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  1. I just took $40 for a tip and gave $20 to Donnalee and $20 to Chandlyn. They both helped me a lot, so I thought that they both deserved a tip. I have heard some people bring jewelry, make-up, or things that they typically wouldn't get down there. I just thought that cash would be best (with a nice card), that way they could use it for whatever they needed. The safe is extra ($6/day with a $50 deposit upon arrival), unless you upgrade to the "golden" package of room class. Then your room safe is free. I know that some people paid for the safe (me), while others did not (my mother) and no one in my group had a problem with stealing. Hope that helps!
  2. We were located in the main building, which was block 13. It was a perfect location, close to everything. The rooms were all lovely! The rooms overlook the lobby terrace bar, so if you have small kids in your group that go to bed early it might be a little louder for them as the bar doesn't close until 11pm. We always went to bed after it closed, so it was never a problem... but we also didn't have any complaints about noise from any family or friends. Awesome location, and easy access to everything.
  3. Opps! I meant to say that he edited 400 photos of the 700+ that he took. We had to choose from the 400 edited ones.
  4. Here are some more photos that might help planning. This was the "simple" and "plain" cake design option. Flowers we brought. The second shows how long the walk to the gazebo is. Also wanted to say that the Dolce Vita was a perfect location for the reception. It's in a private room off to the side by the ocean, dim lighting, and you don't feel bad about making speeches because it is so seperate from the rest of the restaurant. We had one long head table at the front that seated 4, and 3 round tables scattered that seat 8 people each. I was initally told that all would be rectangles, so I was happy to see that they were circular. Hope this helps.
  5. If you are asking me about the wedding photographer, we used Emmanuel from Arrecife Studios located on the resort. You can look at their facebook page for more samples. Our photographer was awesome. I printed out a bunch of shots before I left that I had wanted him to get, and he nailed all of them. Our package was $550 for pre-wedding, ceremony, and a beach session. He took 400 pictures, and it was VERY hard deciding after eliminating them to 180.
  6. We had to pay for the chair ties ($2.50 per tie) in cash prior to the wedding. That was the only thing that we needed cash for in regards to the wedding other than tipping for the WC.
  7. Also, Kristo.... I had requested for my hair to be down with large curls in it. They ended up just curling the very bottoms with a tiny curling iron because they said that it would fall due to the humidity (which makes sense). They kept trying to convince me to do my hair half up/ half down, which I repeatedly said I didn't want. I think having your hair up is a safe bet.... I just think they are used to doing hair a certain way for brides, and get lost when someone wants something different.
  8. We got married on April 30th, and the day prior to our wedding we sat down with the WC and went over everything. She gave me a run through of what we had to pay and added the $250 minister fees ontop of the $400 package that we had requested. I asked her about it, since I too thought that it was included in the price, but she said that the policy just changed... and what am I supposed to do at that point other than pay it? My husband said that it wasn't a big deal, but we had to pay $75 extra for chair ties (in cash) and then $250 extra for minister fees. Be prepared to spend more money that originally thought!
  9. Can anyone tell me what things I can change to my new name while I have the little slip they give you while you wait for your official marriage documents? Thanks!
  10. Just got back from getting married on April 30th! It was lovely! I brought my own flowers, and was given a table floral arrangement in place of them. Dolce Vita was lovely. We had a whole section to ourselves that was far away from everyone (in the circular part of the restaurant if you look at photos of it). The food was delicious (We got the squash thyme soup and chicken with walnuts option), and everyone raved about the food for the following days. The ladies at the spa did not follow how I wanted my hair done, and I even brought photos and had a trial. My hair ended up falling due to the humidity, as well as my MOH's hairstyle. I was also burned by the hairstylist twice, once in the back of my neck and the other right on my forehead. The one on my forehead blistered and looked horrible... and the girls at the spa didn't even care. That was my only bad experience throughout the trip. The photographer we hired was through the resort. It was $550 for the medium package which included pre-wedding, wedding ceremony, and after the wedding shots. He was very good and I would recommend him. Any questions about my wedding, just ask!
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