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  1. How insane would we be to do our wedding in late August? The thing is that we aren't ready any time soon so we wanted to do fall. July-August is supposed to be extremely hot and Sept-Oct is more of the hurricane time and November/December is too hectic for us. Out of July-October, what are your suggestions? Trying to lock down a date! Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.
  2. Congrats to the Brides of Paradisus! I am highly considering booking at this resort so it's great to hear the feedback. Inna - did you have a DJ after your sit down dinner or was it just dinner? I'm trying to decide if we should do a seated dinner or reserve a restaurant depending on how many people we will have. I guess I worry about the flow of ceremony to cocktail hour to reception/dinner. We will likely end up with a small amount of people so I doubt a full blown reception is necessary although I'd love to continue the festivities but it would be silly to get a DJ for 15 people. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. I went down in February for a site visit and they didn't offer a beachside wedding at that time. The beach area is quite small and they were still trying to figure out where they could hold the wedding. They were thinking at the very end but they needed a way to get the bride there without having to walk so far. Perhaps they figured it out by now.
  4. Hi Inna, I went on a site visit earlier this month and I still haven't decided if I want to book here. I kinda want to see pics of a real wedding there. I hope you'll be able to post some after your wedding. Did you choose a package? How many guests will you be having? I'm still on the fence if I want to book here. Let me know any details you can so perhaps it will make me decide one way or the other! Thanks!
  5. I'm going on Thursday to check it out and I'll let you know. I've read some good and bad reviews as well. Of course the bad one's scare me. I'm assuming since it's so new, they haven't done a wedding there yet. One of the recent reviews that frightened me was that the neighborhood outside the resort looks really bad and that the staff told them to be careful if taking a taxi out of the resort but that they'd be safe within the resort. I don't want our guests to be scared driving in! It's bad enough they are already freaked out about Mexico in general.
  6. Are the Fairmont, Rosewood and Banyan Tree Mayaiffy all ifferent resorts, just in the same area?
  7. I'm having another issue regarding gifts. A lot of people we are inviting won't be able to go, but they keep asking if we are registered because they want to buy us a gift. But if we register and let people know, I don't want the people who are traveling to feel like they need to get us a gift. So how do I handle that?
  8. Anyone else experiencing negative comments from family or friends when telling them you've picked Mexico as your wedding destination? Even after I explain it's safe and they can research online if they are scared, they still say, "really, you want to get married in Mexico"? I know I shouldn't let it bother me as long as I'm happy with it, but it still bothers me. Even my fiances 11 yr old daughter made a comment about it and now she acts like she doesn't want to go. It's so frustrating! And I'm sure my small town friends in Michigan will act the same way when we announce the location.
  9. I'm going for a site visit to the resort I'm interested in and would like to know what questions I should ask. I know the basics but I just want to be sure I ask as much as possible while I'm there. Since you've gone through this already, I'd love to know what questions came up along the way for you that you may have not thought to ask initially. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your input! We are going to the resort in 3 weeks to check it out. I'm stressed because I'm reading a lot of negative reviews. It almost seems like the more expensive the resort the worst service or the more they nickel and dime you. Oh well, I'm gonna let go, and just go with the flow!
  11. I am planning for a November wedding date and am inviting about 60 guests (including kids). I highly doubt any of them will go because of the cost. I'm estimating that we'll only have a total of 15-20 including us (if even that). I'm not sure how to plan for this. Should I get a preset package with the resort or get the minimum package and just add to it. Wondering what is more cost effective. I'd love to get a DJ but I feel like that would be silly with only 15 or so people. And the thought of going to the resort club and dancing with strangers in my wedding dress doesn't sound appealing. Ha! We are thinking of going with the new Paradisus La Esmeralda in PDC. They have packages that are a ceremony, 1 hour cocktail reception and either a sit down or buffet style dinner. It does feel anti-climatic to just get up and be done with the wedding after our dinner. Any thoughts?
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