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  1. Hi everyone! I was married at Dreams in August and am looking to sell some of my decorations. I have turquoise paper lanterns and white paper lanterns. I also have about 25 satin turquoise chair sashes. If anyone is interested, please let me know as I am looking to get rid of them!
  2. I was married at Dreams in August and was debating over the DJ as well. We did not do a cocktail hour, but instead applied the the cost to our extra dinner guests (we had 25 people total). We ended up gathering at one of the lounges for cocktail hour and then the Mexican trio came and played during the dinner. Some of our guests ended up going to Desires lounge after the reception/dinner. If you don't want the DJ, I would definitely suggest the Mexican trio and then just playing music in the background if you want during dinner. You can always go to the nightclub after for dancing if you want! Hope that is helpful!
  3. I would recommend Santiago! He did ours and was awesome.. Since it rained on our wedding day, he offered to come back a few days later to do beach photos. He was reallyyy nice and would definitely use him again.
  4. Hi everyone, quick question for past brides. How was the weather when you were there?? We're leaving next Saturday and our wedding is next Tuesday. When I check the long-range forecast, it says scattered thunderstorms most days and showers one day. Just wanted to see how the weather was for everyone. I'm hoping for a nice sunny day
  5. I was at first, but then mentioned it to Evangelina who I've been communicating with and then they got back to me rigth away. My ceremony is at 6:00 and they suggested I make my hair and make-up appointment at 2:00. Hope this helps My wedding is August 7th, and I didn't make my hair appointment until about a month before so you should be good!
  6. Hi guys, My wedding is quickly approaching and I still haven't chosen my flowers. I'm trying to choose a bouquet from the catalog and also match the bridesmaids bouquets. They have turquoise dresses and I was thinking of a bright pink flower but wanted it to match my bouquet asnwell. Any suggestions?? I was going to go with fuscia orchids for the bridesmaids and have mine be white, but since it was not an included bridal bouquet it was going to be like $250, wo I decided to choose one from the catalog. I don't know if you can pick a bouquet from the catalog and change any of the colors in it or what? Any advice would be helpful !!
  7. Hi everyone, my wedding is August 7th so I'm trying to get last minute things together and just had a few quick questions. Is anyone shipping items down for the wedding, or are you bringing them on the plane? I don't have too much stuff, just T-shirts (25) that we're having made for our guests, fans, paper lanterns for decoration, and chair sashes. I'm not sure if it's worth it to ship it, or if I should just bring it myself in a suitcase...any thoughts??? Also, I've been in contact with Evangelina who has been coordinating things for me. I asked her about adding on an additional photo package and she asked if I had contacted the photographer directly. I wasn't aware if we were supposed to do this ourselves and choose an extra package, or if she would contact them. I hope it's not too late! Any advice would be helpful
  8. Where dId you get your sashes? I've been searching for the right color turquoise and your color is exactly what I've been looking for!
  9. And just an additional question about photography. I'm really confused with these packages. The dreams of love package includes 36 color photos, but when are the photos taken?is it a full day of coverage and then you choose photos? And if you add on the $999 package, or one of the photography packages, how many photos do you get? If someone could clarify this it would be great. I'm just trying to decide it's worthbit to add on.
  10. Hi Everyone! Not sure how to add myself to the list, but my wedding date is August 7, 2012 (Ashley & Dave). I was wondering what you guys were doing as far as the photography packages. We chose the dreams of love option and I was thinking of adding on the $999 photography package. Do you think that's worth it? Also, does anyone know where to find men's linen pants? I'd rather buy them in a store so my fiancé can try them on first, but not sure wear to find them.
  11. Does anyone know when all of our final decisions need to be made? I haven't been getting replies from the wedding coordinator and wasn't sure when we needed to have final decisions made like if we want any extras added to our existing package. So far, I know that we've confirmed the beach for our ceremony and reception and sent in our deposit, but haven't made any other decisions yet as far as flowers, beach setup, any other extra add-ons, etc. My wedding isn't until August, but I didn't want to be behind on making these choices. Also, does anyone know if the sand ceremony is included in our wedding ceremony, and if so, do they provide the supplies? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Getting married August 7, 2012..can't wait does anyone know if you can eliminate the cocktail hour from the reception package and use the credit toward other things? Also, anyone opting to have the dinner on the beach?
  13. Getting married August 7, 2012! Can't wait!! Does anyone know if you can eliminate the cocktail hour in the reception package and get reimbursed or add other things in it's place?
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