my mother made them and also made the table runner. Our colors were fuschia and orange...my mother made them in fuschia and it added a nice pop of color to the table. We were all sitting at one table together (rectangular) which made for a nice ambiance. Let me know if you have any other questions...I'd be glad to help!! Leslie Wow!! Im completely shocked!! I really have a hard time understanding why they would no longer work there??!! Weird!! Don't worry...Im sure someone will pick up where they left off. I remember when we sent the deposit, I did not receive confirmation for a few weeks. Then I emailed them to inquire and they sent the confirmation. I know theyre not too good with the email communication thing. Been there!! I honnestly don't understand why it took so long for them to answer emails. While we were there, everytime I would walk by their office (which was often as our room as in that direction), they were always in front of their computer typing away. Even late during the evenings, they were still there.
  4. Thank you!! And certainly don't hesitate to ask questions...this forum was so helpful for me with my planning!!
  5. Thank you!! Congratulations to you!! You must be getting so excited!! Enjoy every moment!!
  6. Hi ladies!! Sorry it took so long for me to write...we just got back from Mexico last week...we had been there for 2 weeks - wedding week at OCT and honeymoon week at Excellence Riviera Cancun. We didnt want to come back home!! We had the most AMAZING time at OCT with our guests (16 of us total). Everyone could not stop raving about the resort and we had so much fun!! It was the second time for us at this resort so we knew what to expect. We were thrilled to hear how much our guests loved it!! And the wedding...well its was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! Everything went down without a hitch!! I was so worried during the months prior to the wedding as email communication with the coordinators wasnt the best!! Rest assured ladies that their team of professionnals have it all covered!! Like many brides have said already in this forum, everything works out once you get to the resort. We met with Ana and Vanessa the day after our arrival...Vanessa took the lead and she went over every possible detail you could imagine. This was the perfect time to ask questions or add details (I had a list drawn up with questions). She showed us where our ceremony would be held (beach in front of building 1 which was our request) and outside lobby terrace for the reception. We were so impressed by the service and had nothing to worry about!! Just so you know, you can add and tweak things right up until the last minute. For example, we had 2 guests show up as a surprise (BEST surprise EVER!!) and Vanessa was very accommodating with adding these 2 guests. We also ordered 2 bottles of champagne for the day of the wedding (one in my room and one in my husband`s room). The day of the wedding was perfect!! I hung out at the pool with everyone until noon and then went to my room to shower. My friend came to my room around 1:15 to do hair and make-up while sipping on champagne. I wanted to be ready for 3pm as our photographer (Juan Navarro) would be arriving around that time. A few people came to the room and then I slipped into my dress, put on my jewelry and I was good to go. Vanessa came to my room to bring my bouquet and then went to my husband`s room to bring his boutonniere. Juan brought me to my husband around 3:45 for our first look pictures and studio photo shoot of the two of us (we wanted to do this before our ceremony so we could enjoy our time with guests afterwards). It was amazing!! He was fantastic!! We returned to my room afterwards where my Dad was waiting for me. My husband left to go to the ceremony location around 5:15 ish and I touched up my hair while waiting for Vanessa to come pick me up. My curls had fallen after the photo shoot so consider this ladies...only one hour or so outside and this happenned!! Crazy!! I was rushing to touch up my curls...my Dad not being able to help of course and everyone was at the beach so I had to do it...LOL!! No big deal!! The curls fell again shortly after the ceremony and I wasnt going to make a big deal of it. Vanessa picked me up with my Dad and we walked to the beach. A few drops of rain were felt but, quickly stopped. Thank god!! It was VERY windy at the beach...unreal!! So again, keep this in mind for the hair. It was so windy to the point where after the ceremony, our photographer suggested we do group shots in the garden instead where there wasnt as much wind and we were fine with that. Our reception on the outdoor lobby terrace began at 7pm. It was SO gorgeous how the table was set up!! I had brought a table runner, sea shells to hold everyone`s names for the seating, maracas, napkins and menus. It was placed perfectly!! The service from the waiters was out of this world!! There were a few of them around at all times ensuring we had drinks and what not!! It was great!! The food was delicious and everyone raved about it (feta and balsamic sald; champagne sherbert; surf and turf; caribbean cake). Presentation of the food was just WOW!! After the meal, it wasnt long that the shots started and everyone got dancing. I had my ipod with a playlist