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  1. hey guys! i got married at 4:00 on the beach then had an extended cocktail hr from 4:30-6:30 on the terrace which was absolutely breathtaking.. the club we went to was called palazzo and we had a VIP section just for us which was great. i set it up with dianna and david with olympus tours and they gave us the best price out of anyone. it was $45 per person and that included our transportation to and from plus the all u can drink bracelets which included bottle service, soda, water and beer.. so pretty much anything u wanted was free.. except red bull.. it was such a great time and awesome music.. would definitely reccomend the VIP area tho because it got really crowded towards the end. let me know if you need any other information. and if you do the club mention our names they loved us. kristin and carlo and we got married on may 18th. = )
  2. hello. i just got back from there a couple days ago and had a total of 56 guests come. it was beautiful and the wedding went great! we just did an extended cocktail hr and dinner in the hibachi. Afterwards we treated our guests to a club downtown with transportation to and from and all u can drink bracelets. we had a blast! the hotel and their staff are amazing and make sure if you want to do any activities you see diana from olympus tours.. she is awesome!! the food was good.. not great but definitely had many options to choose from.. definitely try to get into as many restaurants as you can.. if you have any other questions just ask.. i was once the nervous bride so i totally understand and will help as much as i can.. also, rosie is great! once you get there ask to see her and she will walk throuigh everything and will change whatever you need.. if you are doing any cocktail hr i would highly recommend the terrace next to the steakhouse... its stunning! congrats and best of luck!!!
  3. I am so happy everything went perfect! I can't wait until May and for my wedding! Congrats to you both and i can't wait to see the pictures! the attachment you sent had some error on it and i wasn't able to open them. Hope the rest of your trip was beautiful! congrats again! = )
  4. ohh very nice. what was the price they gave you on the 2 hour cocktail and how many canapes? where are you having it set up at? i am being charged for the dinner at the hibachi but i think it's because i extended the time. An hour and a half isn't enough for 60 of us to eat. I just emailed the photographer at the hotel so hopefully they get back to me soon. Also,, since you're getting married so close could you please show us some pictures and give us some reviews/tips when you get back. Thank you so much and i am sure the trip and your wedding will be absolutely perfect!! the place is gorgeous! congrats!!!
  5. @zaya you can get married on the beach because that's what i am doing. I don't know much on their packages because i am making up my own and just being charged for what i want. To have your reception in a private area you do get charged a per person rate depending on what menu options you pick. it's for up to 3 hrs (inside in one of there conference rooms or outside on the terrace) and if you want to extend it another hour or 2 you pay an additional charge. You also need to pay for a dj and dance floor separately if you want that as well. You would need to speak to rosie and she can help you with all of the prices and information. My orginal budget was $10,000 but it looks like it is going over but that is for everything from start to finish and our vacation as well. It is definitely a great deal and better than anything we could get in the states. i am hoping no more than $12,000 but we will see.. things add up very fast. hahaha @rfl100.. you said you just got back from there, did you see any weddings set up on the beach? if so, how did it look? how was the food? i hear mix reviews on the food on trip advisor. Also, how was the nightlife there. i am having my wedding this may and bringing about 60 guests.. most are between the ages of 28-40. we obviously want to go and relax but also party a night or two. if anyone has any other questions i can help them with please feel free to ask. i still have some myself.. lol.. This has been a horrible experience for me because when i started my planning iberostar just took over hilton and i went through 3 coordinators before i got rosie and now everything has been great with her. so try to just relax and enjoy this whole experience. = )
  6. Just got some information back from rosie on our wedding and everything seems to be going according to plan.. just still looking for a photographer.. emailed a bunch who are already booked. waiting on a couple responses back. You said you are using the hotel photographer? how much are they charging if you don't mind me asking. also, were you able to check out their portfolio or anything they have taken before?
  7. i am also making my own package up with rosie and it has been better working with her and the hotel. I am waiting back to hear from another person on here who was married there in december but she hasn't been on since her wedding. I am dying to know how everything went. i am still so nervous! haha.. are you planning on doing a reception outside or something in one of their restaurants? also, what photograppher are u using?
  8. hey just wondering how everyting went at iberostar and how your wedding turned out? i am sure perfect but would love to hear all about it and see pics! i am aproaching 4 months and haven't even started building a package yet. Was going to ask if you had any pointers for me and if there is something i should or shouldn't do/get. Hope to sear from you soon. = )
  9. can't wait to hear all about it!!! i have also been speaking with manuel who i love and he gets back immediately.. still not sure on our wedding package and what we're going to do but i definitely can't wait to see your pics and hear all about your beautiful day! congrats and enjoy every moment of it!!!
