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  1. Hi everyone - thanks for all of the interest in this post. Sorry to say that i actually just sold them all today.
  2. Hi there, yes I do. Let me know how many and of which ones. If you give me your postal or zip code, ill also get shipping calculated. Thanks!
  3. Hi Brides! I have 15 Bubba mini kegs (retail $12.99) and 15 Bubba tumblers (retail $14.99) available for sale. All brand new, never used. All mugs are black and I have the tumblers in black, blue, and pink. Great for his and her giveaways in your OOT bags! Keeps those cold drinks cold and no need to keep going up to the bar to ask for refills! PM me if you are interested! Shipping is to be paid by buyer.
  4. Hi there, Are your table runners still available? Is so, for how much? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I am interested in the hair flower and the makeup book. Please let me know if they are still available Thanks!
  6. @ jwaller - Congrats on the wedding and thanks for the review! How long did you have HDC there for? I'm still not sure if I should get the 5 or 6 hour packages and whether or not to get the videography package. How long did you book video for? Would you do anything differently regarding timing (ie: start earlier, spend less time for bride/groom prep, have them stay longer or shorter)?
  7. Hi everyone! Anyone booked HDC for the Diamond package (6 hrs)? Do you guys find that this package was too long? It's long enough to cover everything, but is that really necessary? Also we're considering getting the videography package as well but finding that combined (we're already booked to do a TTD session in the morning), I'll be paying a lot more than I wanted to. What are your thoughts - do all 3, replace the TTD with the videography, or stick with what I have (photo and TTD)? I "want" it all, but should I?!?! HELP!
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