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  1. I'm considering La Perla. I'm going in two weeks for a site inspection. Who are you coordinating with? Myrna? Did you find the US based wedding dept as un-helpful as I did?
  2. @ Jules, yes they still have the love at first site package. However, it's more expensive than the Punta Cana resorts. I'm using it towards the first 3 nights of my trip and then am paying the regular rate for the remaining two nights. I have all of the prices and documents from the resort of you like. PM me.
  3. I'm going to La Perla the 26th of this month for a visit. I will say that the US based wedding dept for paradisus has been less than professional. However, the resort based coordinator, Myrna, is wonderful. She's organized, proactive and very quick to respond to emails. If I decide to book my wedding here, I will do everything through her. The US based team, especially Laura, seemed too focused on getting their commission rather than providing good service.
  4. Thank you! I will be in touch. I alreadt booked a site inspection @ the new La Perla this January, which I'm already regretting/ The Staff had been rude, slow & un-professional. I look forward to speaking to someone with a complete understanding of the process.
  5. Hi Everyone, I recently booked a site visit for the new Paradisus La Perla in Play del Carmen for this coming January. However, I have found their Wedding dept to be totally unprofessional & cold. They continuously email the wrong information, take days to call back, etc. I have called their corporate Offices as well to no avail. Needless to say, this has put up the red flag for having my Wedding there. The trip is booked, so we have to go. However, I would like to hook up with a good planner and/ or TA while I'm there and see another possible Wedding location/resort or two so the trip isn't a total waste. Has anyone worked with a professional, well informed person who isn't an employee of a Resort? Thanks!
  6. I'm going in January to check it out. They offer the same "Love at First site" package that the other Paradisus resorts do. It's tailored for engaged couples looking for a wedding destination. They offer 3 days at a reduced rate, with a tour of all the wedding facilities. If we book our wedding, the cost of the January trip will be deducted from our wedding cost. I'll will say that so far the Wedding department has not been very professional. It took multiple calls and emails to finally get the information I was looking for (their website only lists the Dominican Republic prices.) They are nice, but don't seem very organized. Hopefully I will get a better impression in person. I'll keep you posted.
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