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  1. Sandy!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure I cried through the WHOLE thing! That was absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! I am 100 percent getting a videographer when I never even planned on it. Absolutely perfect
  2. Kleenotes- congrats!!! Your pictures are amazing! Your photographer did a GREAT job! You and your husband look so happy and not to say you looked gorgeous! congrats again!
  3. @sandy- congrats! I wish I could see your pictures (I don't know why I can't) but im sure they are beautiful!! Thank you for the great review!!
  4. @ichibancowgirl- you can an outside photographer you just need to pay a vendor fee and a day pass for each photographer. I think the vendor fee is $300 and $60 for day pass per person if I can remember correctly
  5. @ajhutch- I asked Angelica if we could have our wedding reception at the crepiere, because our wedding is on a Friday and I read on here that, that resturant is closed on Fridays, and she told me no because it is the busy time of the season. So if you hear anything else let me know. Also if they do have 3 weddings per day, are the receptions right after? I'm just a little nervous that we will not the reception spot we want because what if another wedding is already there? My ceremony is at 530, so I know I'm the last one for the day. I'm just a little confused on this, if anybody has any info on how this part works? Thank you!
  6. @sandyboire--congrats!!!! I can't wait to see and read about wedding! You look beautiful and so very happy!!
  7. @jdavidso- I also booked take it foto for my April wedding! Can't wait to work with them and can't wait to hear your reviews!!
  8. Hi Erin, I booked take it foto for our wedding and did there all digital package. They are extremely easy to communicate with and their prices were very reasonable for what we wanted. But what I like most about their packages, that they aren't based around hours, they are with you all day (whenever you start getting ready til the end of the reception) but max of 8 hours. Hope this helps you.
  9. @Kleenotes- congrats on your wedding an becoming a mrs!! Can't wait for your review and pictures!! get some rest!
  10. @lisam3604- the reception is included in all of the packages. The wish and sunset are at the a la carte resturant which is not private. The paradise and romantic packages include private receptions (ie terrace or indoor) does that help? Carolyn- thanks so much! I'll let the ladies know,no foam flip flops!
  11. Yeah I thought there was something about the other resturants as well. I'll just tell all my guy guests pants and closed toe shoes! What about for the ladies? I know, again to the Japanese and Italian you can't wear shorts or flip flops? What about open toed shoes? And the what for the other resturants? I know A LOT of questions but just trying to gather info for an email to everyone! . Thank you once again and for the 100th time!! )
  12. Okay so I know I have read on the website of OCT that the Japanese and Italian resturants have a dress code, is this right? Only these two? Is there a dress code for anything else? Thank you
  13. Carolyn!!!! What a great great review!!! You look absolutely beautiful and everything seemed perfect for your day! The two of you look so happy!! You have made 100 times more excited thank you for taking the time to put together such a detailed review! Ps. I think I already knew half that stuff from asking you sorry I made you answer twice haha!
  14. Wow!! That's really beautiful! I love the part with including family and friends! Such a great idea!! Thank you again for all of your help! I'm sure it won't be the last of my questions
  15. @tropiclover- Thank youuuuuu SO much for all this helpful information! That's a great idea for the cocktail hour AND appetizers! And really not that much more! How long did dinner take to serve do you remember? Also what did you tip everyone? Photographer, hair and make up, and anyone else? Also, did you use your own script for the ceremony? I love all your pictures they are so beautiful! Thank you again! @ajhutch- OOT bags are going to be fun to put together and I feel like it will be more useful for our guests! Great ideas you have!! Where are you from? We wil,just miss you, we are arriving on the 16th and our wedding is the19th and we are staying the whole week after. So til the 26th we are having around 20 people! But I think we might have an AHP when we get back! not too sure yet
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