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    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe


    Pros: Beautiful pictures, personable photographers, quick turnaround, great price
    We couldn't be happier with our pictures from Milan at HDC Photo.  We aren't very good at getting our picture taken, we were worried about booking someone so far away, and realized we didn't have any idea of how to do a "photoshoot"....but none of these things were even slightly problematic!  Milan came right on time, got along wonderfully with my family and kept us in schedule.  Truthfully, we didn't notice him at all throughout the ceremony and reception, but later we could see he must have been everywhere because he took pictures of everyone and everything.  Plus, many guests commented that they were thankful he had taken so many pictures of them and not just the bride and groom.  I'm thankful for that too, since now I've got beautiful pictures of all my family members.     I've posted many of my pictures on Facebook and everyone keeps asking if the awesome ones by the beach are against real backgrounds because they look so beautiful it must be fake.  They are certainly photoshopped, but not in a gross over the top way at all.  They just look like beautiful magazine spreads.   We had originally booked 5 hours and Milan tried to do everything he could in that time.  At the last 15 minutes he approached us and told us we need to rush the garter and cake toss, but we asked him to stay another hour and he did!  (for an extra $150, of course) but we were so happy it was possible and there was no pressure to do it.     We were supper happy about the experience, but the pictures say it all.  They are far above the quality we would have received for the same price in Canada or America.  We absolutely love them and haven't stopped looking at them.  We look flawless in them (if I may say so myself) and there are lots of classic wedding photos to hang on the wall, plus lots of pictures that totally reflect our true personalities as well as the relationship we have with each other and our friends and families.