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  1. You will be fine...we arrived Sunday afternoon, had our meeting with her at 10am Monday morning and everything was perfect Tuesday for our wedding!!!
  2. We only had to pay him for 1 hour because we traded the live music for the DJ...some people have said that they got both hours for free. It was so worth it to have someone take care of the music for us. We gave him a general idea of music...like we put dance music and no country...hahaha. Yes he had a mic which was used during all of our speeches!!! We had my husbands father MC so I am not sure if he will do that or not. He did announce us in though at the start!!!
  3. The DJ just used his sounds system to play our music for the Dinner and we never had to pay anything extra for it!!!
  4. Everything was VERY good. The chocolate souffle was AMAZING. With the entrees there were a couple carrots and a little bit of potatoes with it and the beef fillet I think also had some carrots and potatoes as well. I was full after eating the whole meal
  5. We had an amazing time!!! We had a DJ from the resort. That is the one detail I never really asked Pilar though was which one. I am assuming DJ Dorremix as that is what most other people have had. Regardless he was great. We had him for 2 hours, our guests tried to pay him more to keep going but he would only play one more song as he is $350 an hour and my guests weren't going to pay him very much...hahaha...even the waiters and bartenders were yelling at him to keep playing...hahaha. We had the Devine Package, for dinner we had the caprese salad, Ricotta cheese and Spinach Raviolis soup, our 2 mains were Chicken stuffed with Spinach and Mushrooms and Beef Fillet & Shrimp and our desert was chocolate souffle with Baileys. The whole meal was amazing!!! I don't mind answering any questions...if I can help take a load off the wedding planners with helping answering questions it is the least I can do for them
  6. There was 37 people at our reception, the drink service was awesome...very fast...they would make you anything and also had bottles of champagne...and ALOT was drank There were 2 bartenders and 3 waiters for the dinner and they stuck around for the dance. I think we left sometime just after 10ish. We had our own music - iPod - for the dinner and then the DJ for the dance and he was AWESOME!!! I am just working on my review and hope to have it up soon!!! If you have anymore question just ask!!!
  7. We just had our wedding reception at Castaways a week ago and they had bar tenders and wait staff there all night for us at no extra charge. I believe it is at the other restaurants and terrace that you have to pay for a private bar!!! Or they will just go and get you drinks somewhere else. At least that it was I have read on here before!!!
  8. We arrived on Sunday, went over everything with Pilar on Monday and the wedding was absolutely perfect on Tuesday
  9. We just had a symbolic wedding, we arrived on sunday and got married on Tuesday. It is only legal ceremonies that you have to be there 3 business days!!!
  10. Hey Kelsey You and I are getting married 2 days apart!!! I hope that Pilar got back to you last night and she finally got back to me. Good thing too because I guess she hadn't booked the DJ for us as requested, but she has done it now!!! She actually even tried phoning me last night and left a voicemail but when I tried to call her back the front desk disconnected me!!! I hope you get everything figured out and maybe we will see each other next week Ashley
  11. Hey Kelsey I am getting married 2 days before you...maybe I will see you there. I had been having troubles with Pilar getting back to me but she did email me back last night and even gave me a call and left a voicemail. I tried calling her back but got disconnected by front desk. I hope that you got some answers from her as well. Thankfully I had emailed her because she hadn't booked the DJ yet for me but has now!!! Maybe see you next week!!!
  12. Hey Ladies...my wedding is in a week today...and I have also not been getting anything from Pilar. I have been emailing her for 2 weeks. I still don't know if the DJ is booked...ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I also had to email the resort photographer to make sure he was booked and he said that he was and that Pilar was on top of everything!!! Oh well, I am just going to trust that everything is going to work out!!! Jenn, from past experiences in Mexico they take american or pesos everywhere, we also found being from Canada that it is cheaper for us to take money out of the bank machines there for pesos as we got a way better exchange rate then getting it from our bank here before we went down!!! The resorts always have a bank machine on hand!!!
  13. Past Brides...would 2 4:00 minute songs be too long for my 2 year old daughter (flower girl), my maid of honor and my dad and I to walk to on the Pergola...I just don't want the music to play for too long!!!
  14. Okay another question about music to the ladies that have been there. I am getting married at the Pergola Deck. Would a 6 minute long be long enough for 2 bridemaids and then me to walk down the isle too. I fear that it would be way too long for me to walk to. When there is 2 minutes left in the song there is an awesome part in the song for me to walk out to. If you want to listen to the song and tell me if you would think that it would work it is Everything by Lifehouse. I have wanted this song since I met my fiancee and we have been together for 7 years tomorrow!!!
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