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  1. @AcutieRN: yeah I have the same concern that we will end up waiting forever at one of the restaurants and not being able to end up sitting together. If we do the private dinner, which area actually allows you to have a menu where you don't have to choose a single option for all your guests? I know some people have been doing it by the poolside and chose the buffet but when I looked at the documents from the resort it seemed like the buffet option was only available for a minimum of 25 people? @SommerC: Thank for that info! Would you be able to forward me the price list from DJmannia? I emailed them but I guess they won't work on Sundays. I'm assuming the 4 hours would include the sound system (microphone etc) for the ceremony to the music for the dinner etc. Thank you girls for your help, as of now we're still struggling to even get our time confirmed, they are so unresponsive, it's super frustrating!
  2. Hey guys I've been reading this thread and find it quite overwhelming. We are getting married on May 21 this year which is coming up soon. We have a very small party, around 15 people. We're already legally married, so we're just doing a small symbolic ceremony. I've booked the photographer & videographer externally and initially we were going to go with the cheapest package and, since there are so few of us, just book a dinner at one of the restaurants ourselves. But now after reading through all these threads, it seems like it is not possible to make a reservation ahead of time and I do not want to end up waiting for an hour to get a table at a restaurant. My question is, are there any brides out there that had a small wedding party and which package did you choose? I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bring in a DJ at this point but I am concerned about the reception/dinner location. The big difference between the more expensive packages seems to be the photographer + dinner but since we already have the photographer booked dinner seems to be the main concern at this point. Thank you all for your insights and any helpful tips you can provide!