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  1. Yes, I forgot that part. Thank you for mentioning it. The bows were $40 set-up fee and I received a credit for $150 because the photographer ( included within the Divine Package) was unavailable to shoot my welcome dinner vs wedding due to the abundance of weddings. However, he still came for 30 min and my final exact total was 3349 w/tax
  2. Hello All, After the wedding, I was pooped!! I have finally written my review. Please let me know if you have questions. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/7509
  3. I just returned from my wedding, review to follow. I would recommended the Pergola. I changed from the fountain at the last minute because it is right by the door, however it is a beautiful location.
  4. Thank you!!! I am thinking about your 4 hour reception, I like that idea!!!! Im just trying to figure out what to do with the people between that in between time while we take pictures.
  5. It was cheaper, but most importantly is "forced" people to give gifts prior to us leaving and we got about 1500! I was more stressed about the reception more than I have wedding, but I am happy I did it first vs waiting until after the wedding.
  6. Ok, well your explanation(steps taken) help a lot. Thank you
  7. Shannon can you post your templates, if possible?!!! I really like them.
  8. I also forgot to mention. My fiancee and I had a sendoff party prior to leaving for the wedding to appease those who are not attending the wedding in Cancun. It was a blast!!
  9. I had this same issue. I wanted people to come to my wedding and spent 2 years trying to make my family and friends happy. At the end of day its your happiness and finances that are impacted( if you families are not assisting financially). When I was tired of asking for opinions and worrying about my family, I put down my deposit for NJ. I did not have and/or want to pay for a wedding of 200+ people. Once you send out the invitation, your family and friends will decide if they are attending or not. Your wedding is an opportunity for people to see to your wedding, but to use it as a vacation.
  10. Shannon, Did you have a welcome dinner? If so were you able to select the buffet location? Were there activities that you and your guests participated in? I believe I saw an excerpt referring to cigar rolling, zumba and other day classes. Is this true?
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