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  1. Originally Posted by sophieamanda View Post


    Did any of you fabulous past Riu brides go to the Wal-Mart in Cabo? I am wanting to make my own centerpieces with vases that I would much rather prefer to buy there than to lug down with me. Any experiences or suggestions? Do the Mexican Wal-Marts have similar inventory than the American/Canadian ones do in terms of decor?

    I went to wal mart and they do have a lot of stuff, but not sure about vases. You can rent them from the florist as an alternative. Not sure how much that would be, but you could rent the vase and still make the rest of it....

  2. And here are the buffet options...I did see in one of my emails with Jazz you do need 50 people for the buffet options:

    Both are $38/per person.




    Tropical Fruit Salad


    Mixed lettuce salad


    Fresh tomato & cheese salad


    Potato au gratin


    Cucumber & yogurt salad


    Ranch Dressing


    Thousand islands dressing


    Cesar dressing




    Grilled corn


    Mix vegetables


    Beef tenderloin


    BBQ Ribs


    Fish fillet


    Arrachera steak


    Assorted desserts: Sacher tart, carrot cake, apple pie with nuts.




    Cesar salad with palmitos


    Fresh mushrooms with pesto salad


    Artichoke and palmitos salad


    Surimi & avocado salad


    Orange & beetroot salad


    Wild mushroom cream soup


    Pasta with tomato or alfredo sauce


    Sirloin steak with Shitake Mushrooms


    Breaded chicken with coconut


    Fresh salmon with grapefruit butter


    Roasted lamb with Rosemary sauce


    Seafood paella (Rice with saffron)


    Potatos au gratin


    Fresh season vegetables


    Tropical fresh fruit


    Assorted desserts: Mango mousse, Selva Negra Cake, Cream Eclairs.

  3. Here are the menu options if you choose an outdoor reception location (Baja Norte, Baja Sur, English Garden...etc)

    This is for the plated dinners. I will attach the buffet options when I find them.




    (out door locations)


    Prosciutto Salad with melon




    Cilantro Cream Soup


    Salmon in white Wine




    $ 36.00 usd




    Salmon with artichoke Salad


    Asparagus Cream Soup


    Chocolate Cheesecake


    Chicken Cordon bleu


    Caramel Crepes


    $ 36.00 usd




    Chef´s Salad


    Mexican Lime Soup


    Red Snapper Filet


    $ 36.00 usd




    Beef Fillet au Gratin with mushrooms


    Three Lettuce Salad


    Carrot Cream Soup


    Apple Strudel


    $46.00 usd




    Stuffed Avocado with mini Shrimps


    Beef Filet stuffed with lobster


    White Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse


    Spinach Cream Soup


    $80.00 usd




    Grilled Vegetable Salad with goat cheese


    Eggplant Salad with fresh Tomato.




    $30.00 usd

  4. Originally Posted by brgephar View Post


    Houstonnlh CONGRATS! You looked stunning and everything about your big day turned out great... so happy for you! smile159.gifIf you would't mind sending me the spreadsheets from the WC that would be incredible, as I'm not getting any response from her.  Also - how many people do you have to have to do a buffet dinner? For some reason I was thinking 50 but I'm not positive.. I'm afraid we won't make it to that number and I just don't see a plated dinner at Baja Norte - that cost adds up quickly!


    Thanks so much for sharing your review. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that it can get nerve-wrecking when you don't see many reviews from the last few months and your wedding is coming up fast! You're awesome :)

    Absolutely, I am happy to help! Do NOT worry, I think the RIU Palace is underrated! Everything was so beautiful and our guests had SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, people are still talking about the trip. That being said, I'm somewhat of a type B personality. But come on....the tequila is flowing, the grounds are stunning, and the food is pretty good. What is there to worry about? :) I do think you need 50 for the buffet, but I'm not sure on that.  The plated dinner if you don't do the steak is around $38/per person I think. Compared to having a wedding at home I thought that was pretty good? I know it adds up, though.


    I can't wait to hear all of your reviews when you get back!

  5. Originally Posted by sophieamanda View Post



    Sorry, I should have been more specific.. I meant did you get to choose two menu options. But I guess with a buffet that would be irrelevant. I don't think I will be able to have the buffet as we will have about 40 guests. Did you personalize a lot of the decor in the Baja Norte location? I am hoping to hang paper lanterns, match the table liner and serviettes to my wedding colors, etc... I have read on other posts that Jazz is great with setting all of this up. How was your experience with this?


