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  1. Ladies, I have been recently only posting on the other Now Larimar forum but thought I would drop a line here as we recently came back from our wedding. If anyone has any questions ask away! We worked on a very limited budget and were VERY happy with everything!
  2. HDC HDC HDC!!!! Ladies, I cannot recommend them enough! We just got back from our wedding and thanks to bestdestinationwedding and the previous brides who recommended them, we have hundreds of gorgeous photo's that we could not be happier with. Reasonable prices. Our photographer was Miljan and everyone just loved him. If anyone would like to see pictures. I would be more then happy to share.
  3. We just got back from our wedding and I have to thank everyone's previous comments that pushed me to book HDC. We are SOO happy with all of our pictures. Miljan was our photographer and he was awesome to work with. You can tell he just loves his job. His creativity and experience gave us some of the most beautiful shots we could ever ask for. He knew just how to get the perfect picture without including the gazers on the beach
  4. rosepetal - Thank you There were no hidden costs, I kept everything very simple because I did not want to be overweight in luggage at the airport and I did not want to pay hundreds of dollars on centerpieces etc. I am looking for my bill to tell you exactly what was on it but I cannot seem to find it now. I paid by credit card so just remember they charge pesos to your credit card if thats how you pay. We were all very happy with everything. Silvia really put the few decorations I gave her together nicely. We only had 17 people so we took the floral sweetheart centerpiece that is included in the divine package and used on our long rectangular table. I brought a few candles then purchased votive candle holders there for 1 dollar each. I was very extremely excited to come back to the forum and tell all future brides how happy we were with everything. I was a HUGE stress ball before we got there. But it was PERFECT. The only stress when we were there was whether it would rain. You have to choose early in the day of your wedding whether you want to keep everything outside or use the backup plan. Silvia met with me in the am, printed out the weather forecast and I had to sign my decision. I am glad we chose to stick with outside because we had no rain.
  5. I booked HDC, the 1st picture is HDC, second is WBA and the last 2 are just our own camera . Miljan was our photographer from HDC and I highly recommend him. He took charge and got beautiful shots and then asked if there were any special type of poses we wanted. Very outgoing and knows just how to get the perfect shot.
  6. @ rosepetal & @jennifer I will upload some more pictures. I did not wear shoes on the beach, My entire wedding party went barefoot.We had our reception by the pool. We all wore flip flops there. I did not pay for a dance floor and paid for the sound system and brought an IPOD. After we went to the nightclub to continue partying. The sound system comes with a man that stands there watches it. At first I was confused I thought they just gave me a DJ. He had his laptop with some music on it and it was more slow wedding music he played during the dinner because on our IPOD all I put on was dance music
  7. JUST GOT BACK FROM OUR WEDDING Will upload pics soon, I have to say what pretty much every other bride has said. Don't worry, they know what they're doing and I am SO happy, my guests were so happy with everything. The only think I was stressed out about which was out of my control was the weather LOL Silvia is so cute, so nice and we all just loved her!
  8. I am booking HDC for my photographer, the outside vendor fee is 150 per vendor.
  9. RFFL - I like what I've seen so far with make up and hair form past brides getting it done at the salon. I am bringing all of my make up just in case and I have chosen a hairstyle but might change that when I get there. I will look at their style magazines. Ladies having a hard time hearing back from your WC - I was always under the impression they just take their time because it's more laid back over there. But since I am leaving in exactly a week and had not heard back from Silvia, I called the resort. She was in a wedding all day ( and then it came to my mind, they have so many weddings and they spend all day preparing and doing the wedding) which explains what is taking so long. I spoke to one of her co-workers and asked her to tell Silvia to reply to my email when she was done the wedding. Last night all of the emails I sent her over the last couple of weeks were answered. Sorry for the long story... just wanted to let you guys know that calling seems to help
  10. Those dealing with Silvia, did any of you recently get an email from her saying her work computer is down and she is using a personal computer? Those who booked HDC, did you have to wire money for a deposit?
  11. Thank you I will email them, I can't seem to find their price list on the site.
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