  10. hey ashleigh. I am now dealing with Rosy, the new coordinator. She has definitely been more responsive than the others but i had to call a couple times to push her along to help me with my package. I still have nothing set in stone yet but now have a better idea of what they have and how much certain things are. I am having a private reception either on the garden or terrace. they are supposed to send me some pics and i have recieved some but not all. Have you had any luck getting in contact with anyone? do you know where you want to have your reception? also, do you know what your doing yet as far as a photographer? If you have any questions i can help you with just let me know also if you want to email me instead of going back and forth on here i put my email address in the previous email. = )
  11. OMG thats horrible vanessa! i am thinking of changing mine if rosie doesn't email me back by tomorrow with some changes because i finally called mexico today and spoke with her directly after several emails with the details i want for my wedding and an estimated price only not to recieve anything back. She told me today that i cannot do a reception on the beach without having at least 100 people or more and i am only around 70-75 right now. i also cannot have a buffet having less than 100 people. So i am a little upset with that because no one told me orginally when i was planning this that information. I am open to the other options if i like them so she is sending me pictures of the terrace and the menus of a sit down dinner and my options. we will go from there. i am hoping it is fine and i can stay with this place but if not i am switching. it sucks because the place looks absolutely gorgeous and the reviews are amazing so i would really hate to switch.. = ( @vanessa.. why did you change hotels if you don't mind me asking.. also, was it difficult and did you have guests that already put deposits down and did you lose your deposit at all?
  12. It has been crazy planning this wedding. Rosy is now the third coordinator i've worked with. She just took over so i am not sure how she is. I emailed her last week with a list of questions and i am still waiting for her to get back to me. so we'll see. The place looks beautiful and they have been getting great reviews but as far as a wedding there i haven't seen much myself and been stalking online constantly and still nothing. It is definitely making me a little nervous and so far i have about 70 people coming. Hope she gets back to me soon so we can get this process moving along.. how has rosy been with your planning?
  13. Ohh ok..that makes more sense because if it was just $5500 for the extras adding up that would have been even more insane! i was thinking around $3,000 so that sounds about right.. I would love to see the pictures so if you can email them to me my email address is kristin.crecelius@courts.phila.gov.. They sent me some pictures but i didn't really like anything that i seen. it was alot of pictures of mexican setups.. I dunno i just want something plain, simple with some colorful flowers. Nothing crazy.. haha.. I can't believe you are getting married this december.. that is so close! i am sure it's going to be beautiful and everything you dreamed of. I would go and just try to relax and enjoy your day! easier said than done i know because i have anxiety about everything.. lol.. Also, do you know if there are any bars that played music there. From what i seen and read the bars are only open til 1:00 and i am not sure about the music..
  14. oh wow i am so pissed i had no idea she got fired! i am gonna have to call my travel agent tmr and find out what's going on! I was also gonna do the free wedding and just add things to it but now i am nervous because yours was an extra $5500. That is just crazy! are you having a cocktail hour? Where are you having your reception? I actually just called last week to see how much it would be to upgrade my room since i am bringing my 2 boys with me and wanted to see the difference in price from the junior suite to the master suite (the only difference is one is 1 bedroom and the other has 2) everything else is the same. THney told me $200 per person per night for the junior suite and $700 per person per night for the master suite.. iwanted to die! that is just ridiculous! also, are you using their photographer or hiring an outside vendor? I am so nervous about all of this because we are just starting to set up pur package and now i am afraid they are gonna hit us with a huge bill.. i have searched online many and many of hours about wedding here and always found it strange how i never seen pictures, videos, reviews etc on anything reguarding a wedding here.. have you ever seen pictures of an actual wedding here? when is your wedding? hopefully, the new wedding coordinator will be alot more helpful like you said and realize all this nickel and diming people isn't gonna get them anywhere. I am also planing on bringing about 50-60 guests.
  15. what date are you planning your wedding? I just booked for may 18, 2013 at iberostar cancun and i am having the same problem. they have no set prices and they are trying to charge me like $1,000 for a dj and $85 per person for a reception on the beach.. then they just came down to $65. outrageous!!! i am so confused with their whole pricing and packages.. are you having a reception or having it just at one of the restaurants.. its a shame because all the reviews on this hotel is amazing and everything else is perfect. however, the wedding cordinator is not the best.
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