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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mallenbride Has anyone seen any pictures of the Pisces restaurant set up for the private reception? I'm trying to get an idea of what things will look like so I can start planning my decorations etc. We will be having approximately 70-90 people at our wedding in May, so I was wondering if anyone's seen any pictures of the venue set up for that many people? And does anyone know if the dancing and everything happens there as well? And is it outside or inside? Thanks everyone! I am renting the Pisces for our reception and it is outside. there are some pictures attached to this thread but maybe not for that many people! wow great group. but you might want to know that bar service isn't included in that fee. we are paying $1700, and as of now that hasn't changed. and I have confirmation emails, so it better not. Anyway we have to pay per person for bar service after the initial reception. you rent it for 4 hours. first two hours are dinner and they serve wine, pop and juice. the second two hours for the dance include DJ but no bar!!! you can get bar service for around $23-$29 per person for two hours depending on what kinds of alcohol you want. hope this helps. my wedding is 6 weeks away and I will post a review when I get back! good luck planning.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by staceydale Does anyone know the address for the wedding department for the resort?! I'm trying I mail my documentation today and they are telling me that I need a civic number and street name not just the resort name. Can someone help me out please! I need to er this in the mail today!!! Thanks!!! We had our travel agent scan them and send them that way. They accepted that.
  3. I have been trying to get in touch with TaiFlora since February or March with NO response at all!! How did you reach them? phone?
  4. I've emailed the wedding planner asking what I need to send because my paper work says 2 months before. and my wedding is 3months away!!, also that its just a birth certificate. do we need a marriage license?? What exactly has to be sent?
  5. Oh, just realized yours in next year! oops. I'll let you know how mine goes
  6. I will be there at that time as well. I was also worried about weather! But they say that if it rains it passes quickly. Lets hope! and I'll see you there
  7. Your wedding sounds like it was amazing!! I'm getting married October 29. I also have Tamika now. I am trying to find out about upgraded chairs and she redirects me to TaiFlora who I've been trying to reach since March. How did you deal with your upgrades? Did you just choose them once you got there? thanks
  8. Another question for anyone who got married or is getting close to the date. when did you have to send them the 'wedding requirements' form?? and how did the marriage license work? thanks
  9. We will be there for our second week during your wedding. how have you found dealing with the wedding planners? the replies are slow, and my planner just changed all of a sudden. also have you planned on doing any decoration upgrades?
  10. Has anyone dealt with Taiflora for extra decorations or chairs. I have tried emailing them a number of times since march and get no reply. no my 'new' wedding planner is telling me to contact them again. and still nothing. my wedding is just over 3 months away!! I'm hoping it all works out. Also did anyone ever have welcome bags done up by the resort??
  11. I did have Chandlyn as my planner but then all of a sudden started receiving replies from a different girl.
  12. How did you get the pricing for the upgraded flowers? I have emailed tai flora a number of times and messaged them on fb. but no response. I wanted to look into costs for upgrading decorations too
  13. My trip there will overlap with yours Our wedding is October 29 and we are staying until november 9. we were given 5 times to choose from on the 29th but only one time on the 28th. since we wanted an afternoon wedding we went with 3pm on the 29th. as for the time between ceremony and reception. that is a tough one. it will be a bit of a wait. I have heard of people in other areas like dominican that have rented a reception boat or yacht for a boat cruise. maybe that would be an idea for a cocktail hour of sorts
  14. I am getting married here October 29, 2013. I am hearing that the resort photographer isn't very good. but when you look on their website arrecifestudios, the pictures look pretty great to me. Does anyone have any feedback? And if there are any brides out there that have brought their own photographer, how did that work? did the resort charge you the vendor fee of $800? Thanks
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