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  1. OH!! I just seen a post about the resort photographer... thought i would put in another thumbs down.... hate to say it but he was not very good. They give you a few photos with the luxury package and I am so glad i brought my own. The videographer was great tho! he stayed down and out of the way so my guests could see us. His video was wonderful!
  2. my menu tropical salad tuscan cream soup ( they made heart shaped croutons SO CUTE!!) main was beef medallion ( family is from alberta so they needed beef lol) Apple tart for dessert (amazing!!) Then my wedding cake was Vanilla with the fondont over top. Went with something simple and light for the cake since it was a big 4 course meal. And omg the only thing i could really eat a full piece of was the cake... so dang good!!! My tummy was turning the whole day and i inhaled that piece of cake lol so light, tasty and fluffy! *drool*. I had 50 guests and the standard cake was PLENTY! I wasnt crazy about the look of the standard cakes in the pictures but they were beautiful and are much bigger in person. So it will feed all your guests plus more! I had my ceremony on the beach as well as cocktail hour then my reception was on top of the buffet and couldnt ask for a better spot! the buildings blocked most of the wind which was really nice and the stars!! Wow! plus we had a full moon that night so the lighting was perfect! My girls and I started getting ready at 10am since they only had 3 chairs and i had 5 bridesmaids plus myself. I loved starting early because i wasnt rushed and had time to enjoy hanging out with the girls before i walked down the aisle. plus it made extra time for getting ready pics. It seemed early but man that was the fastest day of my life sadly lol I also extended my reception an extra hour...wishing i extended it by 2. If you have any other questions please let me know!
  3. Hey Luckytoes, I had my wonderful friend from here in Edmonton come with me to photograph my wedding She has her own little side business called Willowlane photography.
  4. So I had my wedding back in April. Resort was lovely and very clean. Drinks, activities were all 5*. Food on the other hand was by far the worst iv had at any resort in mexico. Sadly all my guests got sick on multiple occasions and we found ourselves eating across the street at the AMAZING italian restaurant. So when you go there bring lots of immodium and pepto. My wedding went so perfect and couldnt ask for a better day! Flora was my onsite coordinater and she had absolutely everything under control.my guests said the food at the wedding was the best at the resort so far..I on the other had couldnt eat since my stomach had been in knots from the past couple days eating resort food. One tip tho to save some cash do not..I repeat do not buy the lounge furniture they offer for 250. I wanted my wedding to be fun and relaxing and the resort took their crappy old beat up furniture from the lobby. The photo they showed me was beautiful white chairs with blue cusions anda nice table with a candle on it. I was pissed! It was a huge eye sore and no one sat on them. If your thinking about getting upgrades....dont....I myself am so bloody picky and want what I want for my big day and honestly they do better work keeping things simple because when they try to upgrade they make things look a little tacky...so the more simple decorations are much nicer. I had a hair and makeup trial done and it came out perfect the first time but when I went back on my wedding day it came out completely different and I brought the same pictures and everything lol I was ok with this because these girls are so talented! It was beautiful and it didnt move all day/night and it was pretty windy. Well all in all my day was perfect and I know your girls day will be the same! Congrats to you all and hope my info has helped a bit if you have facebook my name is kaitlyn mcevoy and iv made my wedding albums public if you would like to see!
  5. Hey ladies! I will wrote my review later today after work but the hiccup was her aisle music and they made her stand behind the table during the ceremony so her guests couldn't see the bottom of the dress and only half of her. I could tell she wasn't impressed. I immediately emailed my wc and made sure this didn't happen to me.
  6. I'm at the resort right now and let me tell you the bs doesn't end!!! My big day is tomorrow and I hopeoit goes over smoothly... I seen a huge hiccup at a wedding yesterday that kinda made me nervous but I'll let you know how everything goes ladies!
  7. I will be arriving April 19-28 but my guests get there on the 20 and 21st.
  8. MizPriya see you in a few days for that drink on the beach! so excited!!
  9. Also what is everyone doing for a rehersal dinner? I was thinking maybe go to a restaurant early enough that it would be slow. I don't want to have to fork out any more money...
  10. Sarah- Great songs! please post more if you have some im two weeks away and im having a hard time finding a cute beachy song to walk down aisle too for my beach wedding
  11. Hey, our weddings are in the same week i finally got my final list of how much everything is and whats left to pay. Iv been asking questions and still no reply..so if they complain about my payment being late its so not my fault.
  12. Great songs zoe! Thank you! I'm looking for cocktail our in the beach music and reception music up in the terrace roof. My fiance and I are in mid 20's and don't want a whole ton of sappy love music
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