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  1. I had the same problem with seaside but i printed all my emails and gave it to Lorena and refused to pay anything additional since I booked it over a year ago and she didn't charge me but they are now charging everyone for seaside girll... just show her your emails
  2. No we just split it between us... and i kept it in an envelope close to me... my credit card was gonna charge me a service fee of $600 or more just to pay and i was scared the hotel may over charge me and i didn't want to deal with any confusions... it worked out perfect!
  3. HI everyone here is a short review,,,, first let me say that everyone should really try their best to enjoy their wedding week as it flies by so quick... Arrival- as soon as we arrived we were greeted and all of our luggage was taken for us to the preferred club and we checked in right away and upgraded our room... it was quick and easy!! all of our guests were also greeted with champagne and water at the front and assisted with check in... we received a letter from Lorena right when we checked in to go meet in her office at 6:30 pm... Meeting with Lorena- it was only an hour... s
  4. I just got back from my wedding at Dreams Riviera!!! its so beautiful there .... i cant believe how fast it went by... i will post a review shortly...
  5. . Hi Lindsey ! I was watching it without sound but urs looks more stable a s better camera and the other link seems a bit different and shaky ! I think it may be the different camera men ! So you had the cinema style ? HowmAny camera men did you have ? I hope my style is like yours also
  6. Hi Emily... Do you know if the hotel will allow you to substitute the mariachi band with the saxephone player?? im pretty sure they dont but just double checking lol I wish they would
  7. Why is the wedding highlight so shaky? I have hired him for 8 hour film package but the none of the viedeos on his website look like that... now I'm worried
  8. wow that looks beautiful....howmuch did they charge you for the gazebo decoration like that??? i love ittttt
  9. i know I really am... I'm so nervous but from the beginning they advised that it wont be a problem... and my travel agent emailed them to get my wedding schedule with everything confirmed on there... most people say they meet with wedding planner once and everything goes into place so hopefully that will happen for mine too!... fingers crossed
  10. My wedding is on April 30th and i leave on the 28th... I find it ridiculous how expensive the DJ is and if they charge an additions 15% over the 11% tax plus 300 an hour.... that's just a rip off but i guess we have no choice....
  11. does anyone know if the 2999 for ultimate pkg is going to have an additions 15% service charge and 11% tax on it??? and does 300 per hour for dj and add photo packages have these additional charges on it? I'm trying to calculate the charges in total....
  12. HI ladies.... I leave in 11 days... im so nervous about forgetting things !!! I really hope they have everything ready at the resort... any advice or tips? were going to pay the wedding charges on a credit card... I'm hoping they don't make a mistake or anything on the charges...
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