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  1. I had thought it was $70 per hour for the speaker rental but Jazmin keeps telling me its $180 per hour!!!!! So for two hours I would be looking at $360 for the speaker rentals and $420 for a DJ....... Anyone else get quoted this? I had thought she had made a mistake and confirmed these prices
  2. Hello everyone I think my wedding coordinator is trying to pull a fast one on me. Firstly I'm paying for 78 people for a private supper (the grill option) and i have seen the menu and know for sure that they have dessert included. She has told me that nothing dessert wise comes with my meal because she has been pushing for me to upgrade my wedding cake which i do not want (we are not huge cake eaters). Then she has quoted me $210/hour for a DJ and $180/hour for renting two speakers and a microphone.With my flowers I was told I could have certain flowers, so when i told her what i wanted within the guidelines she then came back saying i would have to pay more because although they included the flowers i wanted they didnt have the three colors i wanted together!!!! I leave in less then a week and have been very easy to work with but I feel like my bridezilla may need to make an appearance so I stop getting walked all over. This is crazy. Anyone else getting treated like this???? Thanks
  3. I think the 3 night min has now changed to 5 nights...... thats what the resort photographer just told me a couple days ago. Im arguing as well with him that i dont need to provide all that info and that they will deal with me in Mexico. Not impressed by them being VERY pushy.
  4. I was just quoted $180 per hour for two speakers and a mic just last week
  5. Sorry I don't have a phone number. I asked nicely but never really gave them the choice to say no. The only thing they don't tell you though is if you have the ceremony at a sister resort you have to have the supper and reception at the same resort. I ended up switching back to having everything to Tulum because I have 80 people booked with children under 1 and didn't want the headache. Hope this helps. Just be very persuasive......
  6. YAY!!!! Less then 8 weeks til I'm on a plane to Mexico It came so fast.
  7. Yes so far one bride before and one after... Cant wait its becoming so close
  8. Thanks for adding me!! I originally had the Hammock Location stuck in my head and had pleaded with my wedding coordinator to get this location, which they agreed to! Unfortunately my coordinator never told me i would have to have the supper and dance there as well... So i have asked to switch to the Palapas Location because i dont want to worry about getting 78 people to the sister resort. I also have a few children coming and if they needed anything it would be alot of train/cart rides for forgotten items. Now im awaiting an answer..... Only thing i have actually started stressing about. lol
  9. Hey ladies! I'm officially excited to finally say I am booked for my wedding in tulum with 66 guests and counting. I am booked for dec 7th 2012. Anyone else going to be there around the same time? Unfortunately with many airline errors/screw ups I was previously booked as an azul sensatori bride but with pricing of the wrong year being the main error I made the switch over to tulum and couldn't be happier. I'm currently booked at the hammock location for my ceremony but I was curious if tulum had a beach area ( or something like an arch) other then the palpadas area. I'd love to hear back from anyone. Have a wonderful day ladies!!!
  10. Hey I'm having a really hard time with getting ahold of the wedding corridinator but ur staying at tulum and and have booked the hammock beach ceremony. Im looking at staying at tulum as well but worried i wouldn't be able to get the hammock section. Do u have a phone number of someone I could call to ask a few questions.
  11. Hey Im in the beginning stages of planning my wedding at azul Sensatori and already we have had a mishap. I have a wonderful TA and got pricing really fast. So we went ahead and put our deposits down on our flights and the deposit down on the hotel. I just received a call from my TA saying that the airlines screwed up and gave me pricing for this past dec rather then this coming dec. Right now pricing is way higher then I want my guest to pay. My TA has reassured me that pricing will be very close to what I was originally quoted but now we have to play the waiting game for prices to come out. It's frustrating cuz I thought I was ahead of the game but feel really unorganized now. Oh well it will eventually come all together. It's nice to vent. On a side note: Has anyone taken there own lights for the gazebo at zavas plaza and if so are the plug ins the same as Canada's? Thanks
  12. Hi Ladies I have read this from the beginning with plenty of wine and love this thread. I just signed up and received my confirmation for my wedding at azul on December 9 2012. I'm so excited I get to start planning my wedding now.
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