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  1. My favorite movie!!

    We got married this past June 2012 in at the Gran Mayan in Cancun.  Starting from the ceremony to the reception everything was beautiful. Sometimes memories fade. How not to have this memorable moments saved in a video?  Alex Gonzalez did our video and did an excellent job.  He was very accessible and open to any ideas in order to make our video even better.  He captured all those unforgettable moments. We loved our video and I do not get tired of watching it every time we show it to anyone. It
  2. Very well done!!!

    It's been a month since our wedding day.  It was a very special day that we will always remember at the Gran Mayan Cancun!!!  Working with you guys was very pleasant because your team is very friendly, dedicated and put a lot of effort in their work.  You guys take customers opinions  to work with their customers.  We have received nothing, but beautiful comments about our pictures.   Thank you Miguel Angel, you and your team ROCKED!!!! Vanessa Guido & Javier Alday     Ha p
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