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  1. Wow - $25 a lantern! That's insane. I bought 20 for $100 on ebay so check them out too. I did have my reception at Cecco (be sure to request the inside as well...makes a difference) Inside Cecco it's bright, normal lighting but outside (the pink lighting you saw was the DJ...I requested that) The dance floor is extra and not cheap either and so were the cold fireworks. Even the drapery over the dance floor was extra and the Tiffany chairs (but all worth it, I think)
  2. Hey! Thanks for the kinds words. I had 35 people at my wedding and each table held 17 or so per table. I pretty much brough all the decorations with me but I did leave the lanterns so they may still have them. The flowers weren't exactly what i ordered I was a bit disappointed with that but I also brought the mason jars with me. I left those as well so she may still have those too. I preferred the long tables - looked more elegant. Hopet this helps! Best of luck in your planning. Kim
  3. Hi ladies, I got married on March 28th and I've received a few emails regarding my experience so I figured I'd post here as I know how invaluable this forum is to brides to be - so here goes: Be mindful of the wind...omg, the wind. At night it drops the temps a lot. We were blessed, had beautiful weather on our wedding day so only believe the weather forescast the day of or a few days prior cause it pretty much called for rain all week. Now the day before our wedding was AWFUL. 70 and cloudy and windy. I was devastated and so worried that my wedding day was going to be the same but thank god it wasn't. Yes I prayed Be sure to ask to use the inside of CECCO too. They have a bar there and that's also where we had our cocktail hour with the Mexican trio. If you can, do a tasting of your meal. We also had a private rehearsal dinner at Chez Isabelle and we did a tasting of that meal and our reception dishes. Glad we did. Though they were delicious - one was very salty so we had an opportunity to let the chef know. The food on our rehearsal dinner was PERFECT. Probably everyones favorite meal of the week. It was pricey to have a private rehearsal dinner and rent equipment to play our slideshow but it was more than worth it. The dinner at the reception, although amazing, it was lukewarm I was so upset. But what could I do. I ended up moving the cake cutting inside after dinner and speeches (we skipped the garter and bouquet stuff...most of my folks were married. So it was great because they have couches and the bar is there. I also had my photos, relief station and flip flops for the girls inside CECCO at a table. Once dancing started, the wind was not an issue because we all warmed up and the wind calmed down. Not sure who you are using for photographers but ours was the house photographer. They were good, not great. They were also late so we have NO photos of Corey getting ready. I was also not too happy with our table floral arrangements but again, what can you do. Everyone loved how I did long tables and brought my own lanterns. In the end, no one cares. They also forgot to bring the flowers from the alter to our sweetheart table. Sigh. again, what could I do. I gotta say though, the staff that helped us during our reception were phenomenal. Amazing, amazing! Are you having a DJ? Make sure to have a playlist for him. I did...people loved the music. It'll give him a guide and he was a cool guy. When he was getting ready to play the song 'Shots' by LMAFO and Lil Wayne, he coordinated with the waiter to bring shots to all of us at the dance floor. So awesome!!! Below are some photos and here is a link to my FB album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200497604498704.1073741825.1115296839&type=1&l=7e8b7bf057
  4. Thank you!! We had beautiful weather, thank goodness. Yes I did - brought most of my decorations i.e. lanterns, mason jars with me. Though I only brought back the bird cage - left the rest with Llenny. However, I don't recommend anyone shipping their decorations - bring it with you in a suitcase(s) cause you never know with customs. Plus they do not accept anything that says 'Made in China' in bulk. So better if you have it with you. I also gave all my OOT bags ahead of time to guests to get them excited and prepared for the trip versus having to lug it all to Mexico and pay the $4 fee for each delivery. It went over well.
  5. Yes I requested the inside too b/c sometimes they'll set up a bar outside and we didn't like that. Plus I had a 'Relief Station' and Photos so we had all that inside. And there are couchees so people can chill inside if they want.
  6. Hey everyone! Just got back from my wedding at EPM - it was wonderful. happy it's over, lol but also happy to answer any questions, so feel free to ask away. I've posted photos below, if you want to see more, just let me know. A few important things to note: Llenny is wonderful - loved her! be mindful of the wind. it was beautiful during the day but the wind was crazy at night so be mindful of that when planning your reception if you are having a Legal Wedding - be sure to have some music for when you and your witnesses are signing your legal documents. That takes about 5-7 minutes. Also, your signatures MUST match your passports or the document is void. Yup, it's happened before. if you have a dj - have a playlist ready b/c they'll ask for it when you meet and they will follow that playlist (almost to the t - which was kinda annoying b/c I asked them not to) But DJ Mannia is good,don't get me wrong. The dancefloor was worth the extra $$$ btw Also loved loved the cold fireworks on the dance floor -- totally worth it. We had them do that at the end of the first dance I was a little disappointed with my flower arrangements but you get over it quickly. I was also suppose to have the flowers that were at the alter moved to our sweetheart table, but that never happened I was not happy that after the ceremony - we took photos but the guests didn't know what to do. Had to go find a wedding coordinator to direct them where to go. I highly recommend if you are having your reception at CECCO - be sure to use the inside of CECCO as well. The bar inside is great and it helps if guests need to warm up or cool off Here are some photos....
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