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  1. You definitely might have an early start to your wedding day!
  2. Our wedding was at 5pm and I had my hair/makeup appt at 1:30. The timing was pretty good I think, I had a little time to myself directly after before my family all came to my room for the last hour. Hope that helps! My makeup and hair held all the way to the end of the evening with no running or smudging or anything, and we had dinner outside as well!
  3. If it helps, we also booked a Jr Suite Tropical View, and were upgraded to the Preferred Side. I am pretty sure you'll end up on the preferred side
  4. Just a note, I didn't remember to bring false lashes with me, and they do not sell them at the resort so I had to go without. So remember to pack them! Another bride answered that they did have glue when she was there, so that part might be good. I'd bring some just to be sure if possible.
  5. Thank you UMassRN007! I actually bought the burlap table runners from a shop on Etsy, they worked out great!
  6. Thank you tccjem! There are additional fees for the legal ceremony...if I remember correctly it is $250 for the blood tests, $50 or so for the Justice of the Peace transportation, and I think about $150 for translations of legal documents/marriage cert. So it is a bit more expensive.
  7. Hi All, We were married at the Now Jade on April 18th. I've just posted my review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/7263 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Best wishes to all of you! Jen
  8. Thanks brownsugar. Construction: I am not sure how much longer it is going on, it doesn't look close to finishing at all though. I would imagine though the resort might have an idea of the expected finish if you ask them. Some of our guests kept their construction view because it didn't bother them. Sewage smell: For the first 5 days of our trip I didn't smell anything. For the last two, there was a bad smell around buildings 2/3 (I think those are the ones). I assume because it wasn't there earlier, that something malfunctioned and they would be fixing it. I am sure people complained and they would be fixing whatever went wrong asap to keep guests happy. Timeshares: Only one of our guests was approached about timeshare. I think it's because they arrived alone. Everyone who arrived with the big group of us were not approached, my guess is when there is a line up to check in, they don't bother. That's a guess on my part. Knowing this now though, I'd forewarn anyone in your party who may be arriving at different times/days than your group to be aware, and not get sucked into it. My aunt and uncle got suckered in and went to a half day presentation in return for an upgrade to a nicer room.
  9. Hi Ladies, We just got back from the resort and I just wanted you to know that this orange lounge is nice and it overlooks the fountain area. However, the downside is that is is literally right outside the coffee shop and entrance to the buffet (the only entrances to these places). So you might find you will have a lot of people roaming through or right beside your cocktail hour. It could be a nice place to have a welcome party though. It's very central. I saw someone use it for a cocktail hour while we were there, and they did rope it off, but many people still have to walk by to get to the buffet and coffee shop. Jen
  10. We just got back, and I would say the pools are a little chilly in the morning, but very quickly heat up to a very comfortable temperature by about 11am. I wouldn't worry at all! Some of our group literally stayed in the pool ALL afternoons most days.
  11. Have a great wedding Allison! Hope your day is beautiful! We don't arrive until after your wedding, but maybe see you around the resort later in the week
  12. Good idea, my sister did parasols and they were cost effective and looked really pretty in her photos!
  13. Hi All, Is anyone else getting married on April 18th? We had booked a photographer a YEAR ago, but they have cancelled on us just today (disaster). Just wondering if anyone might have one there already that day? Thanks, Jen
  14. Hi! I ordered mine from justartificats, I think I ordered about 26 of them, and the shipping to BC was about $17. Hope that helps! Jen
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