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  1. I just got some super cute totes and custom address stamps (as one of the gifts for our parents) off of etsy.com and thought I'd share. :-)
  2. My fiance and I are having a very small wedding so we decided to just use an ipod docking station and our ipods for the music during the cocktail hour and reception. Could anyone recommend a good ipod docking station/speakers? Thank you!
  3. How exciting!! I can't wait to hear about it on the forum when you get back! Safe and happy travels.
  4. Thank you so much Tammy! I've just registered. I didn't know about the webinars - what a great idea!
  5. I have been waiting since 1/25/13 to hear back from Nayeli. Her lack of response is making me a little nervous - especially since the wedding is in 71 days. Usually when she does answer me back, she only answers one or two maybe out of 5-10 questions so I have to email her back and wait another 2-3 weeks. I've asked her the questions below a few times but they've never gotten answered. I realize she is busy, but I don't know what else to do. With that being said, maybe someone may know... 1. If there is an additional cost to doing a semi-private rehersal dinner? 2. Are there specific menu options for the rehersal dinner? 3. If you want a certain color theme for the ceremony/reception - can that be done? 4. Where are the possible locations for the cocktail hour as well as the reception? 5. Is the cake just iced/frosted with no decoration or does it include any type of piping, flower(s) etc? 6. Is the dinner that comes with the silver wedding package, private? 7. Although there are photography packages - 24 photos come already with the silver package. I check with the 'house' photographer and he said that there is no time limit to how long he'll stay...so if we wanted him to come and take pictures while we are getting ready all the way until the end of the reception, he would. Nayeli had previously told me that the 24 photos with the silver wedding package, only include two hours of the photograher being there. I am SO confused. **If anyone has a copy of the flower/cake/decoration etc catalog, would you mind emailing it to me? If you inbox me, I'll send you my email address. Thank you so much in advance, for your help, I really appreciate it!
  6. Juan Carlos has been absolutely wonderful in answering all of my questions and getting back to me quickly. I think I've sent him 3 or 4 emails within the past two days and I've gotten an answer back within 2 or 3 hours, each time.
  7. Hi all! :-) Does anyone have a copy of the resorts map? I know there is one online, but I was trying to find a printable one to include in the welcome bags. I have found some reallllllly cute stuff on etsy for the welcome bags...so if anyone is looking for ideas, try etsy.com. I just heard back from Nayeli and she referred me to Juan Carlos Lancelotti (his email - jclancelotti@yahoo.es)...have any of you heard of him and/or reached out to him...seen his work? Also, does anyone have a copy of the catalog that has all the cake, flower etc options? Nayeli had sent me one back in July but now I can't find it. :-( I know that in the legal requirements that a blood test needs to be done, which I don't mind - but I don't understand why we would need to get a bloodtest if the state we live in and are from doesn't require it. Just curious.... I'm excited for all of you brides that are getting married here very shortly and cannot wait to read about your wedding! 85 more days for us! :-)
  8. I think I will definitely be brining my dress on the plane with me now that I've heard your advice. Thank you! I just scheduled (today) my spa appointment for my hair and make-up. My wedding is at 3 and when they emailed me back with my appointment confirmation, they had made the appointment for noon. Hopefully that will give me enough time before the ceremony! Does anyone know if we need to have our birth certificates translated to Spanish? "The Documents Required for a Civil Wedding Ceremony" section on their website says this... Thank you!! :-)
  9. Hi danak71! Of course! By the way - I mistyped the name of the company - it is Seaons Tours. I contacted them via email at : transfers@seasonstours.com Their phoone number is: +52 998 872 8623 and their website is: seasonstours.com Once you email them, they will email you back asking for your flight information. The woman that I emailed back and forth with is Vanesa Goig. The cost is $145.00 round trip (from airport to EPM and then EPM to airport for returning back home). The price of $145 is for up to 4 people and they transport you in either a Suburban or Explorer. They do have vehicles to transport up to 10 poeople and the price for that (round trip) is $185. They said there is no need to pay in advance - that the cost will be charged to your room. EPM uses them exclusively from what I understand which is great because they are very familiar with how to get there and the process of getting through the security gates etc. I hope this helps! :-)
  10. Hey! That is great that you have been to EPM before so know kind of what to expect! I wish my fiance and I could have made a trip there before hand. We are getting married at 3pm on the beach - it will just be the two of us, my parents and his parents. Our vision is to have a small (very small in our case) and intimate wedding. We'll be throwing a big party once we get back to the states. I think that is great you're having 80 people come to your wedding! If my fiance and I had done more planning in advance (maybe if we started a year or more ago), we would have definitely decided to invite more people. That's good to know that they use MAC; it gives me something to work with so I can start planning what look I want to go for. :-) Hair half-up sounds like a great idea! Are you going to bring your dress on the plane with you or are you going to ship it? I'm not sure what to do. Are you doing any excusions while you are there? I'm tempted to just be a 'hermit' and soak up all the activities and fun there is at the resort. We definitely have NOT finalized everything yet. Time has flown by and all of a sudden, we were less than 100 days away! I emailed Nayeli this morning to see where we are with the planning and what else we need to do. I'm not sure if you've arranged transportation to/from the airport, but we are using Four Seasons (referred to us by EPM). They have been very pleasant, quick and easy to work with. I'm sure we will definitely get to meet once we are there. :-) Up until a week or so ago, I haven't really felt like a 'bride' but holy cow - I sure do now and am super excited!!!
  11. Hi Momoarc83! My fiance and I are getting married at EPM on 4/20/13 as well! Have you finalized all of your selections etc yet? Just 96 more days to go!
  12. First of all, I just want to tell everyone 'thank you' for sharing all of your information here, it has been very helpful! My fiance and I are getting married at EPM on 4.20.13...just 98 days left to go! We are doing a very small intimate ceremony - my fiance and I (obviously) and both sets of parents. We will be doing a big party/reception with friends and family once we get back to the states. One of my first questions is - did or are any of you ship your wedding dress to EPM? If so - who did you ship it through, cost, any complaints or advice? For the brides that got married or are getting married on the beach - are you wearing your hair up or down? I am assuming it will probably be windy, so maybe an up-do would work best? Is anyone getting their hair and/or make up done at the spa/salon at EPM? I am definitely getting my hair done there, but am going back and forth on whether I should have my make up done there as well or do it myself. Does anyone know what the 'night-life' at the resort is like? I am expecting it to be fairly quiet - but is there entertainment...people dancing, music etc? Has anyone ventured into Cancun one night to go out? Thank you so much in advance for your advice. : ) xoxo Soon to be Mrs. M!
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