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  1. Hi Jackie! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We had maracas which we purchased while we were down there. Venture off the resort (via cab) and you'll be able to get great authentic maracas for only a dollar or 2 a piece, depending on the size. The less you can bring down the better, because trust me, you'll be bringing down way more than you think! Great shopping areas for OOT bag items and favors are at Mercado 28 downtown or at Plaza Caracol and the flea market area in the hotel zone. Walk around, price things out and negotiate! Also, pay in Pesos...it's less expensive that way. (you'll be able to take Pesos out at an ATM machine inn the airport, the resort, or any bank machine.)
  2. Hola Brides to Be! I figured I'd check in while having lunch poolside at EPM! We're here for our 1 year anniversary and this place is still just amazing! Had to chime in about the cake.....BIGGER IS BETTER! Trust me, there are no rules here. We had 31 people and 3 tiers, all different flavors. People had seconds, and we brought the rest back to our room which we nibbled on for days after the wedding. Delish! Something to remember....the timing is different in Mexico. In the States, we prolong dinner throughout the entire reception time. Here, you sit down and eat all courses, including the cake, and THEN you go dance. We weren't completely sold on this so started to shake it up at our reception and left the cake sitting out a bit.Once we did the cake cutting, it had melted a bit...my fault. Still delicious but kind of droopy! Follow their lead and you wont have that problem...or not, it will still be good and you'll have a blast! There is a wedding today we may go spy on, and has been 1 every day this week! 100% capacity here so heads up to have your guests book EARLY! An English couple just did a legal ceremony yesterday that Nayeli officiated. We ran into them afterwards at the Martini Bar and they were just glowing...said it went super smooth and really have just been beaming everytime we run into them. I'll post more as we see more! Hasta la vista! Sheryl Katye, you're right around the corner!!!! Getting excited??
  3. SO excited for you Monica!! Make sure to post lots of pics! I agree....Laura is amazing and we still work with her for our vacations since the wedding!
  4. SO excited for you Monica!! Make sure to post lots of pics! I agree....Laura is amazing and we still work with her for our vacations since the wedding!
  5. The Mariachi band was awesome! Nayeli probably has pics or info about the Caribbean trio...I think it is calypso-like. It all depends on what you want to highlight...the Caribbean or Mexico. My vote is Mexico! Ole!
  6. Something to know....when guests check in, they will receive a little book included with all the bar and restaurant info along with a map of the resort. You can tell them where to meet up with you for different events and all the info is included in the booklet. We used Juan Carlos for an excursion, rehearsal night, spa time with the wedding party, the ENTIRE day of the wedding and a TTD in Isla Mujeres. Most of it is in our slide show on YouTube if you want to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFzYYWe7a6k We wanted him (and his team) to just capture the "essence" of the weekend. If you want more formal photos, he does that as well. The blood testing must be done because that's how they do a legal marriage in Mexico. It is recognized as legal in the states so no other documentation is necessary.
  7. Towels are EVERYWHERE!!! We even took some with us for our excursion to Tulum w/16 people. (and brought them back, of course) You do not need to sign for them just grab what you'll need. Same thing with drinks and rafts. I've heard a lot of brides wanting to bring koozies and rafts with them as OOT bag gifts...not necessary. Floats are all around the pools and just grab one if you want one. It's an all inclusive resort with a swim up bar and pool/beach waiters everywhere, as well as a bar everywhere you turn. If your drink gets warm, get a new one! They'll probably be asking you before you even finish your first one! I'm pretty sure they'll wipe your nose if you ask them to....the service is amazing!
