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  1. also my dress is : Casablanca 2066. looks totally different on the model than it does on me. that ENZOANI HEATHER dress posted a few pages back is gorgeous. reminds me of mine.. i love it. i was between mine & enzoani fernanda or something like that.... enzoani makes gorgeous dresses
  2. hey ladies, i was on here so often in the past that i felt like i should share my slideshow with you for full view of my dress that i kept posting pictures of LOL http://010313guiffredo.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ also a few brides asked about my hair so this will let you see it clearer
  3. Lori your video shows that the quality has REALLY improved. I was too scared to use them because of some I seen so I went with Mike Cantarell but my video is not THAT much better than yours. I had one video man from Mike Cantarell and my video is slighly shaky. If I have one regret its that I didnt do the 8hr video because otherwise it wasnt so much different than what yours looks like. Also for other brides just an idea... since you cant get a refund for the video included in the ultimate package if u decide not to use it on ur wedding day... I had them come and film the day before the
  4. Hey thank you!! im not seeing the package prices and what they include on that site ..
  5. I get the impression that if you walk into the wedding department and say you are interested and ask for a tour someone will glady take you around whether you planned it or not. I seen Jorge taking people around showing them everything. So I wouldnt even worry!
  6. Hey! My ceremony started at 4:30 and I had my hair appointment at 12:30 Also I paid $30 for the lights under the table so tell them that you know thats what a lot of other brides paid ! Only lighting I had was the lanterns going across the front of the deck and the lights under the tables and it was perfectly lit. ( also had the light up dance floor ) & i think it was perfect... I also highly recommend the white flags. I had 3 i think or four going acorss the deck along the poolside behind where the head table was and they really looked beautiful blowing in the wing... added a reall
  7. I am very happy for u and everything looked beautiful! I feel the same way.... the overall opinion of my wedding was that it was AMAZING, but then when i sit and think about little things here and there i have complaints and i actually feel guilty admitting them because of how awesome the whole thing was LOL
  8. Hey Lindsey, i lost some of my emails can you post the link to their website for me so i can go back and look over the package info. they said only the 8 hr package comes with the highlight video and im sort of mad at myself because it was probably worth it for a few different reasons. i dont remember the different in cost but id like to see it. i advise brides now if you are doing it to just do the 8 hour. the one video man compared with 3 is a big difference.
  9. Hey Eduardo emailed me back and said since I did the 5 hour video I do not receive a highlight video! that stinks i was under the assumption its just a short version of the whole thing and we all get one :*( i can pay for one now for like $350 but i think i am done with my wedding expenses as I am now waiting for my album and CD to get my pictures developed and that is going to be another expense. oh well =/ my final copy came in 2 CD's ... it was broken down to me getting ready ( not the guys which i also think was a little wierd he didnt go to them ), the ceremony, the photo shoot on t
  10. Just an idea for future brides... i cannot stress how happy i am to have had the saxaphone player. now that i watched my video and can actually appreciate him, it was really awesome. he played as the guests were being seated and during the walks down the aisle and after and i think it was one of the nicest touches of my wedding. when he started playing "here comes the bride" i remember getting chills that day and when i watched the video i got chills again lol i do not think it would have been as awesome if it were just playing on an ipod. i also think it gave such a nice ambience as the guest
  11. I did not send the songs for the video in advance. I actually sent them when I got home. I am happy overall with the video but like for instance the cocktail hour is the mariachi music... im not a fan of it. i would have rather he scan the scene and show everyone and have a song i picked in the backround but i wouldnt have thought to tell him that before hand. i absolutely loved my hair and make up. i went in there with a picture of a girl with her hair up in a lose fitting bun and mine didnt look identical but she did a good job. i knew i wanetd my hair up because my hair tends to fluct
  12. About a week before we left for Mexico I decided to just sit and google music that we like and make a list of songs and artists. I also just gave a small list of artists we like so that he could have an idea of what we like. for instance, i put some freestyle songs on there from like the 90's that he may not have thought to play and every one of my guests was dancing and singing all of the words. i asked for mainly house/dance music and added a few older hip hop songs and honestly my guests said it was one of the best music at a wedding even compared to a regular wedding in NY. I paid for the
  13. Hey girls, sorry I never came back to write a review ( was married at DRC on march 1st and loved everything about it ), but I am an RN who works 5 days a week and a FULL TIME student and mom on top of it so whenever I get a chance to be on the computer I am typing something for school! I will write a review soon though I promise!!! ANyway I just received my wedding video from Mike Cantarell and I would say i am about 85% happy lol I am very picky.. some of the sound quality was a little poor ( just for a few minutes during the reception ) and my cocktail hour was him basically filming th
  14. Hey! I did my ceremony at 4:30.. cocktail 5:30 to 6:30 and reception 7-11. I cut back in other areas to extend the reception for one hour and IF you can find a way to do this i highly recommend it because it does go fast.. I remember not paying any attention to time and then checking it and realizing we still had an hour left of just dancing and I was SO happy i made that decision or the party would have ended right then and everyone was having a good time. Anyway 9:30 is early BUT u can all go to the lobby bar afterwards and then desires which is where we went to continue hanging out and dan
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