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  1. Also flying out on Feb 10th. I will keep in touch, let you know if I find out anything informative ! Good luck with all your planning
  2. Hi again, not much info so far. The coordinator sent me the wedding packages they offer but I didn't really find those too helpful.. more so just seemed like something that was thrown together just so they had something to send out. Anyway, either way like you said lots of time to sort things through. I hope they don't do more then 1 wedding a day but I didn't think to ask since I figured not too many wedding would be hosted there. Maybe I was wrong. What day are you flying out on ? I see your also from Ontario ? Funny enough, we might actually be on the same flight out lol As of right now we are just sending out the invitations so the number of guests its still up in the air for us, how about you ? My only concern really is the beach, I hear that water shoes are a must do to sea urchants but Im hoping this isn't the case. Also, Im not sure where exactly they set up for the ceremony since it seems that the resort is so close to the beach and I'm hoping for more of an intimate feeling. I think we are going into it a little blind since there really isnt much info found prior to Sunwing owning it in regards to weddings. Actually Im not sure if they even did wedding before.
  3. Hi Ang, I also ending up booking with Braco, Feb 13th 2013 ! Guess I will see you there ! They were slow at first but Im guessing that was due to the change over. I've now been in touch with Jennifer their wedding corridor and she seems great !
  4. Hi there, I'm looking at getting married at Braco Village Hotel & Spa in February 2013. Anyone else considering this resort ? I'm having some difficulties getting responses from their wedding planner. I know that they have recently been taken over by Sunwing and maybe due to the new changes, some info I'm receiving is unclear. Just looking for anyone else that has recently had any quotes on wedding packeges. Thanks !
  5. Hi, I am also looking at getting married Braco Beach Resort in Feb 2013. I emailed the resort myself about a month ago and weeks later got a response saying that they do not do weddings. However, Last week my travel thought she would call herself, just to double check and was given a contact for the resorts wedding corridor. She was told that in fact, they actually do host weddings. She was provided with an email address and name and told to email the wedding corridor. We have yet to hear back from the coordinator and this was about 10 days ago. My travel agent was calling back again this week to find out why she hast heard anything back from the contact she was given. I really like this resort but am hesitant now that I've already experienced such difficulty getting info and correct answers in any sort of a timely manner. If anyone has had any positive feedback or additional info in Braco beach please pass along as I haven't yet given up hope !!! Thanks
  6. Can anyone recommend a TA they've used or are using, Im based out of Toronto and Im having trouble finding someone who knows there stuff and doesnt have an additional wedding like planner fee on top. Thanks !
  7. Just started trying to find a resort and this is one of my top picts.. good to know about the cost adding up, I will now reconsider.
  8. Was here in 2011

    Pros: Lots to do and keep entertained
    Cons: Large resort
    Had a great time!  The wedding we attended was beautiful !
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