    Also, what time was your wedding? Mine is at 5:30 PM, so we the guests will be kind of left on their own for about an hour until they can go to the Baja Norte at 7:00 PM. I plan to just inform everyone to meet at the same bar to have a few cocktails during that hour. Then they can go to the reception location at 7:00 and have some more cocktails until we arrive at 7:30-8. What did you do for this situation while you took pictures after the ceremony?


    Thanks so much for responding so quickly! I really hope Jazz replied to all my questions soon so I can start ordering supplied online. I love your "muchos gracias" sign, super cute for thank you cards!!

    There are actually a few different buffet options and then for the plated dinner I think there were a few options (Surf and Turf-$80; Fish/Chicken-$40ish). My issue was I didn't want to have to ask that many people exactly what they wanted to eat so the buffet worked out. Also, I didn't have to do a seating chart either...call me lazy :) I don't know if you need 50 people to do the buffet, but that does sound right... Maybe someone else has done the plated dinner and has good ideas about how to make that work? I'm sure it's not as difficult as it sounded in my mind. haha


    As for decorations....I took the minimalist approach. It is SO PRETTY on its own, I just did all white linens and chair bows, white orchid floating centerpieces surrounded by votive candles and a few rose petals in my wedding colors. I personalized the centerpieces (direct emails with Alina/Claudia from Emporio-- $55/each. When I get some pictures I will post) and then I personalized the cake table/guest table with rose petals, fresh flowers, a few pictures. Jazz will take care of all of this the day of the wedding. I saw a girl who got married the night before me and she had lanterns, they looked great. I just did the DJ and lighting package and was happy with that.


    Our wedding was at 6pm and we finished pictures at 7:15/7:30 pm. We had the mariachis playing near baja norte where there is an open bar (it's just the quiet pool bar during the day). Our guests were fine with an open bar, taking pictures of the arches, visiting, and the mariachi music. This was their time to kind of just have a cocktail hour and enjoy the scenery. If you don't want the guests to arrive so much time before you do, you could have them go to the piano bar I guess, but I think it was just easier to have them at the reception place. I was also kind of worried how this would turn out but think of how many weddings you have been to where you are waiting on the bride and groom....just the way it goes! As long as people have food, drinks, and scenery, they will be fine :) We didn't even do the food and they were fine with drinks... it's an all inclusive so people know to eat a late lunch or whatever...

  6. Originally Posted by marcoloscabos View Post


    Thank you so much for your coolest Review of my services Houstonnlh We had fun didn't? All my love to you and your lovely family. Send a picture or two when you get them, I'd love to add your review to my website :)


    Once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!



      Rev. Marco Arechiga  Wedding Minister

    t:       011 52 (624) 173.0005

    c:      011 52 (624) 122.5090

    m:     [email protected]   

    w:      www.marcoarechiga.com


    Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Vimeo 


    Thanks Rev. Marco! We loved our ceremony! I'll be happy to write a review on your website.

  7. Originally Posted by Houstonnlh View Post


    Thanks Sophieamanda!


    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by choosing 2 options. My wedding was the only wedding that day so I pretty much just told her where I wanted the reception and it worked out. I'm not sure how it would work if there was more than one wedding in the same day.....

    Cabo Escape was ~$3,000 and we had 60 people that went. It was so much fun! We did pre-book it because the orginal boat we wanted got rented out early so I started getting nervous. LOL. There is a rehearsal dinner included in the wedding package so you could use that as a backup if you get down there and the boat thing doesn't work out. But, if you really want to do the cruise, I would book in advance just to be safe.

    .....also, we chose the "Brunch Buffet" option for the reception dinner and it was fantastic! It has everything. I don't know why it's called 'brunch' b/c it's dinner food. I didn't know how to go about doing a plated dinner and didn't want to have to email 63 people to see what they would want to eat, if they hate fish, blahblahblah :) The buffet worked out perfect and you can see in one of my pictures, it's kind of off to the side by the bar so it's out of the way.

  8. Originally Posted by sophieamanda View Post



    Please ignore my request on the other forum asking you to do a review! Thanks so much for writing this. I am so with you, this website has been such a life saver and I too plan to give back by writing a thorough review after my wedding! So thanks again :)


    Can you please tell me which menu options you chose for the Baja Norte reception? I also plan to have my reception at this location, it is so beautiful. Do you get to choose two options? I am waiting to hear back from Jazz on this...


    My fiance and I have also been looking into doing a Sunset Cruise/Booze Cruise as a welcome party for our guests. We have been quoted some prices by contacting the different companies online, and they average about $3000 (for 50 guests). Did you pre book this? Do you mind sharing the cost for Cabo Escape? I am hoping we can get a deal if we book when we get down there by peaking with the locals since it is low season...


