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  1. We did not get married in the US before we left. A marriage in Jamaica is completely legal in the US. We paid $80 US cash to the resort to have our marriage certificates mailed to us within two weeks and we got two copies. I was very glad I did this so I could change my name faster. The copy the resort gives you before you leave also worked to change my name on things! Hope this helps!
  2. Hi there! I think we got the free upgrade to the Don Pablo section because we booked through a travel agent who booked us through applevacations.com I do not think I was able to not pay the $800 fee because I was in the Don Pablo section. The Don Pablo employees told me that Arifice studio was an outside vendor that was in the resort. Almost like they rent the space inside of the resort and can charge what they want. They called my room a couple of times telling me they were going to do a background check on our photographer who was a 'family friend' and they did and I was fine with that, but I told them they would have to get the payment from her. She never paid it and she left the country before I did. It's a BS fee and no one should ever have to pay it!
  3. I used monkey butt cream...you can find it at Walgreens...or the baby aisle...literally called monkey butt cream...it may be diaper rash cream but it was AMAZING!
  4. I chose the bottom vanilla and the top chocolate! I didn't try the chocolate and I only had a bite of the vanilla and it was delicious! Too much going on for me to try the chocolate haha! I was all over the place! We played music from our ipod on an ipod dock! It was perfect!
  5. We paid $400 plus 10% tax for an hour. They can play what you want if they know how but they play great music. I didn't care what they played! :-)
  6. I would book any spa appointments before you go. No one with me did the spa. I did my own makeup and had my own hairstylist. No vendor fees for having your own hairstylist or doing your own makeup! :-)
  7. Hi ladies! I am finally back from my June 22nd wedding! We arrived on June 19th and stayed until June 26th! I met with the wedding planners the next day for about an hour to go over all details of the wedding! There were supposed to be two other brides getting married on June 22nd before me, but they never checked in or showed up (which the wedding planners said that can happen and they can cancel without them knowing) So our wedding was the only one that day scheduled at 3 pm! We paid for the chair sashes with cash and went with the free package. We had 30 guests and ate at the Dolce Vita at 6 pm, was amazing! We had our own private room and although they were having problems with the air conditioning and mosquitoes it was a great time! I will probably jump around a lot so bare with me! ;-) We switched up the menu a bit...we went with the ceasar salad with chicken, tomato soup, chicken and tiramisu. Our wedding cake was two layers...vanilla and chocolate and it was amazing! We rented out the gazebo for after dinner, but we did not have a DJ or a bartender. We decided to use an ipod and an ipod docking station. It was perfect. We asked to have rum punch, ice and cups down at the gazebo at 8:30 (this was no extra cost) (we rented the gazebo from 8:30 to 10:30 pm) The rum punch not there when we got there at 8:30 so one of my guests had to walk all the way to the front desk to ask where it was. (It is a long walk and I was very disappointed). It finally arrived and our guests all enjoyed it. During our wedding review with the wedding planner I told her what I was disappointed with and she said she told them to have the rum punch down there and was very sorry and set my husband and I up with a dinner outside at the Dolce Vita on the deck overlooking the ocean. It was very romantic, but the mosquitoes drove me nuts! The chairs at the gazebo after dinner were also stacked and our guests had to unstack them and set their chairs down where they wanted. When all my guests and I checked in when we got to the hotel we were all walked past the front desk and into the Don Pablo Luxury Collection room. Little did we know that my entire wedding party was upgraded to the Don Pablo wing for FREE which WAS AMAZING! Check in was a breeze, we all got champagne and whatever drinks you wanted with top shelf liquor. They explained everything to us about how this upgrade worked. We had our own private pool with cabanas, we could go into the lounge for top shelf liquor, breakfast pastries, appetizers, etc, free wifi and any problems you had with your room or the resort, you went to the Don Pablo lounge and they would take care of it. My guests all loved it and it was a great start to the trip! The rooms were amazing as well! This part of the resort was built in December of 2012. Anyway, my wedding day was perfect all in all! The weather was hot and sunny! I flew in my own photographer from Iowa with me. I was harrassed by Arrifice studio a few times to pay the $800 vendor fee. (neither I or my photographer had to pay it) and I went into the Don Pablo collection and expressed my concern and they said YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE $800 FEE THEY ARE AN OUTSIDE VENDOR FROM THE RESORT!!!!! Neither of us paid the fee. I thought it was ridiculous anyway because her and her husband were a paying guest and they stayed for over a week! We did pick out our five free pictures from the resort photographer. Anyway, we got the steel drum band, which was great as well...they played while my sister and Eric's best man walked down the aisle and then I had a cd of a song I wanted played when my mom, dad and I walked down the aisle. Ceremony was a breeze...we said our own vows, I did not like how we had to sign the marriage certificate in the middle of the ceremony...wish that was after it was all said and done, but oh well. We all had champagne after the ceremony and listened to the steel drum band, took pictures and enjoyed ourselves! After the ceremony our guests went to change or get more comfortable shoes on and went to the lobby bar. I went back to my room to have my hair put up because it was hot having it down! I had it down for the ceremony and up for the rest of the night. My hair stylist was my friend who came with and I did my own makeup. We did sky lanterns at the gazebo after dinner, danced and had fun. After the gazebo a lot of us went into the shopping area where all the shops/disco/sports bar and stage are and danced, danced, danced! The wedding planners do know what they are doing and set everything up the way I asked. I gave them a few decorations, our sand ceremony, etc and they took care of everything for me! I did pay an extra $80 US to get my OFFICIAL marriage certificate delivered to me in less than 2 weeks rather than 6-8 weeks. You do get a copy of you marriage certificate before you leave as well. The minister gave it to my Dad after the wedding! I'm sorry my review is all over the place, if you have any more questions or want more details about certain things please don't hesitate to ask! Your day will go perfect even if there are a few little mishaps! I don't regret anything about my day at all! There were so many signs that I made the right choice and we were meant to get married there! :-) I wish I could relive it everyday because it honestly was such a great time and I am so glad I didn't have to plan much and the wedding planners took care of everything for me! I did have a bouquet which was beautiful from Tai Flora! I will post more pics as I get them! :-)
  8. I I emailed copies of my passport and my husbands and copies of our birth certificates. I brought our birth certificates and they never askd to see them. I was there two weeks ago! :-) will post a review soon!
  9. I leave in the morning for Jamaica and my wedding is on Saturday! I will post a review in a couple weeks when I get back! I can't believe it is finally here! :-)
  10. Thank you! I will post when I get back after July 3rd! :-) I am excited!
  11. You leave soon too! Good luck with your wedding and have a wonderful time! We come home from our honeymoon July 3rd! :-) Trying to start pack now! I hate packing haha!
  12. I leave a week from Wednesday for my June 22nd wedding! I still need to pack! :-) Can't wait to get there!
  13. When bringing your dress to the airport did past brides just bring it on the plane and check in with it in the garment bag no problem? I will have my purse and then my dress as my carry on...will that be ok? American Airlines said it has to be able to fit in the carry on measurement guidelines, but I don't want to put my dress in anything...just carry it on and hope to be able to hang it in the captains closet.
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