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  1. Does anyone know if we can bring our own sand for the sand ceremony or do we have to use theirs?
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by MMK0386 I am so excited for you that you just booked Samuel. He is seriously great. We did our TTD the day after the wedding. Sam picked us up at Azul and drove us to Puerto Moreles beach, which is about 15 min away. We did the TTD in the evening and we had to be in the lobby the next morning at 4:30 to catch our transfer to the airport! I was nervous about the dress drying in time but it worked out! As soon as we got back to the room, I rinsed my dress in the shower and then put it on the patio to dry. At about midnight I decided to go ahead and pack it up and it was surprisingly mostly dry. I put it in the garnet bag and then rolled it up and put it in a carry on bag by itself. We flew out of ATL but live in CLT so 2 flights and a 4 hour drive later, I took it out o the bag at about 8:00 that evening. I put it on my porch to finish drying and it's totally fine! I will have it cleaned professionally and then decide to keep it or turn it into a short dress to wear on our anniversary. Overall, I feel like "trashing" it didn't actually ruin it at all. How did you handle him being an outside vendor? I booked him and paid for a room so I wouldnt have to pay the vendor fee. He is coming with an assistant. I asked my wedding coordinator if I have to book both him and his assistant in the room and was told no. So did you just pay the 800 vendor fee or book a room. If you booked a room how did that go?
  3. Quote:Originally Posted by MMK0386 So here are two teasers from my wonderful photographer Samuel Luna. It will take 8 weeks for all the photos but I will post those when I get them and I'm hoping for a few more teasers. I love your pics! I have Samuel Luna as my photographer as well! Now i am also so excited!!!
  4. Jenny your pics are beautiful. I am also having our wedding on the sky deck. Where did you get your fabric for the gazebo? What material is it and how long?
  5. Hi Ladies, I am getting married August 31, 2013 and I am trying to purchase my decorations. For the chair sashes, are they supposed to be organza or satin? I am bringing alot of decorations myself and I will just pay the 250 dollar set up fee. I know when you go thru customs you are supposed to show receipts but most of the stuff I am ordering online, will this be a problem? Do I need to print the email confirmations? Also what type of fabric do I need for the Gazebo on the sky deck and what size fabric do I get? And Finally what length christmas lights do I get for the poles at Zavaz Plaza for the reception. Oh and one more thing...I ordered the Chinese hanging lanterns. If I have Christmas lights on the 6 poles do I still need the lights inside of the hanging lanterns? I know I am asking alot of questions. I am so last minute and trying ti know everything out this month. Thank you guys for any help that you can provide
  6. I wasnt on here so I added mine in August April 2012 Kerry872 - April 11 2012 amylou1983 - April 20th 2012 May 2012 Jennabug May 5th 2012 Mnd3A - May 19 2012 June 2012 2ndtimesacharm - June 26, 2012 July 2012 August 2012 JamilaImani August 31 September 2012 Jennaba3 - September 6th, 2012 October 2012 jsal4 - October 12, 2012 November 2012 December 2012 janaahb - December 12, 2012 January 2013 February 2013 tkuzma - February 7, 2013 Christined - February 12, 2013 March 2013 April 2013 DawnDean - April 26 May 2013 kathryn83 - May 5, 2013
  7. Yea, we were disappointed about Le Chique too. Everyone on this forum raved about it and we were looking forward to experiencing it. As far as the rooms. Our room was in the adults only section, not the premium. Our room number was 2120. It was only the rooms in that section that smelled funny. Maybe about a block of 5-6 rooms. Once you are in the rooms you cant smell it. But you can definitely smell it outside.
