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  1. Hello, So we are trying to decide a few things about our wedding in St. Thomas. First, which resort to stay at. We want to stay at an all-inclusive resort, and I think we're leaning toward Bolongo Bay, but I would love to hear where you guys stayed, and how you liked it. Also, we know we want a beach wedding, but can't decide on a beach! In pictures, they all look so beautiful. Im curious, do you know if beach weddings are private or are there random people walking by during your ceremony? Hopefully, you can share where you had your ceremonies/receptions. It would help so much!! Thank you! Dominique
  2. I love the pic! It looks exactly how I would want mine, small and peacful. Thanks for posting that!
  3. That's really good to hear! Thank you!! Where did you have your ceremony? I bet it was amazing!!
  4. Hi everyone! So after going back and forth between Maui and St. Thomas, we decided that St. Thomas was a better fit for us. Now to start planning! I have looked into WC and travel agents, and I have seen some good reviews on Wright Travel Agency and Island Bliss Weddings. I haven't contacted either one yet, though. Can anyone give me more feedback on either one of these, please? Such as what they offer, what they don't offer, poros and cons, etc. Thank you sooo much!! Dominique
  5. Hi everyone, For those of you who used Cherise from The Perfect Wedding, where did you have your ceremony? I'm looking into WC, and I hear a lot of good things about her. Basically, I want to have a small ceremony (no more than 20 people), followed by a luau (they seem really fun). I just have no idea where to have it. I'd like something with an oceanfront view, but not on the beach, since that's not necessarily private. Also, did you have it on the West side? I hear the weather isn't always adequate there for an outdoor wedding (windy, sometimes rainy). I'm also trying to figure out where we and our guests should stay. There are way too many options, that they all start to look the same after a while. If anyone can recommend a reasonably-priced resort, that would be great. I feel like I'm driving myself crazy on all of these websites! Any advice based on your experience would help me out so much!! Thanks guys! Dominique
  6. Hi everyone! I'm just starting to plan my Hawaii wedding for June 2013, and I am completely lost!! This is the first trip I have ever planned, let alone a wedding too! I want to have a simple ceremony near the ocean and a luau (20 people or less). We are leaning toward Maui at this point. I don't know if I should go through one of those destination wedding websites that do all the work for you, or should I do it alll myself. What do you think would work best?? I am trying to stay budget conscience, but I honestly don't know what ballpark to be looking at. Hopefully, you guys have some input, or advice, based on past experience. Also, if you can recommend any vendors or travel agents, I would be so grateful. Thank you all in advance! Dominique
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