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  1. Hi jennifer8913, I booked a Tropical View room and part of the wedding package I was upgraded to the Preferred Club Ocean View. Didn't even know they were going to do this. And I booked a Travel agent rate and still got a wonderful room. Ask for the 4th floor. The news are the best. I noticed when I was there, they had the majority of all the brides, honeymooners and Aniversary couples on the same floor.
  2. Hello thesportsgal. I had Francina. She is absolutely amazing. She is actually the Manager above all the other WC's. You will love her. She is easy to work with and definitely a pleasure. I give her 2 thumbs up with the work she did with me. Good luck!
  3. Hi thesportsgal. Don't be alarmed. You can change your package at any time. I went from the lowest package, to picking the Divine package and ended up when I got there to changing to the middle package. The only difference between the middle package and the Divine package is the gazebo during your wedding. Since my wedding wasn't at the beach or at the pool, I didn't think it was necessary. Just make sure to print out all your paper work and weigh your options when you meet with your coordinator at the resort.
  4. @Skygirl - I went with the Buffet with 39 people. The food was so delicious. It was actually better than the restaurant food itself. I'm not sure if there were separate cooks. I went with the Buffet because with the plated dinners, everyone gets the exact same meal. I know with my family and friends, a lot of people don't like the same things and I have some people that are allergic to things. Yes for me, the liquor was included. The only time I was charged extra for the difference after 25 was for the cocktail hour. And there were definitely enough waiters and bartenders who are all so
  5. @Mayrose - I would suggest checking with Francina the day of the wedding. She kept me posted on everything about the weather. If she tells you it's going to rain and it's best to move your wedding, I would listen.
  6. My DIY centerpieces The Cake provided by the Resort. Chocolate with Chocolate (Yummy)
  7. @Jennifer8913 I went with the resort photographer. It was just a hassle to go with an outside vendor. And I didn't want to spend the extra money.
  8. @Jennifer8913. The perks came with much patience. I think because my wedding coordinator Francina had to cancel our meeting 2x and she felt so bad. She is the Wedding Coordinating Manager for both Secrets and Now. And the day of my wedding it was raining so bad and there was no where else to put me. She made me sign the waiver earlier in the day. I wasn't feeling the relaxing pool too much and when she gave me the option of Castaways (Where I really wanted my reception anyway) - it was a go from there. @DonnaHewitt, I'm going to try and upload some pics now. If not now, then tomor
  9. We had our wedding on July 21st and it was everything. Ladies don't stress. Francina my wedding coordinator was so awesome. She thru in so many perks. I had my ceremony on the outside plaza, my cocktail hour in the disco and my reception at Castaways (Free of charge). I heard normally Castaways is $5000 to rent out. I'm going to try and upload some pictures. The Buffet was soooo good. I wouldn't have changed anything.
  10. HI @ Skygirl, I did the same thing you did with emailing Juana. I got an email from Francina that said, I've received yoru email and will get back to you within the week to help finalize your wedding. That was 2 weeks ago. I'm getting married in 30 days and I'm so nervous and scared that NOW is going to be unorganized.
  11. OMG... Cristina left. This would explain why she's not returning my emails. If it isn't one thing, it's another. If anyone can give me Merci's email address, that would be great. I'm scheduled to get Married, July 21st and there are still some questions I need answered... Any advise would help.
  12. I'm with you Mayrose. That's the same response I got. I don't think it's right. They have definitely changed up a lot of things.
  13. Has anyone that has gotten married yet at Now Larimar done the Buffet option for their wedding? If so, what was your opinion of it? Any feedback would be so helpful.
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