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  1. Yikes!! We had a guest leave their wallet and someone turned it in and then the RIU contacted us to get it back to our guest.... good luck and I hope you get it back!
  2. I went to wal mart and they do have a lot of stuff, but not sure about vases. You can rent them from the florist as an alternative. Not sure how much that would be, but you could rent the vase and still make the rest of it....
  3. And here are the buffet options...I did see in one of my emails with Jazz you do need 50 people for the buffet options: Both are $38/per person. PETIT BUFFET Tropical Fruit Salad Mixed lettuce salad Fresh tomato & cheese salad Potato au gratin Cucumber & yogurt salad Ranch Dressing Thousand islands dressing Cesar dressing Croutons Grilled corn Mix vegetables Beef tenderloin BBQ Ribs Fish fillet Arrachera steak Assorted desserts: Sacher tart, carrot cake, apple pie with nuts. BRUNCH BUFFET Cesar salad with palmitos Fresh mushrooms with pesto salad Artichoke and palmitos salad Surimi & avocado salad Orange & beetroot salad Wild mushroom cream soup Pasta with tomato or alfredo sauce Sirloin steak with Shitake Mushrooms Breaded chicken with coconut Fresh salmon with grapefruit butter Roasted lamb with Rosemary sauce Seafood paella (Rice with saffron) Potatos au gratin Fresh season vegetables Tropical fresh fruit Assorted desserts: Mango mousse, Selva Negra Cake, Cream Eclairs.
  4. Here are the menu options if you choose an outdoor reception location (Baja Norte, Baja Sur, English Garden...etc) This is for the plated dinners. I will attach the buffet options when I find them. BANQUET MENU (out door locations) Prosciutto Salad with melon SALMON OPTION Cilantro Cream Soup Salmon in white Wine Tiramisú $ 36.00 usd CHICKEN OPTION Salmon with artichoke Salad Asparagus Cream Soup Chocolate Cheesecake Chicken Cordon bleu Caramel Crepes $ 36.00 usd RED SNAPPER Chef´s Salad Mexican Lime Soup Red Snapper Filet $ 36.00 usd BEEF FILLET OPTION Beef Fillet au Gratin with mushrooms Three Lettuce Salad Carrot Cream Soup Apple Strudel $46.00 usd SURFT & TURF OPTION Stuffed Avocado with mini Shrimps Beef Filet stuffed with lobster White Chocolate and Strawberry Mousse Spinach Cream Soup $80.00 usd VEGATARIAN OPTION Grilled Vegetable Salad with goat cheese Eggplant Salad with fresh Tomato. OR $30.00 usd
  5. Absolutely, I am happy to help! Do NOT worry, I think the RIU Palace is underrated! Everything was so beautiful and our guests had SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, people are still talking about the trip. That being said, I'm somewhat of a type B personality. But come on....the tequila is flowing, the grounds are stunning, and the food is pretty good. What is there to worry about? I do think you need 50 for the buffet, but I'm not sure on that. The plated dinner if you don't do the steak is around $38/per person I think. Compared to having a wedding at home I thought that was pretty good? I know it adds up, though. I can't wait to hear all of your reviews when you get back!
  6. There are actually a few different buffet options and then for the plated dinner I think there were a few options (Surf and Turf-$80; Fish/Chicken-$40ish). My issue was I didn't want to have to ask that many people exactly what they wanted to eat so the buffet worked out. Also, I didn't have to do a seating chart either...call me lazy I don't know if you need 50 people to do the buffet, but that does sound right... Maybe someone else has done the plated dinner and has good ideas about how to make that work? I'm sure it's not as difficult as it sounded in my mind. haha As for decorations....I took the minimalist approach. It is SO PRETTY on its own, I just did all white linens and chair bows, white orchid floating centerpieces surrounded by votive candles and a few rose petals in my wedding colors. I personalized the centerpieces (direct emails with Alina/Claudia from Emporio-- $55/each. When I get some pictures I will post) and then I personalized the cake table/guest table with rose petals, fresh flowers, a few pictures. Jazz will take care of all of this the day of the wedding. I saw a girl who got married the night before me and she had lanterns, they looked great. I just did the DJ and lighting package and was happy with that. Our wedding was at 6pm and we finished pictures at 7:15/7:30 pm. We had the mariachis playing near baja norte where there is an open bar (it's just the quiet pool bar during the day). Our guests were fine with an open bar, taking pictures of the arches, visiting, and the mariachi music. This was their time to kind of just have a cocktail hour and enjoy the scenery. If you don't want the guests to arrive so much time before you do, you could have them go to the piano bar I guess, but I think it was just easier to have them at the reception place. I was also kind of worried how this would turn out but think of how many weddings you have been to where you are waiting on the bride and groom....just the way it goes! As long as people have food, drinks, and scenery, they will be fine We didn't even do the food and they were fine with drinks... it's an all inclusive so people know to eat a late lunch or whatever...
  7. .....also, we chose the "Brunch Buffet" option for the reception dinner and it was fantastic! It has everything. I don't know why it's called 'brunch' b/c it's dinner food. I didn't know how to go about doing a plated dinner and didn't want to have to email 63 people to see what they would want to eat, if they hate fish, blahblahblah The buffet worked out perfect and you can see in one of my pictures, it's kind of off to the side by the bar so it's out of the way.
  8. Thanks Sophieamanda! I'm not 100% sure what you mean by choosing 2 options. My wedding was the only wedding that day so I pretty much just told her where I wanted the reception and it worked out. I'm not sure how it would work if there was more than one wedding in the same day..... Cabo Escape was ~$3,000 and we had 60 people that went. It was so much fun! We did pre-book it because the orginal boat we wanted got rented out early so I started getting nervous. LOL. There is a rehearsal dinner included in the wedding package so you could use that as a backup if you get down there and the boat thing doesn't work out. But, if you really want to do the cruise, I would book in advance just to be safe.
  9. You can google Suzanne Morel and just email her directly.... I would have everything outside depending on the temperatures b/c it is SO BEAUTIFUL! You will not regret the views
  10. Hi MRuiz, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You can either use the photographer through the hotel which is on their website (Mango Productions?) or hire an outside vendor. There is a charge for using outside vendors...$300. Gilda's email is [email protected] if you just want to inquire with her about pricing and if she's available. There are a lot of good photographers in Cabo! As for the DJ, that is an option they offer when she emails you the spreadsheet with all the options. It's the "DJ and lighting package" and she then sent me the DJ's email...you could probably just email him now and say you haven't heard from the WC yet and see what he says? [email protected]. I think the DJ and lighting package was around $650 (ish) but worth it in my opinion. In terms of reception venue, they will send you all the options (or you can do a search on this site), but there is pool side (I did Baja Norte and there is Baja Sur--Baja Norte is the quiet pool by day and Baja Sur is the activitiy pool by day), The San Jose Mexican restaurant or Terrace (Very pretty view of the arches here, seems good for smaller groups), the steakhouse terrace with a beach reception right off the terrace, and a few more (English Garden--inner part of the hotel but still outdoor), Ballroom (I actually never saw the ballroom, sorry). Has she sent you any of the spreadsheets or anything yet? PM me your email address and I can send them to you!
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