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  1. Hi TealMarie, I talked to Gloria a month before my wedding and she was able to accommodate two entrees so other people can choose. The only thing is that you have to know beforehand which guests are getting which meal before you get there at the resort. It was easy enough for me since I had 30 people. They were also able to accommodate my guest who has a gluten-free diet. They're pretty much amazing! Thanks, Stella http://michellechu.com/stella-darron-married-excellence-riviera-cancun/
  2. Hi Shellyaneric, I brought a picture with me together with my hair pin (which I didn't know what exactly to do with it, but it was beautiful). He was able to work around it and I ended up having a beautiful hair! I loved it!
  3. Hi fellow ERC brides!! My wedding was last January 11,2013 and it could not have been any more wonderful!! The Excellence is truly the perfect place to be. I have pictures to share in case you guys are wondering. I am also open to any questions you guys have: http://michellechu.com/stella-darron-married-excellence-riviera-cancun/ Our photographer was absolutely amazing. I recommend her if you guys need one. The great thing is that she was already there before so she definitely knows the great spots to shoot! Tell her I sent you! My personal email is starsphynx@gmail.com if you guys have any questions as well. I'm excited for you guys!!! Stella
  4. HI ampanda52, Thanks! I will certainly do that. I'm so worried he will play crappy music and I really do not want to micro manage since DJs should know what songs to play. I am still curious about the menu for the reception dinner. Any ERC brides that were already married there advise us on what is good that you have picked from your dinner? Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hello! This question is for all the ERC Brides that already had their wedding at the resort. I'm picking out my menu and would like to know what did you guys end up choosing and if it was delicious or commendable. I also heard about the DJ not having a good playlist. Did any of you guys had any problem? Did you use your own playlist or did you end up using only the sound system instead? Your input is greatly appreciate! Thank you! -Stella
  6. Hello ladies! I am so glad to have found this site!! My wedding date is on January 11, 2013. 5 more months to go! I'll be pretty much reading all of this for some tips for our wedding. Thanks!!! Stella