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  1. Hi ladies, Our musician will be working at the venue after our wedding, so we've asked him to come in an hour and a half early so that he can work during our ceremony and cocktail hour. In terms of compensation, what would be appropriate? He told us just to throw out a number but I would hate to insult him -- not to mention I'd hate to offer too much...any ideas? Has anyone done anything similar?
  2. Hi ladies, I love everyone's rings! I'm not one to really like the bling - I'm a little more simplistic when it comes to jewelery. So, I thought I would share my story in case there is anyone else similar. My FI and I went shopping for our wedding bands (My e-ring is a beautiful solitaire.). I liked the simple bands that matched one another but he wanted me to get an eternity band- which did not match his, obviously. He explained that matching bands was totally out of style. However, I like the symbolism of matching rings, whether it's "from the 80s" or not. Anyway, we went round and round until I finally found "our rings" on etsy. They match...so I am the big winner. But they are far greater than simple matching bands. They are custom made to have each of our finger prints etched into the band. It is symbolic of forever locking our fingers together and I just loved it instantly.I'm attaching the explanation and a picture. I haven't had a chance to look through the thousands of posts on this thread, so if this is repetitive, I apologize!
  3. Congratulations, KeysBride2013! We are having our wedding at Pierre's in six weeks! The location is 100 percent why we selected it, but I will say that if there are only 6 of you there, the site fee is ludicrous. We also worked with the folks from the Holiday Isle and Postcard Inn -- both groups are great. I think you'll have better luck looking at The Islander and Postcard if you are budget-concious. Good luck!!
  4. Just a heads up to the ladies that still need to use Vista Print - there is a groupon today to save about 50 dollars in printing there: $17 for $70 Worth of Custom-Printing Services Online from Vistaprint http://www.groupon.com/deals/vistaprint-chicago?sd=false&utm_campaign=UserReferral_pp&utm_medium=email&utm_source=uu11066735
  5. Hi everyone! I just love this site and all of the forums. Everyone is incredibly creative and informative. But Ive been searching through existing threads to find anyone who had any recent experience with Pierre's in Islamorada. I've seen several dated posts about the cost - but we compared it to others and it wasn't outlandish. Now, I just want to collect notes on others' experiences so I can be sure to check/take advantage of what's available. I also worry about any hidden charges we should be prepared for. Also, I was wondering about nearby hotels that we could reserve a block at. Pierre's had a pretty lengthy preferred vendor list, so anyone who knows the area and could narrow it down would be great. Thanks!!!
  6. Krysta lee ann - I just showed your ring to my FI, he loved it!
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