  8. Hi! Bugs were not an issue at all at the reception, but I did get a couple of bites at night eating at the Lobster house. It really wasn't bad at all. They spray regularly, but bring some bug spray just in case. There are rooms inside the CECO Terrace, but very basic, like you would see in any hotel. If you have your reception inside or at a restaurant, you will be limited on timing, and DJ options in order to be considerate to the other guests. We were married on May 19th too! Is your wedding this year or next? We'll be there this year to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
  9. Hola! I think I have pics/a link to the company they use for chairs and linens. Send me your email and I'll track it down for you. You can pic and choose and change anything you want about the menu, including making something up! We did not want soup (too hot for that), so we started with a Tuna tartar ap, then into salad, then entree, then desert. The entree we chose was the fillet, but wanted a fish option so asked for the chef to come up with something...we ended up with Chilean Sea Bass over a lobster risotto. All you need for a legal ceremony is your passport and tourist card. We asked a million times about this just to be sure, and still brought our birth certificates, but didn't need them! SUPER easy! I just wrote about the blood test timing and witnesses on my prior post, but there is a form you can fill out ahead of time and email to her, and bring the hard copy with you. Quote: Originally Posted by Momoarc83 Does anyone have pictures or know the difference between the bamboo chairs and the tiffany chairs? We do not want to use the white chairs with the covers that are provided. Does anyone know if you can subsitute menu options for the dinner at reception? We received our menu options, but didn't know if we could pick and choose from each menu to customize? What documents are required for a legal ceremony? Just curious as to if we need to bring our birth certifcates or whatever else?? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Amy! Do you have the price list and flower options catalog? Do you know your colors and budget? If so, I'd just pick what you want and send her an email asking for a quote. Also, in the same email ask every question you have (and get quotes) in bullet point form. Once you email it out to Nayeli, follow up in a day or 2 with a phone call to her. Lynn uses skype which is less expensive, but either way, you should probably call her asap. The email will serve as the "in writing" part. Nayeli did our ceremony and the wording was beautiful. The judge just stands next to her so there's no translation needed. You will get your marriage certificate in Spanish and it is legal in the states. We live in NJ and did not need to register it here, and we used the Spanish version to put me "in the system" as my husband's wife with the Military-He's retired from the Air Force. Therefore, we did not have it translated to English. It's super easy, and you will only need your passport and tourist card(that you get at the airport going through immigrations). You'll need to be there at least 3 days before the wedding to get your blood work done (Dr will take your blood at the hotel and requires $200 in USD cash) Your witnesses (4 of them)will need to be there by then as well in order to sign the paperwork that Nayeli will send to the court. At the ceremony you and all of your witnesses will sign the official document. If you do not have 4 witnesses, the WC staff will be your witnesses. If you choose symbolic, you wont need to do anything other than say I do. With both, you do not need to write vows unless you want to...just let her know. It is so important for brides to know that this time of year starts to get crazy busy for them, and the communication will be fewer and far between so start asking questions and quotes EARLY so you can have plans nailed down as you go. If you don't have specifics you want, then they will choose for you. It will still be beautiful, but may not be exactly what you want, so the best tips I can give is BE SPECIFIC and get a quote for everything. Even if you talked to someone and it was a verbal quote, write an email stating the verbal quote. Amy, if I can help with any forms of specifics for you, IM me and I'll give you my email and send forms I have. Good luck! Sheryl
  11. Agave is partially outdoors but beautiful and great Mexican food. Toscana is Italian (food is good-not the BEST I've ever had and wasn't our favorite restaurant in the resort), it's also where they have the buffet breakfast every morning. I'd go with Agave for a change of scenery, but if you really want AC, go with Toscana. As for the ceremonies, ours was legal, but Nayeli was the one that actually did the talking-the Judge was standing next to her. They may have one of the WC's doing the translating if she does not speak English...something to definitely ask your WC! Good Luck! Sheryl
  12. Hi Alexis! They do have a sound system and a mic for the ceremony. Ours was in the Gazebo, but I'm sure they have it for the beach ceremonies as well, and it was easy for everyone to hear. The X-Lounge for cocktail hour is beautiful and they add high top tables for you. You won't need additional chairs as there are plenty of beds and couches around. I'm sure you can decorate if you want to but it really isn't necessary, and it will be windy being on the beach. They can bring your flowers from the ceremony to the reception though. (and then to your room after the wedding!) We did not use a dance floor and when we asked about it, they said it wasn't really necessary. Do ask for curtains so it can define the space for you. (I posted some pics up here that shows that) We had also asked about rose petals on the dance floor area, but apparently they are slippery and some mishaps have occurred....not advisable! Dancing on the concrete floor was perfect, and people even had their shoes off. My 2 cents, save your $ for something else...like some spa time!! Happy planning!! Sheryl
  13. Hi Amanda! Customs can be a bit tricky, depending what you're bringing. They did ask us for receipts, but we didn't have any and it didn't matter. They really just want to make sure you are not reselling anything down there. What we did was take everything out of their boxes and containers, and set it up how we would be putting the items into their OOT bags. It made it clear that we were not reselling. We had raffia fans with flowers and ribbon already made up-they didn't care about them, the bottle openers, mints, 5 hour energy, sun "packs", and hangover "packs", we had packed into some of the totes-the didn't really care. We had 8 nice totes for the bridal party and some family members-they poked around a bit more at those. We had 5 Swiss Army backpacks for the groomsmen-we had a bit of a problem with them because they were obviously more expensive. That's where they asked for receipts. Most of the items we split up in different bags so it didn't look like things were in bulk. We were super nice and accommodating, smiling a lot and telling them they were all gifts for our wedding. The other totes for the rest of the guests, and other OOT bag and favor items we purchased while we were down there. Made it way easier. Just be prepared...if you have a lot of bags, which you probably will, they will go through them all....We had 9 bags total and it took about 15-20 minutes. For the record, this was the ONLY time we were ever stopped at customs with 6 times to Mexico...they didn't even let us hit the "lottery" button to pass through. They saw our bags and ushered us over to a table. Your guests will probably not have any issues getting through.
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