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  1. Hi Emily, would you mind emailing those to me? I am not authorized to open them for some reason. I would appreciate it so much! My email is kerripease@yahoo.com. Thanks!! Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings Locations[1].pdf Dreams_Wedding_Timeline[1].pdf WEDDING%20PLANNER%20FORM[1].docx
  2. Yes hopefully!! It is more than a year away so I can't imagine it's already booked. Thanks for your help!
  3. Great thanks! When I asked Eva if I could book it for my wedding, her reply was, "the seaside grill is already booked for your wedding"...and I'm still not sure if this means it's booked for MY wedding or booked during my wedding. So I asked her to confirm it for my wedding and she said "Yes, already booked." So anyways, I'm still not clear, lol! Ahhh lost in translation! And so I just emailed her again to see if it would cost extra, so hopefully that answer will clear it up for me! Thanks again!
  4. Great photos Lindsey! Thanks for sharing! Quick question for you...did it cost you extra to have your reception at the Seaside Grill? I love that spot and considering it for mine! Thanks!
  5. Hi Ladies! I have a question for those of you who did the symbolic wedding. Is there an issue with using our own wedding officiant? We would like my FI's brother to officiate but want to make sure it is ok before we ask him. Also, what are some recommendations for reception spots? I would prefer somewhere other than the beach. Thanks!
  6. Great idea, thanks! I just liked them and will be sure to comment if I need an answer faster. I do have a TA already and she is the reason I just finally got an email. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks, I did finally hear back, although not with any answers but at least I know she got my emails. Gosh I am only just beginning and I'm already frustrated, lol! Once I just get that official confirmation though, I'll be good for awhile ;-)
  8. Oh good tip about the credit card, thanks! And I FINALLY heard back from Eva, although all she did was ask for the authorization form again, ugh! At least she wrote back, so we'll see what happens! Thanks again!
  9. Ok thank you, I find it interesting you have to practically beg somebody to charge your credit card, lol! But the other problem is the date is not confirmed. She never did OK it, just originally sent me an email with available dates and that's the last time I've heard from her. I really just want to know if I definitely have the date so I can start working on STD's & our wedding website. It's so frustrating, looks like I may have to just break down & call! I have been avoiding this since Verizon charges like $.49 per minute! Oh well, thanks again!
  10. Hi Ladies! To anyone who has had their wedding at DRC or are in the planing stage, did you have a problem reserving the date? I emailed Evangelina two weeks ago with my credit card info to reserve a November date for 2013 & Still haven't heard from her. I have sent her several messages inquiring and even told her I was going to go somewhere else if I didn't hear from her but still she doesn't respond. I keep checking my credit card & it still hasn't been charged the deposit fee & I just don't get it! Is this normal? What really bothers me is that she had no problem emailing me back every few days when I was trying to pick a date but now that I finally pick one, I can't get a response! Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. I think your site looks great! I am working on creating my page through Wedding Wire also, can you tell me which page you used for the "destination" tab? I want to do something similar, but for Mexico, thanks!
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