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  1. I never contacted Tai Flora directly, I told Chandlyn originally what I wanted in an email. I told her how many bouquets and extra decor and she contacted tai flora and priced it for me. I have their catalogue somewhere in my old emails I can email it to you if you want. You can look at all the decor options. I finalized everything when I was there. Honestly, do not worry too much about the emails... They can make anything happen in a matter of days... Just come organized and prepared and give clear directions and you will be OK
  2. Hi Sarah, My wedding cake was 3 layers ( we needed to feed 70 people) and we choose a different flavour for each layer. Chocolate, Vanilla-Rasberry and Coconut. I got compliments on all 3 flavors. I only tried the Rasberry and it was great.
  3. Hi Jenn The wedding coordinator, at the meeting asks you what you want them to play when you walk down the isle etc. You can tell them exactly what you want. They were there before the ceremony, during and after- I would say 1 hour or so. They are great and people loved them. The steel drum band was included with my package
  4. I went with the unforgettable package which for 2013 is their top package and we got everything promised. Room upgrade, romantic dinner for 2, steel brand band, flowers at reception head table, Moet champagne, gift baskets etc. It was worth the money. We also paid for a private reception. For my flowers, we get a free bouquet and boutonier with the package so I gave my free bouquet ( which was very basic) to my maid of honour and ordered my own upgraded bouquet. I believe I paid 120$ for 1.5. dozen...I wanted the bouquet to be a central part of alot of the pictures and so I wanted to invest in a beautiful one and it was! (I thought 2 dozen was too big but one dozen was not big enough so I asked if they could do 1.5 and they did and it was perfect!) Dana
  5. Hello Brides, Another review for you. I was just at the resort from June 28 to July 5 and had my wedding on July 1, 2013. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Let me break it down for you... Hotel- Its huge, We were in room 18415 and had a view of the main beach and it was private and beautiful. Food was good. Beach is nice, pool is nice..... The only thing I got complaints alot about was the towels. They have a towel shortage at the hotel for sure. We got told to come back constantly when we tried to replace our beach towels. They really should order more! And it the room as well. Our room was always stocked but alot of my friends complained that the cleaning lady would take the towels and not give new ones. If you want to avoid this problem, pack an extra towel in case... Wedding planner- Originally I had Chandlyn, then I had Donna Lee and when I got there it was Tamika who became my new planner. She was amazing and so accomodating. We met and went over every detail and she was wonderful. I told her my vision and she made it happen. We brought our own chair ties and decor and wanted it set up a certain way and she did just that. I made a plan on the reception ( a play by play list) for her and she found it really helpful. If you have anything you need from the planners, be specific and they will get it done. Wedding Day- It was a beautiful sunny morning, shaping up to be a great day. Went to get my hair done at 1pm for my 4pm wedding. They did a great job and had mimosa's waiting for us. GOt back to the room at 3pm and Chris Lee was already there waiting for me. I invited him in and ofered him a soda while I continued to get ready, put on my dress etc. Then at 3:30pm WORST NIGHTMARE happened- It was pouring rain! Pouring! I was so upset. I kept looking out the window and praying for it to stop. The phone started ringing saying we are going to wait and delay a little bit etc. I continued my shoot and Chris kept me calm telling me he knows it will pass. And it did!!! at 4pm the show was back on the road and everyone went down to the Gazebo. Flowers- I got an upgraded bouquet #52 in the booklet i think and it was so pretty. We ordered 2 vases for the Gazebo and other flowers werealso placed there. Gorgeous work! Ceremony- was short and sweet -15 mins tops and then a champagne toast and steel drum band was playing for my 67 guests. It was great and I cried as I walked down the isle. Took some family shots and a group shot and then we continued on our own for an 1.5 hour. Photographer- As mentioned above, I had Chris Lee and the man was incredible. I was beyind happy with the gorgeous pictures he took. I will post some! He was a pleasure to work with as well. Recpetion- Because we had a big group we booked the Dolce Vita and closed it down for a privat reception and the craziest dance party ever! It was a blast, food was good, pspeeches, toasts and dancing until the walls were sweating! Everyone cannot stop raving about the wedding and how beautiful it was. All in all, it was amazing and they know what they are doing, My advice, plan your wedding and all the details and have alot of notes for the wedding planner and at the meeting and rehearsal make sure she "sees your vision". Don't worry about their slow replied to emails etc. Just know that they will pull it off as you want and hope! Relax and enjoy. The day passed so quickly it seems like a dream, try to take a moment when you can and soak it all in! Dana
  6. I just got back and paid for the bridal hair and makeup and it was 210$ all inclusive and that included a free trial. They did an amazing job!
