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  1. Hey! came back 1 month ago from our AMAZING wedding. got married at the akumal hammock on jan 9th. It was beyond perfect... DREAM WEDDING. Ladies no need to fear. I had eugenia has a WC and she was so profesional everything ran so smooth!!! Best choice ever!
  2. Hey Brides! What about hair? do you have a contact of someone else then the resort spa.. 85$ for an updo.. seriously?
  3. Hi Danielle, my wc is eugenia, and the hotel advised me to contact her only 4 motnhst before the wedding.. so you are ahead of time.. don't worry! she gets back to me fairly quickly. (my wedding in jan 9th 2013!)
  4. Ok I asked her without the dj, but she said that it was the only option....thanks alot for all the info!! you should be getting paid! hahaha!
  5. ok then I should be fine too! other thing that is really upsetting me right now... I read on this blog that a private poolside reception was 5$ pp first hour then 3$ pp hour .... my wc quoted me 1200$.. seriously?? Is there other options for 'dance' and party ( i dont mind being with strangers!)
  6. Well it's a fee that you have to pay if your photographer is not staying at the resort ( 5 days minimum.. So I should be fine, but I still don't like to receive such an email! What about you, who is your photographer?
  7. Hey! Im feeling really uncomfortable with the resort photography services. I do not want them at our wedding since we are flying out our photographer from France who happens to be my fiance's cousin. He is staying 7 days at the resort, but I had to send an email confirmation with the photography studio. They are scaring me with the 800$ fee. They did not confirm yet that we are 'excluded' from that fee....
  8. Thanks for your quick response! We are 47 guest and a poolside dinner would be way to much expensive for us (... What would you suggest between frutos and dolce? thanks
  9. Hey Brides!! I'm getting married Jan 9th 2013 at the Akumal Hammock Location! Bringing guests (47!) from Canada and France! Our WC just sent us the choices for our wedding dinner.. basically only between Frutos del mar and Dolce Vita. I'm a bit disapointed because I wanted the Arlequin.. I wonder why it is not available? We are 'foodies' and we enjoy fine cuisine.. what would you suggest?thanks!!
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