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  1. Well Ladies - T-minus 18hrs and we are on that plane!!! I was introduced by Ana to Claudia about two weeks ago and the responses have been very quick and helpful. My experience so far was a little frustrating in the beginning but i'm very happy with the amount of communication we have had recently. I'll let you know how everything works out! I'm so excited for this amazing adventure!
  2. Quick question for the past brides...I'm looking at doing menu cards but if you go off of the menu options it looks like we're having a lot of dessert and a main but not really anything about the sides/accompaniments. We are going with the beef wellington menu and i'm wondering if anyone can tell us what that comes with?!? We leave 3 weeks tomorrow! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by!
  3. I have what's probably a dumb question but here goes....do we have to take a marriage certificate/licence with us or is that all done there? I don't imagine a Canadian certificate would be recognized in Mexico but just thought I should ask...Thanks for your help ladies!
  4. @Aacd8809 - he said he won't play in the complete open and from what I can tell our venue should be ok. The lobby terrace has a bit of a "roof" that comes outside so I assume he will be able to set himself under that ridge. I'm taking my chances that i'm right there! We have been to the Mayan 4times and we've only experienced rain a small handful of times and never at night. I'm just using the power of positive thinking...lol. Worse case scenario our server/bartenders are going to have to figure out how to keep up with the tequilla shots while we play drinking games
  5. I haven't been to a destination wedding yet but I can tell you that every time I travel to an AI resort I pack a bubba! It limits that amount of times you have to get up and it keeps drinks much colder than the small glasses provided by the resorts.
  6. haven't seen a new price list but was told when we originally booked in July that it would be an additional $200 for the paradise package.
  7. If you decide to go to Costco message me and I will send you the labels to save you some time
  8. For the Pepto I just went to Wal-Mart for the box of sleeves. There are 24 tablets in a box and 6 on each sleeve. For my other "drugs" I went to Costco and purchased the Kirkland Signature brand Ibuprofen, Acid Reducer, and Anti-Diarrheal medicine and then individually packaged them with dollarama craft baggies and put labels on each baggy and a big label on the inside of the first aid kit with the directions for everything. So much cheaper and I was then able to give everyone a few more than I would have otherwise. It's a little more work but I definitely have more time than money...lol. Goodluck!
  9. @acd8809 - Your last concern in your post was my exact concern and deciding factor as to whether we were going to book a dj outside of the resort. We are having a group of only 25 people but I really want to make sure things run smooth and flow without any of my guests feeling like they have to MC and keep the flow going etc etc. I emailed 2 different DJ's that I found online, both were within $25 of eachother and ultimately we chose to go with DJ Bob ( http://weddingdjrivieramaya.com/ ). From the reviews it just seemed like he would be very outgoing and a fun person to keep things moving for us and interact with the group. The other DJ that we looked into was http://www.mayanvibes.com/testimonials.htm . Both seemed to have great reviews on how they could read the crowd and keep the party going but DJ Bob had the additional outgoing MC part that appealed to us. I don't know if you intend to add the additional hours onto your night but we are going to have our reception from 7-12 (paying for the additional 2hrs for the dj). When we calculated the cost for booking DJ Bob, with the vendor fee, the price was VERY similar to the cost the resort would have charged us for an unknown DJ with the additional time. I hope that helps you with your decision...
  10. Kimandsky - I have just emailed you a bunch of links and documents to help you out. I hope it's everything you need!
  11. Danitree - I bet the checklists and to-do's are making your head swim at this point! Quick question for you...how far in advance will you be there before your wedding day? I asked Ana about a tasting and she told me we could only do it if we were there 5days in advance. I keep finding all sorts of inconsistencies between what Brides are telling me on the forum and what Ana is telling me....just curious! Goodluck with all of your lastminute stuff and safe travels!
  12. Hello Fellow Canadians! I just received an email update from Canadian Tire that the 20oz Bubba Mini Keg's will be $6.99 (reg $13.99) from Dec 21-27th. Product #0423659. Happy Shopping!
  13. @IchibanCowgirl - Goodluck! I bet you are getting so excited with everything coming so fast! I'm having Gonzalo photograph our wedding as well and I have to say he's been fantastic to work with and has helped to set our minds about the whole process! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  14. @Camila - love your dresses and the colour....My BM are actually wearing the dress on the right in Begonia!
  15. Hello Ladies- I found some great Soduku/crossword/wordsearch books at Michaels the other day for $1 each! I was really excited because the only other books I was able to find were from dollarama and they were the "chicken soup series." Happy Shopping!
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