    P.S. You looked stunning!! I am so glad to hear everything went so well!

    Thanks Sophieamanda!


    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by choosing 2 options. My wedding was the only wedding that day so I pretty much just told her where I wanted the reception and it worked out. I'm not sure how it would work if there was more than one wedding in the same day.....

    Cabo Escape was ~$3,000 and we had 60 people that went. It was so much fun! We did pre-book it because the orginal boat we wanted got rented out early so I started getting nervous. LOL. There is a rehearsal dinner included in the wedding package so you could use that as a backup if you get down there and the boat thing doesn't work out. But, if you really want to do the cruise, I would book in advance just to be safe.

  9. Hi MRuiz,

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You can either use the photographer through the hotel which is on their website (Mango Productions?) or hire an outside vendor. There is a charge for using outside vendors...$300. Gilda's email is [email protected] if you just want to inquire with her about pricing and if she's available. There are a lot of good photographers in Cabo!


    As for the DJ, that is an option they offer when she emails you the spreadsheet with all the options. It's the "DJ and lighting package" and she then sent me the DJ's email...you could probably just email him now and say you haven't heard from the WC yet and see what he says? [email protected]. I think the DJ and lighting package was around $650 (ish) but worth it in my opinion.


    In terms of reception venue, they will send you all the options (or you can do a search on this site), but there is pool side (I did Baja Norte and there is Baja Sur--Baja Norte is the quiet pool by day and Baja Sur is the activitiy pool by day), The San Jose Mexican restaurant or Terrace (Very pretty view of the arches here, seems good for smaller groups), the steakhouse terrace with a beach reception right off the terrace, and a few more (English Garden--inner part of the hotel but still outdoor), Ballroom (I actually never saw the ballroom, sorry).


    Has she sent you any of the spreadsheets or anything yet? PM me your email address and I can send them to you!

  10. Hi Everyone, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about RIU Palace as I just returned... I will do a more detailed review, but here is a start :)Thank you to all the brides before me for the reviews and advice. This forum is a lifesaver!! I will post some pics in a new thread.... Arrival: We arrived on Monday 5/6 and didn't meet with the WC "Jazz" until Weds 5/8. Once I met with Jazz I realized she totally has everything under control and can do just about anything you want done. So don't worry!! One recommendation I saw on here and totally helped was to do our own rehearsal before the wedding with the wedding party. Otherwise people might be a little lost. The WC will tell you how it all goes down and you can meet with your wedding party after that (at least that's what I did and it was fine). Wedding: We used Rev. Marco Archiega and he was amazing. He was assigned to us through the RIU. We emailed a few times and didn't meet until that day. Absolutely no complaints! We had so many compliments from the guests about him. Ceremony was about 30 mins and then there is a champagne toast Reception: Baja Norte. Absolute perfection. We had 62 guests and it was beautiful. We did a bunch of round tables and groom and I sat at our own small table. I don't have all the pics yet, but will try to find a few. The other reception venues were nice as well, but what I liked about Baja Norte was being in the open air with great views. I think the steakhouse/beach location would be really pretty too, but the dinner portion of that has a low ceiling and I liked the fresh air feel better. The dancefloor on the beach would be really neat, though if you go with that option. Music: I 100% recommend DJ Arturo Ortiz. I found him through the WC. I didn't want to bother with the ipod so I made an xcel document with a playlist and he played every single song I put on there! I was really surprised b/c we didn't have much correspondence beforehand. Bottom line: he was awesome and downloaded all that music for me at no charge. Saved me a lot of time and headaches. We had the DJ and lighting package. Flowers: Just send Alina the pics you want and she will make it happen! My only complaint is the grooms boutinear was really small for some reason (?), but at the end of the day, I don't care! Everything else was BEAUTIFUL and I married my best friend ;) Not sure why his wasn't up to par, but the rest were stunning. Rehearsal Dinner: We rented out the sunset cruise through Cabo Escape. It was a BLAST and probably a highlight of the trip for our guests. My only caution is it is kind of like a booze cruise so if you are looking for something more low key, I would not recommend it. We have a pretty lively crew so it worked for us. They do have microphones and dinner so you can do speeches, etc then party afterwards...they will work with you. Photographer/Videographer: Photo: Gilda Badillo--- I know I'm raving about everyone, but these 2 really were the best vendors. Gilda is affordable and she works her BUTT off! We had a lot of comments about how good she is and how hard she works. No complaints at all. Same with our videographer: Jorge Ibarra. He was great and he and Gilda know each other so they know how to work well together. Can't wait to see the final products! I'm sure there is more, but overall I was incredibly happy with the entire experience!

