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  1. hi everyone! The beach sign is 24"x20"...and The Flower Del has been so amazing to work with so far. Let me know if anyone wants her information! We sent out Save the Dates shortly after we booked the hotel (late March), and then we sent out invitations out in June for our November wedding. We set the rsvp date for the end of Sept (so soon!), and we've already gotten the majority of responses back. You'll start to know how many people are coming when people tell you that they booked flights. A lot of our friends and family haven't sent the rsvps back yet, but I know they booked their flight and hotel, so you can count them in. Hope everyone is enjoying the planning!
  2. We're having around 100 people and we're doing a welcome dinner on Thursday night (wedding is on Friday) We got a great deal at Deckers...its a buffet, with open bar that's capped at a limit we set, and Hi Tide is performing since they perform there on Thursday nights anyways! If anyone wants any additional info just let me know. Since we have over 75 people, they are shutting down the restaurant for 2 hours for just our group. Jesse is really great to work with over there! I'm 99% sure we're going to hire Juliette as well, and we'll have tons of silver shells, and starfish leftover if anyone wants them! I'm planning on spraypainting them myself and flying down with them. We're going to have some starfish aisle decor as well. I can take some photos in the next month or so and send them to you girls. Also - I'm working with the Flower Dell and she made a beach wedding sign for me if anyone's interested. She's going to be renting it out.
  3. hi ladies, I love the idea of reusing any items possible! I'm thinking of using silver chargers for the reception. We'll probably have 100, I was thinking of renting them down there, but may be able to get them cheaper if we buy here and bring them down. Anyone else interested if I could get a good price? (I think I saw some for $1.50 plus tax). Let me know and I could look into it!
  4. hi ladies, I'm looking for a beach-y "shoes optional" sign. Anyone know of where I could get one in Grand Cayman? I don't want to fly it down... thanks!
  5. Your wedding was beautiful! The photos look amazing - you definitely have to share more!!! Did you work with Molly soley - or did you work with Flower Dell and Massive directly as well? I'm debating on what to do!
  6. @GOH Bride - we're actually having our rehearsal dinner at Deckers- the company that owns them owns a few places on the island and they are flexible, accommodating and have been really great so far! One of their places might be great for casual drinks!
  7. @uhura56 - Craig from one world is arranging a guitarist and a drum player for us for the ceremony and the cocktail hour - he's not charging us a referral fee or anything and recommended them based on what we asked for - he wasn't sales-y or anything about them. Have you decided about hair and make up yet?
  8. hi uhura526. We are having a DJ at the reception (after listening to every single live band on the island!)...DJ Craig from OneWorld. He's been awesome so far, and is even helping us book a guitarist and drummer for our ceremony and cocktail hour. Without ever meeting him face to face or even talking to him on the phone, I cannot reccommend him enough - he's prompt, honest and knows all the venues down there! Anyways if you want to email him its: oneworld_onemusic@hotmail.com. I looked at the Cayman Beach Suites too, they weren't available for us but they look great! Have you looked into florals at all yet?
  9. hi uhura526 - we're getting married in November at the Carribean Club. Danielle there is amazing and has been so helpful. We are having a larger wedding (75-100), so we're getting married on the beach and then having the reception at Luca. Let me know if you need any help with the planning!! Caymanbride - the photo is AMAZING! Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations! Sounds like a perfect wedding! Where does Chef John do his beach BBQ? Is there a website? Everything sounds like it was amazing! Thanks for all the vendor recommendations!
  11. hi Cayman Brides! Anyone using a florist and not going through an event company? I emailed with The Flower Dell and their prices seem really reasonable. Just wanted to see if anyone else has talked to a florist or has any recommendations. Also - I saw some posts about Massive Event Rentals and was thinking about going directly to them for rentals. Anyone heard anything about them? thanks!
  12. Thanks for the tips on Cost u Less - do you know if you have to have a membership or anything? It sounds like we should get everything there for the Welcome Bags!
  13. Thanks so much!!! You have to share your photos - I can't wait to see them! I'll check out crystal blue weddings too. thanks again! Happy Planning!
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