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    Where are all the 2012 Vegas Brides?

    Hello Vegas Brides!!! I am also new to the site but was very excited to see there was a forum so specific to what I am going through!! Getting married September 2012 at Paris Casino & Hotel, which is where we are also having our reception. Having some major panic attacks about having a destination wedding!! So here's my story: We are from Mi but fairly recently moved to WV for work. So all my bridesmaids and family are in MI, so I don't get all the normal bridal party help (ie trying on dresses) So we picked Paris Casino (which was all decided through emails and pics) b/c it was one of few decent chapels that accomodated the number of ppl we plan on having (around 100). So, one of the major problems I am having is being overwhelmed with the regular bride stuff but also trying to figure out everything on a budget for stuff I can't be hands on about (Anyone else understand???). Well could go on for pages about my issues but won't. I am still very happy and excited!!! Kelli