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  1. I have to disagree with the comment of it being very crowded as well. We got married on the beach in November and it definitely was not crowded. Of course there are going to be people on the beach around you, as it's a resort. They are very respectful and don't invade your space at all. They absolutely keep their distance from the area designated for the wedding. As I mentioned in a previous post as well, you're in the moment and don't even notice them. As far as the comments about the coordinator and decor, I don't think it is the responsibility of the coordinator to be creative in decorating. They have offered the same decor options for quite some time now and have remained the same through 3 different coordinators. Simona is very professional and great at what she does, which is coordinating your wedding. If the pictures provided to you ahead of time are not your taste, then you have the option to do what the previous poster did and bring your own decor.
  2. Thank you for your congrats We chose the sunshine package and had our reception outside at the snack bar.
  3. Hi there, We had our wedding at Cayo Levantado in November and had our ceremony on the beach. One of the main reasons we chose a destination wedding was so that we could have a beautiful wedding on the beach. As we are private people we had some anxiety about having a bunch of strangers be able to watch our wedding. When all was said and done though, it was totally fine. When you are in the moment you are so focused our your partner and your family and friends that you don't even notice the others. Didn't bother us at all. The happiness we felt superseded any anxiousness. I wouldn't have wanted any other location. It was beautiful and perfect.
  4. Wow! 3 days?! Exciting!! Good luck and let us know how everything turned out. Have a great trip and wedding!
  5. Hi there, I have just been emailing back and forth with the wedding coordinator with regards to this issue. We too want to have a dance, hence why we asked them to hire a DJ for us a while back. We have now been told we are only allowed to be in the outdoor space until 10 and are not happy about this. With dinner not being served until after 7pm, we are likely to get in maybe an hour of dancing? The DJ costs $400. This is just unacceptable. I am waiting for a response on any other possible options and hoping there is something. She also told us there was a show at the beach bar on the public beach side. We're not asking our guests to make the trek over there and besides that, it won't be private. I'm really, really hoping there is something they can do to accommodate us. I will let you know when I hear back again.
  6. I received this pricing for extras back in February. Musical Piano Usd 120 ( 2 hours) Local trio Usd 150 ( 2 hours) Saxo Usd 300 ( 2 hours) Speaker with wireless microphone Usd 300 ( 3 hours) Dj Services Usd 400 ( 4 hours) Trio of Piano, Saxo and Bass Usd 500 ( 2 hours) Musical Band Usd 1,600 ( 4 hours for 12 musician) Singer with piano Usd 600 ( 2 hours) Flowers Flowers Up-grade up to Usd 30 Bridesmaid Bouquet Usd 25 Boutonnier Usd 10 Corsages Up to 15 Bracelet Up to 15 Flowers necklace up to Usd 15 Hair's flowers Usd 12
  7. Does anyone have a current wedding package? The one I received is from February, however from reading a recent review on TripAdvisor a bride stated it is now $3500 to have your reception at the Don Pablo and they don't let you have it outside anymore. We had previously requested an outdoor reception at this venue and was told this was okay, however if they are now charging an astronomical amount such as this we obviously won't be having it there. Just wondered if this was something new that was now indicated in their packages. Any info would be appreciated
  8. s this the email you were trying? coordinadorgruposbpcle@bahia-principe.com They were having trouble with this one apparently. This is the new one I've been given. rrppbpcle@bahia-principe.com
  9. Hi there! We have just decided to have our wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado in Samana, Dominican Republic. I can't seem to find any pictures of previous weddings there and have a ton of questions about the ceremony, reception. Has anyone had their wedding here? If so I would love to hear from you!! Thanks!