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    hi everyone

    Hi I am so excited to be part of this sweet community. I got married already, but I can answer any questions about destination weddings. I got married in Cancun at the Ritz Carleton Nov 2011.
  2. This is a review of:

    Nora & Chris Photography

    I <3 my wedding photos

    I used to be a photographer in my past life.  Then I moved on to being an event planner.  One of the things that made me choose Nora and Chris was that they capture the fun and the beautiful parts of a wedding.  They do it with such ease and the photos just transition to being a fairy tale.  I recognized how important wedding photography actually is.  They basically took each and every memory worth saving of our wedding day and turned it into a beautiful story book.  Every moment that they captu
  3. This is a review of:

    The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun

    Ritzy Wedding

    Pros: Beautiful resort, gorgeous location
    Cons: additional fees
    I got married at the Ritz.  It was a beautiful venue to get married at.  We had 30 guests.     
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