and it was great!! There was a guy there to manage it but, I was always running over to select specific songs which was perfect! We were having such a good time and didnt want it to end as scheduled for 10pm. So around 9:45pm, I approached Vanessa (who was always around making sure everything was running smoothly) and asked if we could extend an extra hour (at a cost of course) and she was totally fine with that!! She brought me some paper work to sign and voila!! We were dancing the night away until 11pm. At 11pm, we went down to the pool where the swim-up bar is and luckily, it was a latino dance party going on that night with tons of people dancing. Our group just dove in and we danced, danced, danced until about 1:30 a.m. All in all...our wedding day could not have been more perfect!! We were so impressed of the wedding team (don`t think its just the coordinator...there are several people coordinating the event and they have walky talkies...constantly in contact with one another). We were blown away by how well things went and worked out. We didnt have to lift a finger or worry about anything!! Our guests had the time of their lives on our wedding night and are still talking about it!! Im just so thankful for how it went and now, I have the most wonderful memories of it!! I would highly recommend destination weddings now that I`ve experienced it!! Its just such a breeze!! Ok...Ive written so much already...what a long post...LOL!! Please dont hesitate to ask me questions if you have any or want more details on something. I`d be glad to help Leslie PS for Jenna Rose - the Maracas were just gorgeous!! However, we had them shipped to the resort and when we opened the box (the day of our meeting), 4 of them had broken even thought they were individually bubble wrapped. We wanted each of our guests to have one but, couldnt anymore. So we gave one per couple and we kept a few for ourselves as souvenirs. I would recommend that you order some extra ones in case. I emailed Gaby right away who said it was the first time it happened (??)...she offered to make more but, at a cost and shipping too. The postage people must have been very rought for them to shatter like that!!
  7. Yes I did!! From Gaby as well!! Great service from them and I absolutely can't wait to see them!!
  8. You've pretty much covered it!! She asked that I fill out and send the "wedding check list" which covers all of the above and more. She just sent me an email yesterday telling me that she received the box containing the Maracas!! So exciting! I prepared a list of questions to ask during the meeting and then, it should be smooth sailing. I will write upon our return!!
  9. Hi everyone! We leave for Mexico in less than 48 hours!! I'm so excited, nervous, anxious...all sorts of emotions!! Communication with Ana has gone well over the last few weeks. It's true what others have said that they crunch down on you as your wedding approaches. All details have been settled and we have a meeting scheduled with her the day after we arrive. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I'm sure everything will be great and even if there are some little glitches here and there, I'm not gonna stress over it. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate. I'll be sure to write a post when we arrive to let you know how it went. Leslie
  10. Question for past brides and future brides... I was wondering what are people's thoughts on tipping the wedding coordinator...I've read a few comments on here about this but, nothing that was very specific. Do you intend to tip and if so, what would be a reasonnable amount. My wedding is coming up in 4 weeks!! Yikes!! Im so excited!! )) Leslie
  11. Thank you for the tip and information I can't wait!! Less than 8 weeks to go!!
  12. We are having our reception on the outdoor lobby terrace as well. I totally agree with Jenna's comment...why go to Mexico to be indoors! We wanted the Mexican feel and being outdoors with the warm air, sounds of the ocean and overlooking to ocean is just what we wanted. If it is any reassurance, it is warm during the evening but, not to the point where you would want to be in an air conditionned room. Have you been to the resort already? There is always a nice little warm breeze going on during the evening and it's kinda nice. It's just comfortable...not excessively warm and not too cold. Leslie
  13. We have the sunset package and are paying additional costs for the outdoor reception. We're paying to have the sound system so that we can listen to our ipod during the 3 hours. We're very much into music and wanted this so that we could listen to the music we love during our meal and afterwards. I'd say save the cost of a DJ if the sound system is already included in your package. That way, you can manage your own music and listen to what you want during the 3 hours. Not to mention, save some costs!! Good luck Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look at that. I only have my photographer and his assistant...
  14. Do you know how much it costs to book 2-3 nights for your vendors? I only have the photographer (Juan Navarro) and his assistant. Thanks
  15. Thanks!! You are right!! I just have to have faith that everything will work out!!
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