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  1. Hi Nic817, I used the resort for myself and 4 of my bridesmaids and they did a fantastic job! Just bring down pictures for them to reference. I used extensions and so did my maid of honor and they had no problem putting them in. Hope this helped. Tracy.
  2. We got married in Nov 2012 and paid for the cheapest package and our guests recieved any drink they asked for. Unless you don't want to risk it I wouldn't pay for the upgraded package. Tracy.
  3. Hi Joanna, They have square tables of 10. I had a seating plan and the bridal party was let into Dolce Vita 30mins before guests came to put down place cards and table gifts. Tracy.
  4. I was having alot of problems with different quotes as well. A friend of mine suggested I use a destination wedding coordinator, this saved me alot of stress throughout the whole proccess. We paid a security deposit that was never cashed and she acted as a personal wedding coordinator. Her name is Liz Moore. She is based out of Vancouver. I live just outside of Vancouver and still did everything via email.
  5. I I took down paper lanterns. They set them up and looked great but in the end they made the place look great even before they were put up.
  6. Hi Katryne, I also had handmade maracas at my wedding in Nov/12. We bought them from the market at the resort for $2 each. You have to do some digging and negotiating but all our guests loved them! Tracy.
  7. Hi Joanne, I got married Nov 2012 and we had our dinner at Dolce La Vita ( AMAZING dinner) and then had a poolside reception. The pool that we had our reception was right beside the Dolce ( id suggest seeing if that pool is available). When we we finished dinner we only walked a few feet to our dance party. We could see them setting up everything during dinner which got everyone really excited. They also set up tables and chairs at the reception site for those who do not feel like dancing. I hope this helps! Tracy.
  8. We had our dinner in the Italian. Unfortunately, they would not bring in speakers and a mic for us to use. At first I was upset by this, fortunately we were the only ones in the restaurant for most of the dinner. We had someone do introductions when the bridal party entered the restaurant. we also had my father do his speech along with the maid of honor and best man. We decided to leave any other speeches to the pool side reception. In the end something I was very worried about worked out.
  9. Eugenia was our wedding coordinator she was fantastic. Like many of the other brides have said there is little communication at first. Eugenia always replied back to my emails, sometimes within days and other times within weeks. When you finally get to the resort and have the sit down meeting she just reviews what you've discussed. I don't know how she is so organized!! When it came to our wedding day, Eugenia made sure it was everything we wanted!
  10. We really enjoyed our cake. We chose the choclate. We had a desert at the a la cart as well. Everyone was very satisfied.
  11. S Sorry! I was thinking of the wrong flower! I was told that purple calalillies were not part of the package.
  12. They will not be included in the package. I requested the same flower and had no luck, but it never hurts to ask.
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