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  1. Thanks. I do have that same map- very helpful. We have just never heard or seen any photos of Coco beach and are worried! Hopefully we like it.
  2. Has anyone heard of or had a reception at coco beach? We recently booked and were then told that our only options were the pool or coco beach.
  3. Dawn- we always tip when we are in mexico- even in an all inclusive. Not required but it is totally the right thing to do. ANYONE who has already booked. WE ARE in a bit of a panic. We are getting married april 20 2013 and just received our first quote for our trip from our TA. For an 8 day trip, she is quoting us at around 6000 dollars. I think that is SO high!! Is this really what it costs? we vacation in mexico every year and have never paid that much. I am panicking that no one will come if it is that high priced. Totally freaking out!! Need advice please!
  4. Jennybenz- Your save the dates look great!! I remember reading something about time frame limits for receptions. Does anyone know how late you can have your reception and DJ, and does this depend on location or are all the same?
  5. Dawn- I am not sure but I think you were talking to me? We chose zocolo alfresco, which is different than zocolo terrace, for a few reasons. We were really torn between the zocolo terrace and alfresco. The alfresco is the terrace of the mexican restaurant. We liked that bathrooms were right there, there was coverage in case of rain, there was an extra bar in addition to the private bar we will have with our private reception, great ocean views, more privacy. We didnt like that everyone could watch our wedding from their balconies if we had it in teh terrace/plaza. As far as dancing and music goes, yes you can have a regular reception there with DJ and dance.
  6. GOod luck Jennybenz- I am sure it will be confirmed soon. I got my banquet packet pretty shortly after everything was confirmed. I just reserved my private event reception at Zocolo Alfresco (mexican restaurant). Has anyone had or heard anything about this location?? We were so torn between that and the plaza. Thanks in advance for the info:)
  7. Our colors are BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, and YELLOW. Sounds crazy.... But it is mexican tiles with these colors as highlights and then mostly brown and tans as base colors. We are mostly focusing on the blue and orange and have a few touches of the other colors ((mostly in the tiles) ....if this makes sense:)
  8. Hey Ladies. I am officially joining the thread as I have booked my wedding date at AS!! I took the liberty of adding myself to the wedding list!! -sarah April 2012 Kerry872 - April 11 2012 amylou1983 - April 20th 2012 May 2012 Jennabug May 5th 2012 Mnd3A - May 19 2012 June 2012 2ndtimesacharm - June 26, 2012 July 2012 August 2012 September 2012 Jennaba3 - September 6th, 2012 October 2012 jsal4 - October 12, 2012 November 2012 December 2012 janaahb - December 12, 2012 January 2013 February 2013 tkuzma - February 7, 2013 Christined - February 12, 2013 March 2013 April 2013 slarso13-April 20, 2013 May 2013 kathryn83 - May 5, 2013
  9. Hey ladies! Newbie here....Planning an April 2013 destination to RIviera Maya. We have our travel agent getting us resort info, but haven't really done much else. Congrats tkuzma- looks like we will have a lot of planning in common! Questions- when you book the wedding at the resort, how much deposit or what money down do they require? How early did you send you STD? I feel so lost!! Also, I am assuming we need to pick a resort before a photographer?? I have heard some resorts dont allow outside photographers off their list or whatever?THanks ladies!! Happy planning:)
  10. AMAZING!

    Pros: efficient, flexible, professional, talented
    Cons: none
    I had the best moments team for my recent wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace on April 20, 2013. They did the most amazing job I dont know how to even begin describing! THey did my bridal hair, my step mothers hair, and my flower girls hair. They were professional and on time. THey were flexible as my hair was still wet- they came right in and told me to relax, blow dried my hair and everything! THe biggest compliment I received on my wedding day was how beautiful my hair and makeup was. I did have t
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