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  1. Glad everything worked out! You mentioned that Lorena went out of town, does anyone know if she is back or if anyone is checking her emails? I have sent numerous emails lately with no response (not uncommon I know, but we leave in 2 weeks!) Does anyone have the email address for the videographer that is included with the Ultimate package? Lorena had sent me another wedding planning form to fill out listing them as info@videowedd.com http://www.videowedd.com/ but when I emailed them to confirm that we wanted to upgrade to HD quality and did not want additional music added over our speaking in the video I was told that their contract with Dreams ended in February??? Does anyone have a different contact?
  2. Another question, we are planning on paying for the hair, makeup, and a mani or pedi for the bridesmaids the day of the wedding. We are supposed to get a 15% discount on services with the Ultimate package. Shouldn't this appy for all of the services for the bridal party since it is being billed to our room and not theirs? We have stayed at other Amresorts before and whenever we did ANY type of service at the spa or salon we were allowed to use the hydrotherapy circuit. Dreams is telling me $43 per person for us to go the day of the wedding even though we are spending so much money there! What are the rest of you planning on doing the day of your wedding? We were planning on the girls spending the day at the spa. I'm starting to feel so ripped off with things!
  3. Is anyone using a different photographer than Adventure? We are booked with Juan Navarro for our pictures and it was my understanding that since we don't need the pictures that are included in the Ultimate package that we could not exchange it for anything else other than photos. We are planning on doing a meet and greet at the lobby bar with our guests and decided to use our included photos and album then. I emailed Adventure and the response was that we only get a 30 minute shoot and we were told "Keep in mind that when you decide to use the package for a different time other than the ceremony the amount of images delivered could be less than 50." How is this fair??? If we have already paid for a certain amount of pictures and photographer time, why do we get less just because it isn't during the ceremony?? I am so annoyed by this. Has anyone else been told this?
  4. I just placed our order with Maracas Mexico. Mishka Designs has amazing reviews for her maracas but she has handed them over. We paid 350 total for 40 shipped directly to the resort but we added tags and upgraded gold paint. http://www.maracasmexico.com/
  5. I just heard that Evangelina is no longer with DRC. Has anyone else heard this? I hope this doesn't cause any hiccups for us.
  6. W Which DJ are you having trouble with? We booked AVI-SPL and they have been great with our communication. I haven't found many reviews for them but from what I've seen on their Facebook it seems like they do a lot of bigger events.
  7. I hate that they charge so much for all of the little things! We are already bring our own linens since the resorts prices are ridiculous. We will have 5 tables and I need 3 pillar candles for each. I was quoted $200 for 15 candles! I guess that's something else we will need to bring now. Ugh.
  8. Does anyone know if the hotel can deliver welcome letters to our guests when they check in?
  9. Regarding the video, we booked the ultimate package which comes with a video, but we are upgrading to HD quality for $324. Just thought I would mention that it is an option. We have booked Juan Navarro for 8 hours of photography, and I'm not sure what to use our included photo shoot for. I was considering using the included photo shoot when we do our welcome gathering. Anyone else booking a different photographer? If so, what are you doing with the included photos?
  10. Is anyone planning on doing a welcome get together? I really wanted to have all of our guests gather at the same bar just to meet the rest of our group. I don't want to pay an extra fee to close down a location. Does anyone have a suggestion for a location? We thought it would be nice for everyone to have other friendly faces from our group during their stay.
  11. I really hope they haven't changed the rules. We were hoping to have 50 but ended up with 31 RSVP's plus us. I hope they don't give us any trouble about having our reception on the pool deck. I don't really want to open a can of worms by asking though!
  12. Lorena sent me these pictures. Does anyone know what the names of the locations are? [/img]
  13. Are you sure you can go inside? I asked Lorena the opposite (if we used desires lounge could guests also go outside on the terrace), and she said its normally closed off. Our date is April 6th and coming up fast!
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