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  1. Does anyone have any advice on a farewell brunch? I am thinking of setting something up but was wanting to maybe here from someone that has and how they went about it! I am getting married July 21, 2013. Also my reception is on south beach and my ceremony is in north beach if anyone had those same locations I would love to here what you did for decorations and lighting!! Maybe see some pictures! My email is danelifernandez@yahoo.com or pm me on here. Whatever works! Thanks so much !
  2. Ruth was my WC, they switched mine multiple times. I was to get married July 20, 2013 but I am so unhappy with the resort. Mainly Ruth. Barcelo is a beautiful resort but I just now decided to book another resort and move my entire group of 40 to Dreams Riviera Cancun last minute and it's been stressful but now my wedding has to be on the 21st. My mom Finally called Ruth bc she always so relaxed about everything and I wanted to confirm a few things. When we called she told me all the outside locations have been booked except for one, this made me so upset. She didn't even tell me anything about picking locations. They make it sound like you pick everything last minute and I was always emailing and asking questions. Then she said the back up room was the banquet room and wouldn't budge!. Which doesn't make since to pay double almost triple and if it rains to be stuck in the same room as if we paid for mint breeze. I've talked to say many helpful brides who have had beautiful weddings there and gave me great tips. When I brought anything up to Ruth she told my mom "they don't drive that way at the resort" I didn't like what I was hearing and when I said well I might change resorts to try and get her to jump a little, she said ok. As if no big deal. I had all 40/50 guest staying at the Palace so it's crazy to me that they don't care to lose the business. Also at the resort if your guest are not paying for preferred VIP, they don't get room service, they don't get premium liquor, and can only eat at the restaurants once every two nights! I thought that was a little ridiculous! Anyways best of luck to all you Brides, no matter what Barcelo is a BEAUTIFUL resort and I've seen some amazing weddings there!! But if you have Ruth, I would try to change WC.
  3. Hey! So I have just switched resorts from Barcelo to Dreams Riviera Cancun, originally I was to get married July 20th but I was so unhappy with how Barcelo was handeling everything I decided to take my business else where. So sadly I had to change my date to July 21st!! It has been so crazy the last week and stressful!! I already have my photographer booked do you know if they allow outside vendors? I keep getting different answers from different WC at the resort and when I read online. It looks like a beautiful resort and I hope everything goes smooth from here on out! Especially since I am only 5 months away now! If any past brides have any tips or want to share anything at all with me I would greatly apppreciate it! My email is danelifernandez@yahoo.com I am doing the Ultimate Wedding Package and I am expecting about 50 guests. Did anyone use the resorts DJ? And whats the best location for the Cocktail hour?
  4. So I am less than 6 months away from my wedding at Barcelo! I am starting to feel so overwhelmed with planning a wedding from Texas and its hard when you have so many questions!! My wedding will be July 20, 2013 at 6pm! I already booked my photographer Gonzalo Nunez and I still haven't decided if I want the Mint Breeze or Strawberry passion package, I am leaning for the Strawberry. I also am not sure if I should do a DJ or not. And the light up dance floor looks so pretty for a wedding on the beach! If you have any advice or insight or any free time and would like to help me out email me! danelifernandez@yahoo.com I would love to hear all about your wedding and the details! Inspiration is the best kind of help Anyone know of a good videographer and know of prices? Does the resort offer this service and are they any good??
  5. How did you and your guest book your trip/stay at Barcelo? Did you do the group contract to get the group rates? And did you use a Travel Agent? I find this to be the hardest part and I need to confirm the date by booking my room and trying to figure this part out quickly because my date is on hold not confirmed right now!!
  6. I am going to do the Mint Breeze Package for about 50 people, I was wondering how much extra would it cost to do a cocktail hour and do they give you any type of discount? Does anyone have any experience also with welcome dinners and how those work?? Thank you!!
  7. I have a date on hold at Barcelo Maya Palace for July 20, 2013!! Now I am just trying to decide on what travel agent I want to go with. This I feel is another hard part I want it to be easy for all my guest to book and I want the best prices for them. Any suggestions? I am really excited! Your wedding is coming up so soon! I hope to hear all about it!!
  8. Well I am new to all of this, they sent me an email with the packages and I think I am leaning with the "Mint Breeze" Package because it best fits my budget. I guess I am wondering about others experiences there and if they charge a lot of extra fees and if they work with you on budgets and substitutions. Also if we book quite a big number of rooms are they good about discounted rates and what not!? I know I def want a ceremony on the beach and a private dinner reception with open bar! And I want a place that allows guest with children. I would love to hear about recent brides who have married here and all the details of their weddings and prices and their review of the resort! Also I am thinking of a July 2013 wedding and was wondering if any of you know if the weather is pretty good and if the heat is tolerable! Thanks so much!!
  9. Let me know what information you get about prices! I was looking into Barcelo for a destination wedding and wanted to keep to a budget of about $5,000USD for about 45-50 people!
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