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  1. Hi Everyone, Is anyone renting a car? Has anyone rented a car? From which company?
  2. Hi Everyone, Is anyone renting a car? Have any previous brides rented cars? We are hearing mixed reviews about unnecessary insurances being applied to reserved price after arrival to Cancun. Mixed reviews about companies. Please help : ) Thank you!
  3. Hello Previous brides, I have a question about booking. Is it true that you do not get an upgrade to preferred suits if you book the Ocean Front Jr suite? What did you guys book and what were you upgraded to upon arrival with the free upgrade included in the package? (We are doing the divine) Thank you : )
  4. @ kitkat & Uhaft ---thank you for the info. @uhaft- I will try! I hope I get lucky any discount I will take!
  5. Hi ladies, We are booked for Castaways for our reception and we are paying for the extra hour. Has anyone else done this and will they kick us out of the restaurant right at 11:00?
  6. @Shannonmarie a group of family will be renting a Villa. Congrats to you too!! @Chocotaco I plan on having about 60 guests. Thank you for the info!
  7. To brides that have already been married at the resort: So I sent my Save the Dates and it looks like I will have about 10-12 guests that will not be staying at the resort. Has anyone had the same situation. I know Pilar said that an all day pass is $110 but there is also a 1/2 day pass. Did they allow your guests to come for the ceremony and reception? Did your guest pay the pass when they arrived at the resort? Did you pay it? How did it work? Any good/bad experiences? Thank you! Just worried about it...
  8. I did have one question... what are the outdoor wedding venues? Does anyone have pictures? I have 60 guests
  9. Hi Everyone! I am officially a future NowJade Bride. We are booked for June 21, 2013. Pilar seems great and really knows her stuff. I haven't gotten through the entire forum but working my way through it! Congrats to all those that just had their big day and Luck to everyone still on their way! -Julie
  10. This is a review of:

    Take It! Photo Studio

    Wedding 2013

    Pros: = )
    Cons: nothing at all
    My fiancee and I had the privilege to meet with Lupe on my site visit to Riviera Maya and she is so easy going! I knew that her and Agustin were the perfect fit for our wedding day...I can't wait. We are looking forward to working with them in June of 2013!   Everyone should book them their work is awesome!!!
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