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  1. SOLD! Tried to delete listing but can't figure it out.....
  2. I'd like to get $50 OBO for it, shipping included since it weighs so little.
  3. Hi Ladies! Sorry for the lack of pictures. I had a bunch up, but when they upgraded the site I think it deleted them Also, I had my email set up to contact me when people replied, but then I guess that stopped working too, because I didn't see any of your replies until just now! Sorry! Anyway, lanterns, lights, and tank tops are gone. I still have the following: Blinking/flashing 'Bride' Hat $5 (worn for our entrance) Purple & Green garter, never worn, gift at my bridal shower.... $2 Bridal tiara, worn the morning of the wedding with my girls.... $5 David T
  4. Sorry for the lack of pictures, ladies! I had pics up, but when they upgraded the website it must've deleted them. Here they are again. I think you can click on a picture to see it full size.
  5. Sorry! I had pics up, but the upgraded site seems to have deleted them Here they are again!
  6. They're blue. Sorry, I had photos uploaded, but they must've been deleted with the upgraded site.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Kay6356 How much for the purple lanterns to Canada postal code L9T6H2? Thanks! Post office is closed today for an American holiday, but the USPS.com calculator states shipping would be $10.55USD.
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