  8. Alright Ladies, I just got back from my sight visit at Azul Sensatori and Azul Beach. We were undecided and went to check out both resorts. We stayed at AS for our stay. I loved both resorts and am sad to say we are STILL undecided as to which resort we will chose. Here is my report on both resorts. ARRIVAL/TRANSPORTATION We arrived there with no problems. As soon as we walked into the airport there were transportation booths set up to get you to and from the hotel. We paid 52 dollars (total, not a piece) for a shuttle van to and from the airport. You could pay more, about 75 dollars, and got a private taxi thru the same company. Our travel agent looked into getting us transportation and told us it would be 80/pp!!! So glad we told her no and just waited until we got there. We arrived at the hotel very late, around 11pm and was tired and just went to the room and ordered room service. ROOMS When we got there we were upgraded to a swim up suite. We loved the swim up suite. It has a nice sized terrace with chairs and a couch you can relax and tan on. Eventhough we were not in the premium swim up suite there was still a personal waiter that came around and got drinks for us. The rooms were very clean. Housekeeping cleans the room twice a day. Every time they cleaned the room they left an animal design on the bed with roses. There was a bottle of champaigne on ice waiting on us in our room. I thought this was really nice. I will say that the room wasnt as modern as I thought it would be. The rooms at Azul Beach were much nicer. Azul Beach standard rooms werent that nice but there suites were wonderful!!! Their swimup suites dont have the terrace that AS has. The one thing negative about the rooms at AS was our room was located close to the sewer and had a egg like smell outside. You can not smell it inside the room so this wasnt really an issue for us. FOOD The food was the best food I have tasted at an AI resort. We ate at every restaurant except the Mexican restaurant and the Tapas restaurant. Every meal was wonderful!! We didnt get to experience Le Chique either which was dissapointing bc after November they are going to start charging 25/pp to eat there. So when we go back for our wedding we will have to pay. I will say that the lobster isnt included in the price and anytime you order lobster you have to pay. Also, you have to pay for wine other than the house wine. We loved Spoons and the Carribean restaurant and ate there most of the time. When we went to the presentation for the dress rehearsal we got to tast the menus for the cocktail party, reception, and deserts. Everything was AMAZING!! I can not stress how wonderful the food was. We tasted both Itallian and Family style menus. I loved the family style and this is what we will get for our wedding. Its so much food and options your guests have to choose from. I feel like you cant go wrong with this option. Lobster is included with this option at no additional price! At our site visit to AB we also tasted food from every restaurant and their food was amazing too. AB also has a sushi bar that we like. The desesrts were pretty good as well. We LOVED the tarimizu cake and the strawberry flavored wedding cake. Neither one of us liked the vanilla or chocolate cakes. The cupcakes were just average however, the icing on the cupcakes were delicious!! They used a cream cheese tasting icing and everyone at our table loved it!!! I did ask if it was the same chef that bakes all the cakes for weddings and they said NO! The chef we had only caters to the El Dorado Royale resort. With that being said there is no way to tell what the deserts will taste like at AS or AB. I have read past reviews from ppl that have gotten married and said that the wedding cakes and cupcakes were horrible. LOCATIONS We went to look at all the locations for weddings, cocktail hour, and receptions. We are set on the sky wedding!! We like the Zavaz plaza for the reception. Not sure where we would do cocktail hour. AB has a smaller sky deck which we liked as well but we didnt like the reception places too much. I will say that the beach at AB is WAAAAYYYY better than AS. The reviews of AS beach is true. It was a horrible beach and is absolutely not swimable. Black seewead all thru the beach and it has a brown color. I will say that they do clean it up thru the day but it doesnt really help. AB had a pretty nice beach. We walked there from AS and just a warning there is a nude/swinger resort inbetween and we got an eyefull! Just a caution for anyone wanting to walk down there to take pics or go to beach. ENTERTAINMENT We arrived at AS around 1100 1130pm and the hotel was dead. There isnt much entertainment and no club/disco. The Mojito Lounge plays lounge music but not damcing music and noone was really dancing. There really wasnt any excitement at the hotel. The adult pool was dead. We enjoyed the Family pool better. They had more action. They also had activities at the FAmily pool. There is PLENTY for children and teens to do. They have so much activities and game rooms etc etc. Adults will def have to make their own party!!! We are having around 60-75 ppl so we can be our own entertainment but small wedding parties might be bored at night. AB was even more dead as far as entertainment. Both places do have live shows everynight but they end around 930. after that you are on your own! AB VS AS better rooms AB better reception locations AS better beach AB more to do AS better beach ceremony locations AB(only bc their beach is prettier) better things for kids AS Both are great resorts and we feel we cant go wrong either way. I still like AS as our first choice bc i want my reception at the Zavaz Plaza. The good thing about AB is that it is a small resort so if we had it htere we would have the whole resort to ourselves basically. Also bc of the size of our wedding we would be the only wedding there that day. Oh i Forgot. The Spa's were great at both resorts. AB had a sauna and jacuzzi steam room in theirs, so i guess they win that category but both were wonderful! I will upload pictures sometime this weekend. In the meantime if anyone has questions please let me know!!! Sorry so long!
  9. Hi Jenny, I just got back Monday from the bridal dress rehearsal and asked about the Legal Ceremony. I was told that the Ceremony has to be performed in Spanish for it to be legal. The Wedding Certificate will be in Spanish too and then translated. For the Ceremony it has to be performed by a judge, in spanish, and has to contain certain wording. You cant alter to far away from the script. The translater will translate for you and afterwards you can do your own vows. I didnt like this at all and we decided to get legally married here in the states and not tell anyone. We are going to have a symbolic wedding in Mexico, noone will no its not legal. We are just going to go to the courthouse a day or two before we leave for Mexico. I LOVE your invitations!!! Once we confirm our date we will start working on ours! I am thinking about doing the boarding pass invitations and luggage tag STD's.
  10. Good Afternoon Ladies I leave today for the brides dress rehearsal weekend!!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and ask lots of questions. Jana I will ask them if you can ship items there. Also does anyone know what the price for a shuttle or transportation to the resort from the airport should be. I keep hearing that it is crazy expensive. Just want a feel of what is fair when we are negotiating Jamila
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