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  1. Thanks! I got the robes at Winners (which is Canada's version of Ross), I lucked out and found 5 matching ones. I have seen some online but they were more expensive. The girls loved them and they looked great in pics!
  2. Thank you, your pics are beautiful! I am definitely feeling a bit blue to be back home, we didn't want to leave! I can't believe how fast it went!! It sounds like your big day and holiday was as perfect as ours
  3. If anyone wants more pics of anything, just ask. I didn't include a lot of the reception b/c they are all dancing ones and I didn't have much time to go through them all but the decorations were perfect. We didn't do too much but the area is so nice that it doesn't need a lot so don't worry!
  4. Hey ladies! we just got back on Sunday and everything was amazing!! It was better tthan we could have ever imagined! The review tkuzma gave was bang on...if anyone has any questions for me, please ask! Here are a few pics from out photographers. They were friends of ours that came along and they gave us the pics so none of these are edited yet so some have people in the background and stuff but I was too excited not to share! And they are out of order....sorry!
  5. We leave tomorrow morning....I can't be live the day is finally here!! Wish us luck!! xoxo
  6. Thanks SO much for sharing this, my fiancé will be thrilled!! Such an easy way to organize the music! 1 week until we leave!! Eeek!
  7. Yay!! I can't believe how fast this time has flown! Have so much fun, maybe we will see each other in the lobby on your way out and my way in Enjoy your big day!
  8. We leave February 9 and are getting married in the 12th! We will definitely see you there! Eeek! It is so close!
  9. Hey everyone! Less than 2 weeks until we leave! I need your opinions on something....does anyone think it is worth it to stay in the Premium section? We have to decide between a regular Premium room or a Swim Up suite in the adults only section. None of our guests are staying in Premium so us staying there could be a good or bad thing haha. Not sure if the benefits of Premium outweigh having a swim up suite? We have looked at the room types so much but it is just confusing us more. Thanks for your help!! Ps- we leave on Feb 9th and we had 2 more guests book last week.....ahhhh!
  10. KateMZ- our wedding is right before yours (Feb 12) and we will be there on the 16th still! OMG- 1 month until the wedding and less than a month until we leave! Panic is starting to set in! Anyone have advice about Mexican customs? What do I need to all take with me and is it best to disperse our favours, decorations, etc amongst people or easiest to keep it all with us?
  11. Hey everyone! Less than 2 months until my big day! Eeek! This might seem like an odd question but I just wanted some in put from you guys... We are still getting the groomsmen shirts and fiance's shirt for under his vest (he has a suit jacket but not sure how long he will last with the heat) and I am wondering what colour. They are wearing linen pants and he is wearing a tan/sand coloured linen suit. I like how white dress shirts with rolled up sleeves looks but do you think white will look bad beside my ivory dress in photos? Or will it not be noticeable? I should have held a white dress shirt up to my dress to see but it is already at the seamstress! Let me know your thoughts or what past brides did, thanks ladies!!
  12. Jsal- how was the amp? Did it work ok and was it loud enough for dancing and stuff? We are planning on renting it as well but what do you mean about being ontop of whoever is in charge of the music? We were planning on just making playlists. But ya I guess we need someone to change them right- is that what you mean? Jenna- beautiful wedding and thanks for the pics!!
  13. I ordered maracas from the following website and they are absolutely perfect! They look very authentic and the medium sized ones are just the right size. I know it seems crazy to take maracas to Mexico but these were cheap and should fit in our luggage ok and we didn't want the hassle of doing it once we get there. We are going to personalize them by adding tags with our wedding date, names, and a jIngle to shake for a kiss instead of tapping on glasses! http://www.amols.com/catalog/medium-traditional-maracas
  14. Hey ladies! Just a question that I need some feedback on...we can't decide between the Pick and Choose meal or Family style for our reception. Pick and choose seems like more work but it is cheaper but family style has way more options. I have never had a family style meal at a reception so maybe that is why I am hesitant. What have past brides done and what are future brides planning to do? Ps- my WC said that the set up fees are determined on site and our travel agent guessed around $200-$300. We are bringing our own chair bows, centrepieces, favours, and sheers so I really hope it is not per chair or anything!
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