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  1. We are getting married in November 2012 at the Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado... instead of the usual ipod playlist, we were hoping to have some type of local musicians/entertainers. Anyone know of anyone in the area?
  2. Hello! Curious to see if you have found out anything in regards to local music... I was wanting something authentic as well.
  3. Hello again! Looks like we are bumping up our wedding and getting married at the end of November! I was hoping Lauren could help out and let me know which menu she chose for her wedding (after looking at the options, i am considering just having our reception dinner at the buffet!!!) I see in an earlier post that the wedding was held outside on a patio- we would like this as well- but did you have to chose from one of the set menus?
  4. Thank you! We are looking to book with Air Canada vacations now, itravel2000 seemed a bit cheaper, but after hearing stories like yours, we are going to book with Air Canada. The only drawback (and i am still trying to see how everyone feels about this) is that there is an overnight required in Toronto... Not sure if we should be looking at a different destination, or just stick with what we want most!
  5. Thank you so much for your feedback ladies! Just this morning i received some quotes from a TA and itravel2000 and rates are looking VERY good for May 2013. YAY!!! Peach, i don't know if you have checked with itravel yet, but they are able to obtain rates much earlier than any of the other TA's i have dealt with (not too sure why, but hey, i'll take it!). I am also from Alberta, living in Edmonton. Lauren, how many guests did you have? And would you happen to have any pictures to share?
  6. Hello! We are hoping to have our wedding at Cayo Levantado in May 2013. We are in the very early stages of planning. I have a travel agent looking into rates for us (coming from Canada) and as long as they fit within our budget (and our 60 guests), we will be on our way. One travel agent told me that all of the standard rooms at the resort have king beds. Is this true as we anticipate several families with children coming along and we would hate for everyone to have to share a bed or sleep on a cot for the week. From my understanding, the rates are reasonable for the wedding packages, are they not? Any info on extra charges and "surprises" would be greatly appreciated. I am sure i will have a thousand questions in the coming months, but just wanted to get the ball rolling and keep updated on this thread. Any pictures or stories would be greatly appreciated, email is christie_bird@hotmail.com
  7. LuckyC

    Belize 2013??

    Hello ladies, I am thinking of getting married in Belize in 2013 (february or may) and was hoping to get a bit of current info on San Pedro or Placentia... The stuff posted on here has been helpful but wondering if anyone knew what package prices are costing now. We are looking at having around 45-60 guests and don't want our guests to have to pay too much, yet we want everyone staying in a villa/hotel that is comfortable and nice. If there is anyone that could pass some info along my way, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. LuckyC

    Simply the Best

    This is a review of:

    Katya Nova Photography

    Simply the Best

    Oh wow, Where do I begin? Hiring Katya and Rob to do our wedding photos was, hands down, the best decision we made for our wedding.  The choice to have our memories captured by Katya Nova was simply the one single factor that made our wedding day absolutely perfect.    After one moment of looking on her website, you can easily see the quality of her work and the love and energy she captures in each and every photo.  After browsing the website for the first time, you can feel the emotion and are swept away into a world of pure romance.  Who wouldn't want this for their wedding photos?    Her and her husband work so well together and are a pair that you can't help but love.  You honestly lose yourself in their energy and are humbled by their easy going nature.   They take the time prior to your wedding day to get to know you and prepare some very delightful surprises for your wedding day!    Katya was more than just a wedding photographer (as myself and all of our guests can testify), she was a friend, a wedding planner and a personal assistant.  She went out of her way to make sure I was prepared, relaxed and enjoying every moment of my wedding day.    If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.  Words can not describe how lucky we are to have had Katya and Rob as part of our day.