  11. Originally Posted by lilyofthevalley View Post



      I am looking for a reasonably priced photographer for out destination wedding at the RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas on 4/5/14.  I am not impressed with the contracted photographer at the resort.  I want someone good but who doesn't cost a FORTUNE! Has anyone used an outside vendor and been happy with the results?  THanks!

    We are using Gilda Badillo in May. I will post some pics after. I think she is reasonably priced, but I guess that is somewhat relative depending on your budget...

  12. Originally Posted by BPG027 View Post


    I got married Oct 2012, overall the Riu did a great job. Couple of hiccups here and there but that's to be expected.


    Rehearsal Dinner--Steakhouse. Food was great.


    Wedding ceremony--San Jose Gazebo. Its really private and intimate, exactly what I wanted.

    And I did the short walk. There are 2 ways to walk to the alter at the Gazebo.


    Reception--We had it at Baja Norte (pool area), it was private for  47 guests total (including my husband and myself). If you choose this area (which I personally think its the best spot for a reception) be sure to get the DJ Lighting as well. It totally makes a difference. And we hired the DJ, but created our own play list. Overall we thought it was easier to hirer the DJ

    and just have him to do it, as oppose to one of the guests.


    We simply had a 1 tier cake, because dessert was included with dinner. And the cake was just for the pictures.


    Good luck with your wedding planning!

    Thanks so much and congrats! Care to share any of the hiccups? Anything you would warn us to avoid doing?

  13. Originally Posted by Hailey View Post


    Hi Ladies,


    I am reading all these posts and starting to freak out! I am getting married in two months and having troubles deciding where to have our reception. I see Kylene isn't a favorable WC and of course I am stuck with her. I need advice on what I need to be on top of with her.

    We have 60 ppl coming to our wedding and am a little confused on the reception dinner options. Kylene has been horrible in getting back to me. We want an area that can hold 60 ppl comfortably with a DJ and a bit of a dance floor so we can have first dances etc. Can I do this with a semi private option? Is the steakhouse good?? Or would anyone suggest a different area? If we do semi-private are drinks included or do we need to select open bar option and pay?


    Ladies any advice would be grealty appreciated!


    Thank you in advance,



    Hi Hailey! Congrats on your upcoming wedding, mine is in May 2013. I also have Kylene and have just gotten most of my info from this site. I am copying and pasting something I saw from a former bride (2011?) regarding the location options. Hopefully it's still pretty accurate. I don't have pricing info, but I think I'm aiming for Baja Norte with about 50 people, private, with open bar.

    Private locations:

    1.  Mar de Cortes (Steak house) (rent the whole thing if you have enough people to rent the whole place...I forgot how many that was I think 60 or 80 people is the min to close it)

    2.  Mar de Cortes (Steak house terrace): This is on the ground level, and you can walk out to the beach from here

    3.  San Jose (Mexican Restaurant): I think most people rent the terrace of this which is above beach level. I wouldn't want to rent out the inside of the restaurant because its enclosed vs. the steakhouse which is not enclosed and has a nice open air feel, but does have a ceiling.

    4.  Misaki (Japanese) This restaurant is enclosed as well.  I don't think many people rent this out.

    5.  Medano (Buffet) Why would you want it here?

    6.  English Garden (This is the terrace of the Buffet) I don't think a lot of people rent this, its probably pretty busy around there especially since its around dinner time.

    7.  The Pacific Ball Room- inside

    8.  Baja Norte/Baja Suhr:Poolside  I had mine at the Baja Norte.  The only difference is that the Baja Norte is the quiet pool by day, and the Baja Suhr is the activity pool by day.  So, its a little more private at the Baja Norte.  I Loved having it pool side because it was beautiful and you are overlooking the beach and ocean as well...there was NO One around us once the reception started at 7:00 which was very nice. 

    9.  The Beach: The set up tables right on the beach, either right by the Steakhouse restaurant or right by the Mexican Restaurant- This option looked nice, but i think i would rather have my tables on solid ground.

    10.  Disco


    Semi Private

    1.  Steakhouse Terrace

    2.  Mexican Terrace

    3.  Japanese

    4. Buffet

    For the semi-private you only get these for one seating...either the early seating 6:30 or 8:30 I think they are both for 2 hours.  If you want both seatings you have to pay for it.

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