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  1. Im surprised to hear your experience. We had our wedding at Grand Coral (you can read my review of Fresa). We tried to do everything ourselves online and then decided to get a planner...right off the start Kristee saved us thousands of dollars on the food and drink by negotiating with Grand Coral. We were so pleased with the efforts and attention to detail that we felt she was worth double her fee for what she did for us and told her as much. It seems that you wanted to do everything yourself...why did you hire a planner at all in the first place. It looks like she quit because you and your fiancé were so well organized and good at negotiating that you did not need her services after all.
  2. This is a review of:

    Fresa Weddings Mexico

    A Godsend!

    Pros: Enthusiastic, professional and work in the bride's best interest!
    Cons: None
    I can't say enough good things about Kristen and Erin and their team at Fresa Weddings Mexico!  They were the third wedding co-ordinators that we tried and they are miles ahead of the competition!  They really are on top of their game!  They make you feel like your day is special and they too care about every little detail and show it with enthusiasm.  They are professional and made us feel like they were in our corner 'arm-wrestling' the best deals for us mindful of our budget at all times.  Th
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