  7. Hi Mallenbride I will post pictures from my private reception when I return mid July. I am having my reception at the Dolce Vita and paid the 2,500$ to close it down for the evening and for the DJ. I have 68 people attending my wedding and because of the size of the group wanted to make sure we had a private venue to all eat together and do speeches and dance. I opted for the indoor venue because the weather at the end of June / early July is very hot and humid and figured the indoor venue would be more comfortable for my guests.
  8. Congrats FutureKeese22! Let us know how it goes. I leave June 28 for my July 1 wedding and I am sorting out all the final details now! Let's hope everything goes smoothly and beautifully!
  9. Hi Everyone, Can anyone send me the email address of Stephany or Vinette? I have been dealing with Chandlyn for the last year and now that she is gone I need to ensure all the detail of my wedding are still good to go! I am getting married in less then a month so its crush time! Your help wopuld be great. Any brides that were just at the resort and got married I love reading all your reviews and seeing the pictures! I will make sure to post a review after mine. Thanks, Dana
  10. cdnbridelinzy- Your pictures are just beautiful! Again, I will ask if anyone has the contact info for the tour company you used for Dunn Rivers Fall group excursion?! I am so happy when I read all these great reviews! I booked my hair and makeup with the hotel, because I like the idea of a free trial before. I booked the free trail for Saturday night, which we hope to have a Welcome Dinner with everyone booked and then a mini Jack and Jill. So I figure I get dolled up for that night as well. I assume most of your did use the hair and makeup team from the Bahia Spa and were happy with their services?!
  11. Can anyone post the contact information for the Karanda Tours Party Cruise? I would like to get in touch with them and see if they offer group rates and can accomodate a large group ( 60 +)? Thanks ladies!
  12. For LisaK I actually emailed her to ask what day and time worked for her. It ended up being 1pm that we got in touch with her! Don’t worry there is still a lot of time.
  13. Hello Ladies I can’t believe it’s 2013 already! Happy New Year and happy planning! My Wedding is booked for July 1, 2013. Here is some advise that I have for everyone. Going back and fourth via email can be really crazy and confusing. I was having trouble trying to understand the packages and deposit and extras and everything. What I did was found out when was a good time to schedule a call to Chandlyn or Donna Lee. I prepared a list of questions and although it took me a few tries to get them on the phone, I called in the morning as scheduled and they were busy with a wedding .So I called again in the afternoon… Chandlyn took her time speaking to me and we sorted out a bunch of details. I have 70 people coming to the wedding! ( OMG!!!... I was expecting a lot less but I am so happy so many of my friends and family are making the trip! ) Because we are 70- I am doing the private reception at Dolce Vita. Despite the big numbers I wanted to keep it intimate and felt this was the only way. It is 2500$ and it includes a set dinner, wine, beer,soft drinks … We are arranging to bring our own hard liquor and will pay a small uncorking fee per bottle. What I would do is try to negotiate as much as you… if you take a more expensive package and you are bringing business to the hotel more than likely they will be flexible flexible. I would say to you – having all the extra’s does add up , so look at your budget and pick something that works for you. It is important to iron out the details and then to do it in writing- I sent an email rehashing what we discussed and Chandlyn confirmed everything in writing. Hopefully that helps… I would call closer to the wedding date because things change all the time and you have to be prepared. Thanks Dana
  14. I booked my date with Chandlyn as soon as I picked it. I booked it in May 2012 for July 1, 2013. It doesn't hurt to book it early. I have not chosen any of my package details or any extras yet because it is all dependent on how many people are coming. I have given people an RSVP date of End of November 2012 - that gives us plenty of time,I would think, to pick a package and finalize all the details. Seems like everytime I email Chandlyn I get confused about something else.I might just opt to call her when I really get into planning. I haven't started looking for a dress or anything yet, but in the fall there are lots of bridal shows coming up and I will start going to those and getting inspired. We cant decide what my groom Mike should wear, we will probably go with a khaki/linen paints, white shirt and vest look as well. I think it would be super hot to wear a traditional suit. SarahJ -Yes I kinda want a fun entrance, especially since we are probably going to have a good number of people coming ( 50+) and we will close down one of the restaurants. I want to try to add a few personal touches to the day if I can. Nothing to over the top but we have a few ideas.
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